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Can you show me your super DULL sims 3 pics? ;)


  • MaeraMaera Posts: 1,575 Member
    Ugh, all these dull pictures are making me...want to fire up my game! Seriously gorgeous pics in this thread!
  • MaeraMaera Posts: 1,575 Member
    Love all your pics, especially the fantasy ones :)
  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,716 Member
    Love this thread. ❤
  • taigoesrawrtaigoesrawr Posts: 812 Member
    I had to share a few more of my favourite couple (and their friends) in my favourite place (Sunlit Tides). This was from my potato graphics card, unedited, and unposed.

    Oh my plumbob... like, those are some beautiful pictures. Potato graphics card? UNEDITED AND UNPOSED? I'm so jelly right now. Just. I can't. I can play TS2 and TS4 just fine but why not TS3 T_T ..ugh.

    Hv3Nu.gif <- accurate representation of me eyeing everyone's photos in here.
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,438 Member
    WOW all of these photos are stunning! Please post more. I could just look around the TS3 worlds all day. And this thread has reminded me how stunning TS3 Sims are (with new skins) and how much stuff there is to do! I really wished I'd saved all of my screenshots from over the years. :cry: I need to reinstall 3 pronto.
  • 06Bon0606Bon06 Posts: 11,330 Member
    Simanite wrote: »
    You know one thing this thread is missing? Lucky Palms!






    You need to get back to this family asap! I was left without updates XD
  • Odonata68Odonata68 Posts: 1,027 Member
    edited February 2017
    @Simanite Beautiful pics, is the guy in the second picture skipping a stone. If so, that is so neat! B) I didn't know that was a thing.
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,438 Member
    @06Bon06 I know! I'm reinstalling as soon as I've finished my uni work this weekend, I mean it this time. I still have that family saved and setting up the house/town is part of the fun. I can't wait! :blush:

    @Odonata68 Thanks so much! Yes, it came with Supernatural. :)
  • Odonata68Odonata68 Posts: 1,027 Member
    @Simanite that's cool. I have Supernatural but haven't stumbled on that yet.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 42,248 Member
    @GaiaHypothesis Thanks :) I love me some ginger <3
    Love your pics! and I totally agree that being able to be out in the open with the whole world around them makes this game so very dull ;)
  • ParyPary Posts: 6,177 Member
    @CharityHope , I thought it may have been, but I wasn't sure for a moment. You caught it from a breathtaking angle anyway :)
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  • XorzhaanXorzhaan Posts: 92 Member
    @GaiaHypothesis You have a pic of a blond male sim in a towel in one of your pics. Is he downloadable somewhere or could you tell me what sliders you use to make him?

    I am the worse a making sims, no matter what I try they all look alike. I spend an hour working on a sim trying to make him look different only to have him look like he has a potato for a head in game.

    I downloaded 5 sims when I started playing again, with assorted hair/eyes/skins/sliders/etc, but they all do not look right. Everything else in my mods/packages works fine just the sliders seem not to really work.

    As for pics...


    This is Hank, my RoBotany Gardner plumbot.. When not gardening he spends all his time on the patio drinking tea. He is really laid back. He does not let little things like not having a digestive system or you know, a mouth, interrupt his tea time.

  • 06Bon0606Bon06 Posts: 11,330 Member
    I just finished this build but it counts as dull.How many times do I have to say Sims 3 is the worst game ever :rage: no amount of awesome pics will convince me otherwise.


    Funny thing is the ones who say Sims 3 is dull etc say how great the landscapes are in 4,difference is we can go to ours.We can walk to that hill 5 blocks away,we can sit on that beach and the water is not a illusion we can jump in and swim or boat or parasail.We even have a swan paddleboat :p

    Let me explain sims 4, have you ever been to a planetarium,when the lights are out you think you are in space and can see the sun rise and constellations and comets.Problem is you are not in space you are in a dome.

    Lmao but I don't get what is ugly about realistic colors. Now that cartoony bright look I ugly.
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 12,105 Member
    @SimKeats It's not just you :( I have a secret crush on @Palmarrow sim Molly the one in the orange. :love:

    @Charlottesmom The truth comes out,been saying it all along.You love Jamie Jolina <3 do not fight it,I won't tell a soul.

    @Coco Your Sun Young Kim pic is still my desktop background so you must be doing something right.

    @lisasc360 You already know how much I love your tractor pic,soooo good.The girl on it is kinda sorta a lil bit slightly OK too. ;)
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