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Murkland: The Complete Set

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Oasis Springs in now called Murkland. It’s a post-apocalyptic, off the grid landscape filled with sims just trying to survive. The main staple of Murkland is the trash plant fruit. Most sims subsist on it. Others fish, but the only fish still edible is the bonefish and the pufferfish, though the former looks dead and the latter might kill you!

There are factions in Murkland – the two prominent being the lively and colorful Burner Faction, who have no leader or hierarchy, and the mischievous and kleptomaniac Mad Mudders, run by Mad Mud himself.

Then there are the mysterious Cliff Dwellers, who seem to have their own agenda and have a very prosperous lifestyle. Why are they having so much success without the help of the Mayor and why don’t they need the help of his Murkland Mercantile Company, which leaves freshly stocked coolers everywhere?

And let’s not forget the ones affected most by the tragedy of the apocalypse. There are infected sims who’s eyes have turned red, their skin porcelain and their hair aqua, who lurk about making fireleaf extract and who eat roasted beetles. Or the mutant raccoons who are a blueish-green, gigantic, walk on two legs, and can talk like sims.

Welcome to Murkland. Your adventure awaits.


Links to all Households and Lots (thank you @EuphorialQueen)


Burner Campers

Dusty Boots

Mad Mud

Mutant Raccoons

Pookey of the Apocalypse

The Cliff Dwellers

The Engine Family

The Freegans

The Infected (Zombies)

The Mad Mudders

The Salamanders

The Turbo Pumpkins




Cliff City

Fire and Music Festival

Fort Murkland

Mad Mudder Encampment

Mad Mud's Abode

Murkland Hot Springs

Murkland Mercantile Co

Murkland Starter

Mutant Raccoon Hideout

Overgrown Library

Puffer Dome

The Engine Family Bunker

The Forgotten Gas Station

The Freegan Camp

The Old FEMA Camp

What's Left of the Gym

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    Placed at Slipshod Mesquite, this festival is funded by the Murkland Mercantile Company, who have supplied a DJ booth, a couple of busking stages and a hookah. The Burner Faction was able to find some old tents and curtains for the canopied rooms. So, if you hear music deep in the desert, it’s probably the Fire and Music Festival getting underway. It’s a great place to unwind in post-apocalyptic Murkland.



    Placed at Pebble Burrow, the Freegan Camp is an off-the-grid, anti-consumerism, post-apocalyptic farm in Murkland set in two shipping containers. The camp has bushes for bathroom needs and a grill for a kitchen. There are lots of trash plants for eating and trashcans for salvaging grub. On the rooftop, there’s yoga and massage. Pairs with the Freegans.


    The Freegans live dumpster to dumpster in Murkland, looking for a free vegan meal wherever they can find it. They also grow trash plants and barter for goods with massage and woodworking. They believe in free love as well as free food. Pairs with the Freegan Camp.



    Playtested at Nookstone, this starter sets you up in Murkland, my post-apocalyptic makeover of Oasis Springs. You are off the grid and have no access to running water or electricity. It’s up to you if you want to pay your bills, since you are without these basic resources. Here you will grow trash plants and live off the land. Pairs with Dusty Boots or your simself.


    Dusty Boots is part of the colorful Burner Faction who live in Bedrock Strait of Oasis Springs -- now called Murkland. Dusty lives in this post-apocalyptic world, trying to make it a better place for all. Even though she doesn’t have much and subsists mostly off of trash plants, she is outgoing and friendly. She lives off the grid – collecting, harvesting rummaging and digging for food and trade items. Pairs with Murkland Starter.




    Playtested at Agave Abode, this camp is cheap enough to be a starter. The camp sleeps four in one tent and comes with 16 normal trash plants for harvesting. It’s an off-the-grid home with a grill, cooler and campfire for the kitchen, a bush for the bathroom and a tent for the bedroom. Pairs with Burner Campers. Your sim will need to go to the Murkland Hot Springs for bathing.


    Surviving Murkland together, these two best friends are part of the Burner Faction. The Burner Campers live a colorful and carefree life as much as possible in the wasteland, never paying bills and going to festivals deep in the desert.



    Placed at Sandtrap Flat and powered by pipe organ, this off-the-grid sand vardo is parked over the ruins of an old cellar, which gives the residents extra living space when at the base camp. The base camp has access to electricity but no running water or appliances. Part of Murkland Challenge 2. May pair with the Vardo Brothers.


    The Vardo Brothers

    The Vardo Brothers travel the desolate wasteland of Murkland in their sand vardo collecting rare items in the desert, and selling their tinctures and wares. They have all mastered the pipe organ because that is how their sand vardo is powered. They love to travel – it’s in their blood -- and hope one day to build a space vardo to travel to outer space. Pairs with Vardo of the Sands.

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    Mad Mud Faction in Bedrock Strait


    Placed at Dusty Turf, Mad Mud lives here, leading his band of gangsters against the Acquisition Faction. His home is the only one in the Mad Mud Faction with unlimited running water and electricity. Here, he ponders the destruction of the government and eats grilled cheese. Everyone in Murkland wonders where he gets the dairy for those grilled cheese sammies…could there be a cow plant on the premises? Murklanders have been told that they went extinct…


    Mad Mud

    Mad Mud is the leader of the Mad Mud Faction. He has it all – power, fame and fortune. He loves grilled cheese, playing darts, painting (graffiti) and carving pumpkins. He’s a #meltmaster #tormentor and #mastermind (and many other things too). He’s mastered #charisma #fitness #mischief #programming #mixology #painting and #handiness . He’s the owner of Puffer Dome. Pairs with Mad Mud’s Abode and Puffer Dome.




    Placed at Raffia Quinta, the Mad Mudder Encampment is where the followers of Mad Mud live with some access to water and electricity because they help Mad Mud hack into the Mayor’s computer. They took over an abandoned shack, making it their own with a darts room, hacking rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and lots of outdoor space to practice fighting and to make potent drinks. Pairs with Mad Mudders.


    Mad Mudders

    Spraying their bodies with metallic paint, the Mad Mudders are followers of Mad Mud the leader of their faction in post-apocalyptic Murkland. They love to fight, drink, play darts, eat bonefish and paint the town with graffiti. They have mastered the mischief, mixology, programming and fitness skills. Pairs with Mad Mudder Encampment.




    Placed at Vista Quarry, the Engine Family live here as part of the Mad Mud Faction. They steal and hack and grow trash plants to survive all while living in their subterranean bunker. They have limited access to water and electricity. This property is not completely off-the-grid because it has a bathtub and a computer.


    The Engine Family

    The Engine family are part of the Mad Mud Faction in Murkland and they steal and hack and grow trash plants to survive. The adults have mastered the skills of #programming #handiness #fishing and #gardening . Rev has also mastered #cooking . They have the #webmaster trait. Rocket has high level skills in motor, creativity, social and mental. Diesel has a level 4 in all toddler skills and has mastered potty training. Pairs with the Engine Family Bunker.



    Placed at Springscape, the Forgotten Gas Station is a run-down camp for criminals who work for Mad Mud. It has electricity for hacking into the Mayor’s computer, but no running water. A gang who call themselves “The Turbo Pumpkins” live here and do Mad Mud’s bidding. Pairs with the Turbo Pumpkins.


    The Turbo Pumpkins

    The Turbo Pumpkins like fast cars and smashing pumpkins. They do some of the dirtiest work for Mad Mud and are basically criminals. They camp out at a forgotten gas station in the Mad Mud Faction. Mad Mud rescued them as children, when he uncovered a scientific experiment involving twins. They’ve been indebted to him ever since. Pairs with the Forgotten Gas Station.




    Placed at Cacti Casa, the Murkland Jail offers many luxuries that are hard to come by in a post-apocalyptic world – beds, showers, toilets and even a kitchen. To have access to these amenities though, you have to pay the bills – which are steep. Pay no attention to the toxic fog on the ground. I’m sure it’s safe. Part of Murkland Challenge 2.


    Murkland Inmates

    The Murkland Inmates live at the Murkland Jail – at least for now. They may decide to wander off to #Nukecrest or some other part of Murkland even though the jail has been home for them for a long time. They heard their skills might come in handy with Mad Mud as they all have experience in the criminal track and have mastered charisma, handiness, and mischief .

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    Mutant Faction in Skyward Palms


    Playtested at Granada Place, these caves are an off the grid hideout for mutant raccoons. In the post-apocalyptic world of Murkland, the raccoons who dwell here fish all day in the murky waters that surround their camp. The caves have chambers for sleeping and collecting fish, and a trusty rustic for hygiene needs. Pairs with Mutant Raccoons.


    Mutant Raccoons

    The Radioactive Mutant Raccoons of Post-Apocalyptic Murkland live in a system of caves on the outskirts of the wasteland. They have mastered charisma, fishing, fitness, mischief, and comedy . They have the reward traits of long lived # angler's tranquility and survivalist . Pairs with Mutant Raccoon Hideout.




    Playtested at Sultry Springside, the old FEMA camp is infested with zombies who grow and collect the ingredients for the fireleaf extract. The compound has 2 restrooms and 3 barracks which sleep a total of 8. There’s a campfire in the center of camp for roasting beetles – the zombies preferred food source. Pairs with The Infected.


    The Infected (Zombies)

    The Infected have a disease which makes them insane, and turns their hair aqua, and their skin porcelain. These zombies grow and catch the ingredients for fireleaf extract. Their preferred meal is roasted beetle or rummaging through the trash. Pairs with The Old FEMA Camp.




    Placed at Rio Verde, the Murkland Mercantile Co. provides the utilities and stocked coolers around town. They also have a store loaded with hard to find produce, furniture, décor, and even premade food. If you want pizza, ice cream, artisan bread or zombie cake – this is your destination. The Salamanders household owns the property and has marked the price up 100 percent. Facilities are for paying customers. Lock the kitchen for employees only.




    Placed at Arid Ridge, Puffer Dome is owned my Mad Mud, the leader of the faction that bears his name. Mad Mudders must come here once a week for the thrill of eating bad pufferfish and for the bragging rights that come with surviving the meal! Please use the restaurant quality cheat to set the quality to “Grade F” once you have Mad Mud purchase the restaurant. Pairs with Mad Mud and Mad Mud’s Abode


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    Acquisition Faction in Acquisition Butte


    Placed at Yuma Heights, Cliff City is a booming town in the heart of Murkland’s Acquisition Faction. Some have rumored the Cliff Dwellers are in contact with aliens. They are the only ones able to grow perfect sage for the hookah and perfect growfruit trees for eating and trading. Murklanders must have a Level 8 in Charisma and a Level 7 in Gardening to visit this lot. Pairs with the Cliff Dwellers.


    The Cliff Dwellers

    The Cliff Dwellers are thriving in the post-apocalyptic world of Murkland. Some think they have help from aliens. They have mastered many skills: #charisma #gardening #herbalism #singing #wellness and #comedy . The men folk have mastered #guitar and #handiness . The women folk have mastered #violin #cooking and #painting .




    Placed at Affluista Mansion, this old fort was abandoned long ago but once the apocalypse hit, its rusty shell became the seat of a new government. To visit this lot you must have a Level 7 in gardening and a Level 8 in Charisma. You may use the ground floor restroom and harvest the plants on site once you have reached the lot requirements. Pairs with The Salamanders and the Murkland Mercantile Co.


    The Salamanders

    The Salamanders are the leaders of post-apocalyptic Murkland. The Mayor and his family try to bring order to the factions as well as much needed supplies through their store. They own two clone drones who are half machine and half human and who run the store. Please have the family purchase the Murkland Mercantile Co and mark up items 100%. Pairs with Fort Murkland and the Murkland Mercantile Co.


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    What's Left of the Gym

    Replaces the Burners and Builders Gym. Many of the old buildings didn’t survive the apocalypse, but remnants of the old gym are there and Murklanders still come here to exercise (it’s fully functioning). Some come here to sell Deodorizing Cream and Energizer Infusion. Part of Murkland and the Murkland Gym Challenge. There’s a fallout shelter with some ingredients to get you started on making your own Energizer Infusion.


    The Murkland Hot Springs

    Replacing the Rattlesnake Juice Bar, The Hot Springs are the only public place to wash up in Murkland. So, if you run out of Deodorizing Cream, you're gonna want to stop by. There are 4 hot spring pools for washing up, 2 bushes for bathroom needs and a slippery marsh for sliding your way into fitness. Afterwards, you can drink or eat something from the coolers, which are restocked by the Murkland Mercantile Company.


    Overgrown Library

    Replacing the Solar Flare Lounge, this Murkland library is open 10am to 6pm. The computers are off limits to those playing Challenge 1 but are available in Challenge 2. Becoming best friends with the librarian allows your sim the use of the librarian’s tent and the ability to spend the night, or visit when the library is closed. To improve the economy, the librarian insists that your sim pay for a barista each visit.


    Remains of the CDC

    Placed at The Futures Past Museum, the CDC has been turned into a nightclub. Use of the computers and rocket is forbidden in the Murkland Starter Challenge. Please use caution when exploring as the compound may still be infected with an alien virus. To visit this lot, the mayor insists that you hire two food stall vendors, in order to keep the economy from crashing.


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    Park District


    Placed at Desert Bloom Park, this secret oasis in Murkland is a sanctuary. To keep it pristine the mayor requires visitors (except for children) to have mastered wellness. Teleportation is necessary to access the hidden cavern. No one knows how or why it was built, but some say this sacred place was created by ancient aliens due to all the portals and ruins.


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    Murkland Extras

    Thunder Gloom Clone Drone

    Thunder Gloom is your personal cyborg servant to assist you in Murkland Challenge 2. This cyborg has mastered charisma, cooking, DJ mixing, gardening, handiness, herbalism and programming. In addition to the 3 traits of neat, squeamish and gloomy, your cyborg comes with 10 additional traits: webmaster, naturalist, hardly hungry, fresh chef, never weary, antiseptic, handy, steel bladder, quick learner and business savvy.


    Dr. George Wonder

    Weathered by years of atmospheric radiation and delirious from the heat, Dr. George, the last known scientist, has been wondering aimlessly through the desert since he got kicked out of the CDC by a giant alien plant. He left behind many important notes – information that may be lost forever in this post-apocalyptic world of Murkland. But for now, he just wants to find a camp with a shower. (He wrote all the books in the CDC)


    Pookey of the Apocalypse

    Before the apocalypse, Pookey was a musician and photographer who loved Bonsai gardening in his spare time. He’s a Serious Musician in the Entertainer Career Track and tries to continue this trade. He can be added to any post-apocalyptic camp, and from there he’ll continue searching for his Brennachan.

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    Murkland Challenges

    The Starter Challenge

    Clear all the lots in Oasis Springs.

    Place the Murkland Starter at Nookstone.

    Add other lots and households as they become available.

    For both lots in Acquisition Faction: your sim must have a Level 7 in gardening and a Level 8 in Charisma to visit these two lots. They may become friends with either household if they meet these sims around town but they cannot visit those sims at their homes until the appropriate skills have been met.

    Overgrown Library Rules: the Murkland library is open 10am to 6pm. The computers are off limits to those playing Challenge 1 but are available in Challenge 2. Becoming best friends with the librarian allows your sim the use of the librarian’s tent and the ability to spend the night, or visit when the library is closed. To improve the economy, the librarian insists that your sim pay for a barista each visit.

    Murkland Mercantile Co Rules: The Salamanders household owns the property and have marked the price up 100 percent. The clone drones run the business. Facilities are for paying customers only. Lock the kitchen for employees only. If you wish the store workers to look like clone drones, you will need to hire the employees. Have them open the store and wait for the employees to arrive. Create a uniform for the store that looks like a clone drone costume. When the employees arrive, assign the uniform to each worker.

    Add either Dusty Boots to the starter or your own post-apocalyptic sim (simself is preferred). If you decide not to use Dusty Boots, she will become your neighbor. If you are using your own sim, remember that the Burner Faction of which you are a part is a colorful group who love to dance, have desert parties and who want to be friends with the world even though times are tough.

    If you make your own sim -- in order for you sim to rummage for food, they will need the glutton trait. They can have any other traits except klepto or vegetarian. Their aspiration is, “Friend of the World.”

    Aging is either turned off or on long life for this challenge. You may not use any potions from the aspiration reward store.

    You may do an alternative aging gameplay --- with a regular life span. You must obtain the Potion of Youth if you do this. It's the only potion you are able to use.

    Use the Money X cheat to get your household down to zero.

    Your main task is to grow 16 trash plants from scratch using your own trash to start them. You must grow them all from scratch -- from piles of trash.

    You must then evolve all 16 trash plants to the perfect level.

    Collect, fish and rummage for food and items to sell. You may also sell trash fruit which you grow, but your sim must eat trash fruit at least once a day since it is a Murkland staple.

    The fish of Murkland are not edible except for the bonefish. You may fish the waters and sell the fish you catch, but you can ONLY eat the bonefish purchased from the Murkland Mercantile Company though the special fish bowl you have on your lot. You can grill or roast the bonefish.

    You can collect any wild plant and sell it or eat it but you can only grow trash plants.

    You can grill anything on the outdoor grill (grilled fish must be bonefish), roast anything at the campfire (roasted fish must be bonefish), rummage for food in any trashcan, and you can eat anything from the coolers around town that are restocked by the Murkland Mercantile Company. If you decide not to pay your bills, the Murkland Mercantile Company will not restock your cooler at home (so please remove it from the lot).

    You can use deodorizing cream for your hygiene needs and you’ve been given one bottle. Your sim must travel to Granite Falls to learn the herbalism skill and to acquire the ingredients for the deodorizing cream. Your sim can collect any and all herbalism ingredients but may only make deodorizing cream and they cannot sell it. All homemade deodorizing cream is for self-use.

    When you sim is in Granite Falls, they cannot bring anything with them. They must sleep on the log benches. They can grill, roast and use the coolers for food. Or they can rummage in trashcans.

    When in Granite Falls, your sim may use the public bathrooms but only use the shower option on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (your sim may use the bathroom option at any time). Your sim is not allowed to stay the night or use the facilities at the hermit’s house. Your sim may befriend the hermit.

    If your sim catches a shower while fishing, they may use that shower at home on the designated shower days instead of going to the hot springs BUT they can only use brisk shower option. And, if they use the shower that day, they cannot go to the hot springs.

    Your sim may not travel to any other worlds except to Granite Falls. If you want to customize Murkland more, you can build out Newcrest (now called Nukecrest) as you like with households and builds. Please don't use things like perfect plants in such builds to give you an advantage in the challenge. If you decide to build out Nukecrest, this is the only world besides GF that you can go to.

    When in Murkland, you sim may wash up at the Murkland Hot Springs but due to limited fresh water sources they may only use the springs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    In addition to getting to a level two in herbalism (to make the deodorizing cream), your sim must max out skills in dancing and gardening and complete the Friend of the World Aspiration. Please do not play other aspirations at the same time as they might be important for later challenges.

    Your sim is allowed to eat at any restaurants or food stalls that may exist in Murkland.

    Your sim may purchase anything for fun that does not require power so they may buy such things as the acoustic guitar or violin. But they cannot make money on paintings or wood carvings.

    They may use the vendor’s table for selling items around town.

    They may visit any lot with anyone that they have already met but they are not allowed to use the cell phone to call or text. They can use the travel together option for sims they already know to go to a particular lot together. They must grow relationships face to face. You can only use the cell phone to get to Granite Falls.

    Use of facilities -- you may only use bushes around town. You may not use the bathrooms at individual residences because these are for the residents only with the exception of bushes. All bushes are ok to use.

    Your sim may not use any potions in the Rewards Store AND they cannot buy the Carefree Trait. All other items are available to purchase at this time.

    Your sim must live alone during Challenge 1. They may date other sims but they cannot move in with another sim, have a sim move in with them, or marry a sim.

    The only love children allowed at this time are ones made by alien abduction. If your sim gets pregnant from such an abduction, you may purchase a bed or chair for them to sleep in, as well as, a potty and one toy. Toddlers will eat trash fruit. Toddlers will get very dirty but this is Murkland after all.

    Finally, your sim must save at least $15,000 from the above activities.

    When you have finished this challenge, the next challenge will depend on if you paid your bills every month or decided not to pay your bills at all.

    There's an optional side challenge called, The Overgrown Library Side Challenge.

    The Murkland Library is desperately in need of books....

    Overgrown Library Side Challenge

    • The Murkland Library is in desperate need of books
    • Have your sim master the writing skill using only the computers at the library AND following all the rules of the library.
    • The rules of the library are as follows: The Murkland Library is open 10am to 6pm. The computers are off limits to those playing Challenge 1 but are available in Challenge 2 (and are available for specific side challenges). Becoming best friends with the librarian allows your sim the use of the librarian’s tent and the ability to spend the night, or visit when the library is closed. To improve the economy, the librarian insists that your sim pay for a barista each visit.
    • If both computers break down, OR your sim gets writer’s block and cannot write, your sim must leave the library and not return for at least 24 hours.
    • Add a basement to the library. The basement does not need to be accessible because this will just be a place to store the books that you write.
    • Write 10 Bestsellers and add them to your basement. Do NOT have your sim put them away in a bookshelf because books inside of bookshelves will not transfer when uploading/downloading.
    • Stock your basement with 10 Bestsellers with unique titles and descriptions that you think fit the Murkland theme.
    • You CAN upload additional excellent quality books, but the challenge is not complete until you have 10 bestsellers to upload AND your sim has mastered writing.
    • Upload the basement room with your stocked books under the room category, “study”. Books might NOT show up in the in-game screenshot, but they should be there when another Murklander downloads your room.
    • Hashtag the room #BooksforMurkland so Murklanders can find your room easily and add them to their own games. Additionally, title the room, “Books for Murkland.”
    • Books may be any genre and any combination of genres.
    • You cannot make any upgrades to the computers at the library.

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,731 Member
    Your makeover of Oasis Springs into Murklands sounds and looks great! :) It was great reading the background details to the world and about the sims who live there ! You are so very creative!
    The three builds that you have posted so far look and sound great! The Murkland Starter is great for sims to live in when they start living in Murkland world! It is great that there is a tent for sims to sleep in and a bonfire and firepit to keep sims warm and to grill fish on . They will enjoy growing plants in the gardening boxes. It is great that there is a cooler there to get food and drinks from.
    The Raccoon caves Hideout looks great! Very nice shape of the fishing pond.
    The exterior design and roofing on the buildings in the FEMA Camp build look great! The layout of the build, with the campfire in the middle and the buildings around it gives a great camp look! The insects in both the outdoors and interior areas of the build will be helpful for the sims who live there to eat.
  • BrennachanBrennachan Posts: 2,055 Member
    Thank you @rosemow! I've been gone from the forums a long time and it's good to see you! <3
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    Awesome Brenna! Love the idea for your challenge! The characters you created are fabulous... I especially got a kick out of the mutant raccoons. :D The picture of the one scooting along through the bushes really cracked me up. :p If I ever set aside some time to play, I would love to give this challenge a try. :smile:
  • equuestequuest Posts: 718 Member
    I love builds and characters you're making for this challenge @Brennachan! They all look really awesome! I especially like how you have a bunch of zombies at the old lab.
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Wow, I love how creative and detailed your challenge is @Brennachan ! And all your builds and sims fit so well for it, so much imagination going on here! Curious to see what the next challenge after the starter challenge will be!
  • MiliksimMiliksim Posts: 150 Member
    This is really cool! :)
    Love how you can't stop at just one lot, but have to do the whole neighborhood :D Great creativity!
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    Very imaginative and creative builds Brenna! Well done! Have to check them up in the gallery and give them well deserved favs. Haven't had time to play sims and so I have a lot of catching up to do. Happy new year Brenna! Hope you have a fantastic year! Hugs <3
  • fidlertenfidlerten Posts: 7,615 Member
    Yikes! Sounds like something right out of a series for horror TV, perhaps on the CW, or any number of channels. Maybe you could actually sell this imaginative story line to a television station.

    Not my kind of town but you definitely deserve credit for creativity and imagination. Now if TS4 would come out with an expansion like in TS4 so that you can create your own world from top to bottom, but I suppose this works great too.
  • BrennachanBrennachan Posts: 2,055 Member
    @WrathofCath -- thank you for you lovely comments and for loving the mutant raccoons! They are a hoot and fun to see walking around the wasteland!

    @equuest -- the zombies are a lot of fun but they make fireleaf extract so they are always itchy! :D

    @Miliksim -- thank you so much. Yes, I love to makeover the whole dange thing! I appreciate your lovely words!

    @yanti68 -- Happy New Year to you too! I hope your life gets less busy and you have more time to play! Thank you for your wonderful comments!

    @fidlerten -- I know these builds are very different from your gorgeous mansions but I appreciate you stopping by and commenting on my work and creativity!

    There are more lots and households to come!

    Hugs and hip bumps to you all!
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,635 Member
    Wow, your imagination is amazing, Murkland is absolutely awesome, immensely creative and the challenge sounds fantastic :)
  • BrennachanBrennachan Posts: 2,055 Member
  • BrennachanBrennachan Posts: 2,055 Member
  • fabtiffsimfabtiffsim Posts: 1,008 Member
    I love this. I absolutely love this. Are you going to share some of the adventures from this challenge?
  • BrennachanBrennachan Posts: 2,055 Member
    @fabtiffsim -- thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! I have a challenge thread for screenshots in game and will post there and I hope others will too. That thread is:

    I also will be adding builds and households to Murkland in this thread.

    Hugs and hip bumps!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,731 Member
    Burner Camp is very nice! :) The design of the build looks great! It is great that there is a tent for sims to sleep in and a nearby firepit area for sims to sit around and toast food or keep warm. The cactus plants look very nice how they are placed in the build! The sims will have fun playing card games on the card table. Very nice greenery roof covered grill nook ! Sims will enjoy cooking meals on the grill to eat at the picnic table. Very nice harvestable garden nook. It is great that trash plants are growing in the gardening boxes.
    The Burner Camper sims are very nice! Their hair looks colourfully great! It is great that they have fully mastered some skills,
    The build and sims go well together :)
  • BrennachanBrennachan Posts: 2,055 Member
    @rosemow -- thank you so much for you lovely comments! You always have the sweetest posts! Hugs!
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