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Colour Wheel or Open Worlds?

On almost every post in this section there's a mention of how TS3 was so great because of open worlds. I agree - it was great - however, not having open worlds in TS4 means the game is a lot smoother (a lot) and in my opinion it looks better and cleaner.

HOWEVER... I would love colour wheels to come back. Having the ability to choose individual patterns, colours, schemes etc that matched to your own specifications was what kept the game interesting for me and allowed me to build endless new and totally unique lots. Open worlds were great, but also limiting in some ways and would be harder to reintroduce than a colour wheel (I'm guessing - I honestly don't know the first thing about this). I just find myself always gravitating to the same colour schemes and furniture sets because they work well and I know they do, but it means all my builds look the same!

If you could only choose one - colour wheel or open worlds - which would be more important to your game? Or are you loving TS4 just how it is?

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  • NeiaNeia Posts: 4,189 Member
    Neither for me, though I would like a Bodyshop-like external tool :)
  • nickibitswardnickibitsward Posts: 3,078 Member
    Neia wrote: »
    Neither for me, though I would like a Bodyshop-like external tool :)

    I never liked body shop, I'm a little inept with things like that but I love create-a-style.
  • cactusjuicecactusjuice Posts: 573 Member
    Open world would be my first choice - it would add extra layers into the game. Color wheel would be fantastic too but wouldn't open the game as much (still would be great to have both)

  • CandydCandyd Posts: 1,261 Member
    Open worlds. I'd still miss color wheels, but new colors and textures can be done as CC, so it's a relatively minor issue in comparison.
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 12,663 Member
    Candyd wrote: »
    Open worlds. I'd still miss color wheels, but new colors and textures can be done as CC, so it's a relatively minor issue in comparison.
    Exactly what I was gonna say.
  • SunnyyesjamsSunnyyesjams Posts: 524 Member
    edited February 2017
    Open worlds definitely.

    For me the charm of S3 was really in its open world... If s4 had that it would be so great, but it's unlikely to ever happen D:.
  • TragicClownTragicClown Posts: 58 Member
    id probally go open world as well i loved that fact about ts3 alot
  • kwanzaabotkwanzaabot Posts: 2,220 Member
    Neither. The amount of work to add colour wheel functionality to every object in the base game, as well as every EP, GP and SP, is insane. It'll never happen in TS4.

    Open world I have mixed feelings about. I don't see them suddenly recreating every world from scratch just to shoehorn in an open world mechanic, especially when San Myshuno took them a year to make. The thing about San Myshuno, though, is that it emulates the open world pretty well. Each neighborhood is visible from every other one, while at the same time being Sim-dense and full of stuff to do.

    Would I like to visit my neighbors without load screens? Sure. But 10 seconds is not that big of a deal for me to wait though. And if you have lower PC specs than mine and it takes more than a minute... well, that's hardly Maxis' fault.

    Ideally what I'd like to see are larger worlds. Instead of neighborhoods with 4-5 lots each inside a greater world of 4 or so neighborhoods, I'd like to see a world with only 2 neighborhoods, but each one of those neighborhoods contains a much larger number of lots. Let's say, 6 or 8 lots.
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,959 Member
    For me this is a choice between Nirvana and The Beatles. I can't. Love them both for different reasons.
  • bunny-gypsybunny-gypsy Posts: 3,788 Member
    Color wheel (or CASt).
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  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 19,659 Member
    Color wheel.
    Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. 😊
  • SucomSucom Posts: 1,704 Member
    For me personally, being able to recolour objects, even with an external editor which would be recognised and accepted in the gallery for uploading and downloading, would bring this game up to an acceptable standard. I used to love building in Sims 3 but don't really enjoy it in Sims 4 because decorating and adding furniture is so limited.
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,297 Member
    If I could pick only one, then the colour wheel. However, I'd still like a more open world too. Not necessarily as open as TS3, but definitely more open than 4 :)
  • WillowG145WillowG145 Posts: 351 Member
    I love both. But open world is the one I would choose. I can play un many different ways with open world, and control all my sims at the same time. :)
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 34,047 Member
    I'd like a color tool, but like some of the others, I'd be happy with an external one that's a one-stop place to make a recolor as a package file I can add to Mods. There's enough going on in our game that can slow it down for users already without adding more. I didn't care for open world - I found it just turned a lot of play time into watching Sims travel places again and again. (I did like it at first, but that really didn't last long for me.) The color wheel in Sims 3 frustrated me; it was too much work to keep things matching - I mostly just used the palette tool. Then did a lot of waiting for interiors to render in game. So ... meh. I can live without open world happily, as a gameplay preference. I'd like an out-of-the-game tool super-user-friendly tool for recoloring that just leaves a package file that I can easily remove if I end up being one of those people with slowness issues someday.
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  • xitneverendssxitneverendss Posts: 1,769 Member
    JoAnne65 wrote: »
    For me this is a choice between Nirvana and The Beatles. I can't. Love them both for different reasons.

    Omg omg omg @JoAnne65 I love you for this comparison haha.

    Here we go with another thread blaming open world for lag though. *Sigh*

    That said I'd choose open world, hands down. Having cars for your sims actually makes sense with an open world and I thought it was neat seeing them Drive or taxi to their destinations. Also, the ability to be able to control all of your sims in a household, even if they aren't on the same lot.
  • GoodywoodGoodywood Posts: 4,330 Member
    I would prefer they fix the flawed Emotions and give the Sims more of a unique personality from each other.


    Please add vehicles and garages! Vehicles have always been part of The Sims. Also Music Bands.
  • xitneverendssxitneverendss Posts: 1,769 Member
    Goodywood wrote: »
    I would prefer they fix the flawed Emotions and give the Sims more of a unique personality from each other.

    This too!
  • AyradyssAyradyss Posts: 896 Member
    It's a really tough choice for me, as those are the two big things that I really love about TS3. I guess I'll give the Open World a little nod though.

    It still seems to me that most of the detractors I'm reading here for Open World don't really even understand why I liked it and what made it great (IMO). It's NOT about loading screens of lack thereof. It's not traveling via roads in vehicles, though I did like that touch of realism. It's ALL ABOUT being able to control multiple Sims from my household wherever they may be.

    'Active careers' in GTW just serve to magnify the problem and make TS4's ugly side come out, IMO. The problem is, I can't take one Sim to work and have control over the rest of my household. If I go to work with that single Sim, everyone else in the household is in maintenance mode and essentially loses that day of their lives as far as any kind of progress toward their goals goes.

    So for that reason alone, I would choose Open World over CASt. But I still loved my CASt too! I used it on most everything, and I'd really very much like to see it again too.

    (Don't get me wrong -- I have no expectation of either of these features returning in TS4. Just hopes for TS5.)
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  • DeraidosDeraidos Posts: 3 New Member
    I'd love to see create a style on Sims 4, that would be great!
  • ohmyohmyohmyohmy Posts: 613 Member
    I hated the open world so I'd rather just have a color wheel for certain things in CAS like hair/makeup.

  • Keks_MilchKeks_Milch Posts: 512 Member
    Neither, I dont care for color wheels or open world.
    Although I would like it if they removed the loading screen between lots on the same district, but thats it.
  • UserMnk1116UserMnk1116 Posts: 19 Member
    I would really like both!! I am not a fan of all the patterns that many of the objects come in, and personally feel as if it kind of ruins some of the decorating I may try to do. However, I think that I would prefer open world (if I only had option between the 2), simply because I think it could add more to the gameplay itself. Color wheels would be cool, but open world would really improve game play iMO
  • aaronjc123aaronjc123 Posts: 1,094 Member
    Colour wheel.

  • LivvieLoveLivvieLove Posts: 49 Member
    Open worlds! Though I don't really miss either, I think the TS3 open worlds was really nice for me. <3
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