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Vampires Picture Thread


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    SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 14,829 Member
    Admiring herself in the mirror while she still can.
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    sillyangel0906sillyangel0906 Posts: 5,406 Member
    Busufu wrote: »
    OMG @Sillyangel0906, I loooooooove your love Story about Carissa an Caleb!!! This is sooo cute. And the pics are beautiful. I will do something similar, but I actually want Caleb to fall in love with a Simgirl and I want him to be cured :smile:

    Thank you! :)

    That's a great idea since he is a 'good' vampire and doesn't want to drink from human Sims.
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    mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,974 Member
    In my game Caleb is such a shy vampire. He keeps on entering the corridor to my apartment like this, then immediately leaving without even knocking :D

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    charmediowagalcharmediowagal Posts: 65 Member
    soo i made a vampire and made her a sister to a single man i had made before the game pack came out....she turned him but also went to my vampire themed nightclub where the female version of my vampire wannabe club was meeting :) had her turn Amanda and Eva
    then had Amanda turn Christian and he turned the rest of the girls plus meinhard then meinhard turned his lady so now i have 10 vampires xp









    also gave the household of 8 here abit of a makeover
    only 2/8 have dark forms raquel's dark form is shown here she is the one with the white hair
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    JohnVanGouldJohnVanGould Posts: 124 Member
    This is Hatshepsut, based on the actual Pharaoh of the 2nd kingdom of Egypt. In real life, her name was erased from many monuments due to sexism, but in my game, it is due to the curse cast upon her, which made her immortal (thus locked away from the realm of the dead forever) and thirsty for blood (kinda like Akasha from Queen of The 🐸🐸🐸🐸, but I love history so I came up with this lol).


    This is Björn Godric - a Goth (still unsure whether Visigoth or Ostrogoth) warrior who was turned by Hetsheput as she plotted against Rome during the fall of the western roman empire (she hated the romans for taking over the land she held so close to her heart). She wanted him as an ally during the coming barbaric invasions.


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    Renamed2002180839Renamed2002180839 Posts: 3,444 Member
    edited January 2017
    I haven't had a lot of play time yet... I hate having to work! But, I did take Andrew Mitron below and start him on the path of immortality...

    Here he is, having been bitten and now, just now as he goes to the bathroom, THE CHANGE is coming upon him...


    Just gotta finish peeing out the last of his mortal soul...


    In the end I still want him to appear fairly normal- he's a charmer, so I darkened the area around his eyes which I changed to pale and darkened his hair...


    This picture I just thought was funny- I haven't seen this "flirty painting" before. He was flirty and needed fun so I had him paint- not the "fun" he was wanting I think. Anyway he scribbled this out and stomped away. I could almost hear him saying "There- there's your plumming flirty painting. Sell that for a dollar!"


    This last picture isn't off him but is one of what I saw the first night I sent my sim out into the Spice District plaza after playing the Vampire Pack. Now, I've seen a lot of strange things in that district at 3a.m.- Crack heads, homeless people, WAY TOO MANY "furries", and so on but I've never seen a young lady, in the street, dressed only in a towel, running for her life before, so naturally I thought- "Someone got out of the shower face to face with Vlad!" I'd run too- even if he wasn't a vampire, just because he was an ancient man standing in my bathroom after I got out of the shower.


    And this is how it begins...
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    hmae123hmae123 Posts: 1,912 Member
    This is Angel before her transformation a gloomy loner who loves painting and hates her father. She was stuck at home often helping with her two little sisters, Gracie and Charity. Gracie is pictured Charity was still just a baby at this time.



    This is Angel now. I don't have a lot of in between pics she was transformed into a vampire by Caleb when she was still a teen, but she didn't want to live his way. She worked and fought hard to become a master vampire and moved out of her parents place and got her own as soon as she aged to young adult.

    Here she is today in the dark basement of her house where she loves to dwell and paint said paintings, as powerful as she is she is also eternally sad her gloomy demeanor is tripled as a vampire. She also feels it's best to avoid her little sister's as she doesn't want to hurt them, she'll watch them grow up and protect all the future generations to come from afar.



    I downloaded her house from the gallery and redecorated it slightly.

    Here is the basement sorry it's so dark that's how she likes it. She has her sauna, her bathroom, a vanity and her coffin and doesn't need much else.


    Here is the main section of her house, Gothic but with a little modern twist this is a great party space when she does get the random urge to throw one. No kitchen on her main floor as she hates the look and smell of human food, however when she throws parties she does have a buffet to serve food and punch on and just suffers through it. She'd love to fill that punch bowl with human blo....-er plasma.

    Here is her top floor which is locked as it contains her plasma slaves and she can't allow them to escape. However she ensured they have everything they need, including a hot-tub room decorated with her flirty paintings. She included a work bench so her slaves can bring in some income. Eventually they will provide all the income she needs and she won't need to sell her paintings anymore. She prefers to adorn her walls them.



    Here she is getting ready to go upstairs and visit her slaves.



    Love how she can just appear in the room.


    Oh she caught them in the hot-tub...might as well join them.



    Looks like it's going to be a fun night although Bella and Don might not remember some part. (insert evil laugh here)

    Loving this game pack so much!!

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    PrincessVeePrincessVee Posts: 1,787 Member
    edited January 2017
    Twins Raina and Chloe. Chloe is sweet, but often gloomy vampire that doesn't like hurting anyone and feeds out of a bag. Raina is her total opposite and she's knows for being quite a bada$$. She's also mean to Chloe all the time. She thinks that Chloe is weak and boring for drinking "fake" plasma. Will Chloe stand her ground? Or will she give in to her sisters words? It's yet to be seen.
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    brntwafflesbrntwaffles Posts: 130 Member
    Here are my current three vampires.
    the good
    the bad
    and the crazy haha

    sry about the bit of a repost, I coudn't find this thread and I made a new one. Welp, whatevs, it''ll die off I'm sure.
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    NikkiLandersNikkiLanders Posts: 68 Member
    Here are my sims after having a little fun in the coffin-

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    AshtontoAshton22AshtontoAshton22 Posts: 1,797 Member
    A little bit of dark meditation.

    Julia feeding for the first time. Bon appetite!

    Let's get 'er ready to rumble!

    "Come hither, my love..."

    "You taste so delicioussss..."

    Becoming BFFs! (with bonus painting of Julia!)

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    jotajejejotajeje Posts: 162 Member
    edited January 2017
    Some pictures I took while playing:

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    catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,532 Member
    Two vampires feeding off victims at the same time.
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    To7mTo7m Posts: 5,467 Member
    fullspiral wrote: »
    I just knew Vivica's potion shop would look perfect in FH! She's out collecting garlic, wolfsbane and the other plants to take home and start growing!



    Is his on the gallery? You always have such cool buildings lol I want them all!!

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    KjrockPlayerKjrockPlayer Posts: 305 Member
    Ok here is a picture of my current vampire
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    NShippudenFanNShippudenFan Posts: 3,825 Member
    edited January 2017
    I don't have actual game pics yet, but here's my first vampire family ;).
    They're not married btw...technically not a happy family because he wants nothing to do with them...

    Evil male vampire.
    Good female vampire
    And their toddler child ;).

    Gallery link/images-
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    To7mTo7m Posts: 5,467 Member
    Yoko2112 wrote: »
    Less of a traditional vampire, more ruthless monster but that's why I like Margaret :p


    Margaret! Haha! Great name for her! Lovely old lady in the day, ruthless monster at night, love it!

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    DaphneLunaDaphneLuna Posts: 86 Member
    Here are my current three vampires.
    the good

    @brntwaffles Do you mind sharing where you found that blonde hair without the accessories??
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    ronnigirl67ronnigirl67 Posts: 209 Member
    @DaphneLuna It's on Tumblr by ivo-sims
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    DaphneLunaDaphneLuna Posts: 86 Member
    @DaphneLuna It's on Tumblr by ivo-sims

    Amazing - thank you!!
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    nastyjmannastyjman Posts: 1,218 Member
    My Blood Countess about to feast on her slave! Mwahahaha. >:)

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    Jonathan777Jonathan777 Posts: 170 Member
    edited January 2017
    Demetrius Troyer, I didn't change him at all, so I was shocked at some of his questionable outfits such as his pyjamas :neutral:


    Mark Campbell


    Their first time WooHooing in a coffin :heart:


    I made them roommates and then they became boyfriends, they eventually got married and are now expecting their first child together :heart:
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    ZafireriaZafireria Posts: 3,640 Member
    @PapayaPancake The green raccoon just shrugs it off like he saying "oh well, whatevers" xD
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