Will my macbbok air 13" one day not be able to run the sims?



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    I recently tried to download my old Sims 3 disks on my new (2017 MacBook Pro) computer and I re-downloaded and un-installed and tried two different disks and nothing worked. I get past the launch screen but it either goes black and then returns to the launch screen or gets stuck on the blue screen with the green icon. Is there no way to make it work, because I'm really disappointed that it doesn't work and have no other way to use the disks, and I'll probably end up having to get rid of them :/ if anyone knows a way to fix this please let me know!

    You need to use Origin as Tremayne has suggested. Are you using an external CD drive connected to your Mac? Or using another Mac's disc drive over a network?

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    I have generally the same specs except I recently updated my memory to 8gb. At 4gb memory it ran fine with only the base game but as soon as I had one+ expansions it began lagging and freezing. I'd recommend at least upgrading ram if not upgrading to a better suited computer.
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    The only reasons i ask is because i have already noticided loading screens are a lot longer. I just got the Sims 4 for christmas and im worried i wont be able to play until the end of year. I do plan to have all EP and GP. I know the game is eventually not going to work so i plan to buy a PC either late thiss year or early next year. I have created a thread here:
    Here are my specs:

    You probably fixed your problem but you may have cc/mods that are slowing it down.
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