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Why is everyone old?

I don't know if this is really a bug or a gameplay issue... but I was wondering why everyone that turns up at my community lots seems to be an Elder? Like... literally everyone. The barmaids are old. The restaurant hosts are old. The baristas are old. The people visiting the venues are old. One of them actually died while I was trying to order something which messed up the whole date because everyone was crying and my sim was sitting there like 'why is my date crying and where is my ngiri?'.

I recently started a brand new game and placed young households in every single house, without playing with them, but so far virtually none of those households have been spotted in the local bars. It's all these premade oldies! I've had to start going into CAS to age down these sims so it's not like I'm partying at an old peoples' home every time I want to have a karaoke night... does anyone else have this problem??
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