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Choose-Your-Own-Simventure (Looking for Contributors!)

pronteruspronterus Posts: 2,166 Member
What is CYOS?

Welcome to Choose-Your-Own-Simventure! This is the nexus where writers of SimLit can compile their interactive stories. You may start reading by clicking on any of the links given by contributors in the next post. There are a number of prompts to get you started. Please comment if you want to reserve a prompt for your story. You can also suggest a writing prompt that you want to use yourself! The story can be based off your current series or a completely original one. As for the theme, anything goes! It can be romance, comedy, dark, or anything you want! Once you complete your story, post your link here so that I can link it to the prompt that you reserved and add it to the nexus.

How do I write this kind of story?

You can use Wordpress or any other blogging tool, but I highly recommend Inklewriter for creating interactive stories.

Any tips or suggestions?

When writing your story, try to use the second-person perspective as much as possible to immerse the reader. I also recommend having multiple choices, paths, and outcomes to give readers interesting choices.

List of prompts: (You can suggest more!)

>You decide to go for an afternoon stroll in the park
>You go out for an evening stroll in San Myshuno
>You wake up early to go fishing
>You find a medallion on the ground
>You move into Willow Creek, full of hopes and dreams
>You go out for karaoke night with friends
>You agree to babysit a neighbor's toddler
>You go out for an evening stroll in Northern Newcrest (taken by @pronterus )
>You visit an old house in Forgotten Hollow (taken by @pammiechick )
>You spend the night in a fancy hotel in Uptown San Myshuno
>You go out to water the plants in your garden
>You go out on a date with your significant other
>You meet a mysterious figure in an alleyway
>You see a strange light in the sky at night
>You wait for your flight to a foreign country, with luggage in hand (taken by @Meggles )
>You work out at the gym
>You answer the door
>You knock on the door of your boyfriend's apartment ((taken by @xSimsForLifex )
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