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Hi! I'm writing a blog about my legacy story inspired by two different challenges:
The Amazon Challenge
The History Challenge

I'm also interested in rebuilding everything in every world and filling the whole thing with my own creations! But when I look on youtube or at other simmer's builds I don't find much for inspiration for my Ancient History builds! I love build competitions but they're focused on an era that my sims just aren't in yet so I've decided to start my own competition!

Non CC and also CC builds are welcome. You can post 2-4 pics on this forum and link to wherever your images are posted online. Your blog, your tumblr, your imgur, whatevs. All skill levels are welcome, we'll divide it into Expert, Intermediate and Beginner. I'll post things that I'm building or have built for inspiration, or other pics of things I find depending on the challenge!
There will be no extensions, if you can't make the deadline you can always post what you've built after it's done, for everyone to love on it and shower you with compliments anyway! Normal forum rules apply, don't be a ❤️❤️❤️❤️, don't be a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ to yourself etc etc...

If you're interested in being a guest judge, by all means shoot me a PM! We'd love to have you!

This comp is very easy going, it's not very competitive, and there are not a lot of rules or regulations to each challenge. Everything is loosely inspired by whatever the given assignment is. The only rule we would have is: No crazy technology, it has to be similar to the time period of the assignment. And sometimes even that doesn't quite work, (such as toilets and showers for example) so we like to see some creativity! Can you hide the technology? Something along those lines. Again, we're very relaxed here. Just use some creativity and inspiration and I'm sure you can even get away with having a tv in your build somewhere ;)
NEW! - PLEASE INCLUDE A "MAP" OF YOUR BUILD! It doesn't have to be too fancy, you don't have to label everything (but that's super fun when an entry DOES!) I'd like to have a clear layout of where everything is! If there are trees obstructing the view, or something along those lines, use some creativity, and your tab camera to find a way to show me the layout of the build!

Interior - /10
What's inside your build, can people sit? Do people pray? Do people get together and eat? Is there clutter? Is it functional? Is it an empty tomb for a reason? Is it pretty and comfortable? Is it scary as all heck?

Exterior - /10
Landscaping, the actual build, atmosphere, all the good stuff.

Creativity /10
Does it have a story? Is the technology hidden effectively? Is it ancient enough? Or whatever time era it's built in? Is it outside the box?

MAP /5

Overall - A mark out of 35

Prehistory Challenge #:
Origin ID:
Gallery Link (if applicable:)
Skill level:
Back story: (Tell us what is up! More equals more here!)
Link to pics:
Images (3-4 images):


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