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Vampires Picture Thread


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    fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,717 Member
    Coming along nicely :)


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    tobumontobumon Posts: 680 Member
    You're welcome.
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    Tanja1986Tanja1986 Posts: 1,237 Member
    Vlad is sneaking into the house at night while sim is asleep! :wink:

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    Tanja1986Tanja1986 Posts: 1,237 Member

    LOL this is what he just said after he dazed my sim and then took a deep sip while she was already close to energy low O.O now she is red rofl
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    meepweepmeepweep Posts: 309 Member

    Here's my first vampire-to-be! Her name is Alice. She moved to Forgotten Hollow because she had no money, and there was a vacancy. It's not the greatest looking house, but she's optimistic. Sure, the place has pale sims dressed up in weird clothes, and it turns dark very early in the day, but she has no other choice. She'll make the best of a bad situation!


    This is the house.


    The first person she meets is Caleb. They get along surprisingly well.


    Before Alice knows it they're kissing! This is a bit strange. No one has had this effect on her before.


    Caleb goes to kiss Alice's neck-- Alice thinks, until she feels two sharp teeth puncture her skin.



    For the next few days, all food tastes disgusting and it comes back up just as fast as it went in. She keeps getting texts from a dude named Vlad, talking about vampirism, and she's starting to sense something is seriously up.


    She wakes up in the middle of the night, when suddenly she feels herself changing. She is not human anymore.


    And there it is. She's a vampire. She has a craving for plasma. And she has a new-found appreciation for the colours black and red. She is strangely enough excited and intrigued by this sudden and unexpected turn in her life.


    She doesn't even realize she's doing it before she's sunk her teeth into another person. It's scary, but thrilling, and once her thirst has been sated she feels more powerful than ever!


    So here she is now. Alice, the once sweet girl from Windenburg, with new senses and powers -- determined to become Forgotten Hollow's next Grand Master Vampire!
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    Amj1995Amj1995 Posts: 4,068 Member
    Simfan923 wrote: »
    My first vampire in CAS. Uploading my LP sometime tonight. But she will be the star of the LP.

    Her name is Jasmin and all she really wants is to have a family of vampires to call her own:

    Dark form:

    Reminds me of Jane from Twilight in the dark form. I like her a lot!
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    shellbemeshellbeme Posts: 2,088 Member
    Loving your vampires guys, keep em' coming!
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    TrowiciaTrowicia Posts: 2,027 Member
    edited January 2017

    No reflection is one of the coolest touches to Vampires this time around.
    // take me back to 2018.
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    Sc3niXSc3niX Posts: 2,468 Member
    I'm quite interested to see what happens if you breed a vampire with a pure alien. Anyone willing to do this experiment for me?
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    KamioKamio Posts: 2,213 Member
    edited January 2017
    Well my vampire bar/lounge is a huge hit with the creatures of the night.

    The vamps from the trailers are making themselves right at home :naughty:


    My Vampire and the Leader of the Sun Coven got into a fight with Elle Devampiro, Leader of the Moon clan and lost :disappointed:



    Time to train and come back even stronger!
    Simming since 2001!! Origin ID: KamioMax[/center]
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    poisonedsodapoppoisonedsodapop Posts: 1,179 Member
    My first vamp. There are more pics of her on my simblr.
    Hoping some day for some toddlers. But also dreading they'll never come. JK THEY ARE HERE!
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    parisgracexparisgracex Posts: 80 Member
    Everyone's pictures and vamps look amazing! :) My vampire is in my avatar pic lol I've been playing the Sims 4 for hours tonight...LOVE the new World and all of the vampire features <3
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    shellbemeshellbeme Posts: 2,088 Member
    My first vamp. There are more pics of her on my simblr.

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    pepperjax1230pepperjax1230 Posts: 7,953 Member
    Here is Gem Santos she just wants to fit in as a normal sim in Willow Creek but little do they know she is a vampire.

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    mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,974 Member
    So then, I'm trying to make a vampire the being born way. So here's my human sim and Vlad:


    Here is Vlad being a dad:


    Vlad is not the greatest dad to be honest. He drops by into my apartment to freshen up before going out hunting in the city and hisses uncontrollably until his own daughter outright hates him. Note to self - "uncontrollable hissing" is a far worse weakness than I previously thought.
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    LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 17,438 Member
    Finally got around to turning my sim into a vampire.
    I'm not sure if she too impressed about it tough.

    One of her first victims.

    She has her Master wrapped around her little finger as well.
    I can't wait to see what she will be like once she reaches the top ranks of being a vampire.
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    TentacrocaclesTentacrocacles Posts: 449 Member
    Can't post pics right now because I'm headed out to go somewhere but I'll post them soon as I can when I'm back. Right now I've got my child sim Anezka exploring vlads house and eating his food out of his fridge. Just waiting for vlad to get home. I think I saw him out prowling :\
    A link to my most recent build in the gallery

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    KHS12KHS12 Posts: 3,023 Member
    I re-vamped (hehe) the 1 Bedroom in Forgotten Hollow for Aurora.
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    MawMawMawMaw Posts: 99 Member
    edited January 2017
    I just finished this home for my Vampire (who hasn't been made yet)

    I can't wait to move in and start playing! :D

    Search AmyKittee as the EA ID to find it if you want it ^.^
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    SaccadonSaccadon Posts: 112 Member
    I did not create a Vampire, but rather turned into one.

    Human form: NZahokF.png

    Dark form: DyGWUl6.png
    "It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... The way it is." - Big Boss, MGS4
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    LadyJesterLadyJester Posts: 606 Member
    edited January 2017
    My sim caught a batfish. It's so cute.

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    SimsweetieSimsweetie Posts: 562 Member
    This is my sim, a teenager evil/loves music named Jezebel Montclair.


    I had her go straight to Vlad's castle. Turns out, he's really hard to get along with! It took a while to get him to stop hissing at her and build some positive social so I could ask him to make her a vampire.




    However soon it was done. It did not take long for Jeze to start showing symptoms of her upcoming transformation. The first thing I noticed were the awesome fang marks on her neck!


    Jeze soon lost her taste for regular food, in fact she seemed really disgusted by it although she was ravenously hungry.


    Finally the transformation began! It took oh, a day and a half or so.



    Following her transformation I gave her a wee makeover to be 'prettier' and paler.


    Of course right after that she was very thirsty so I sent her out to hunt.



    She's evil so she quite enjoyed the carnage she left in her wake!


    So that's my first experience with it all. :smile: So far it's really fun.

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    HeyYoDiscoNickHeyYoDiscoNick Posts: 463 Member

    I'm terrible at making Sims, so I'm still in CAS, but this is my new Vampire: Lucine Delacourt (along with her dark form).

    I'm actually really happy with how she's turning out!



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    PrincessVeePrincessVee Posts: 1,787 Member
    Just reposting, because I'm really proud of my vampies, and my own thread is in a coma apparently:D

    I'm in love with this pack!

    My Damon enjoys it too. Compel and drink! Compel and drink! Repeat.

    Stephan may or many not have some troubles controlling his thirst. There are so many yummy townies around after all.

    Katherine's just there. You know... Just being her sassy self.

    Elena... I always liked her better when she was a vampire.

    Caroline is the only one that didn't get bloody eyes because she's just so plum good.

    And Bon-Bon. She's just there, waiting for her Enzo to be created. Will she eventually turn? Who knows.
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