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Gardening At Night - a vampire story

belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
Happy Homes Ltd. are happy to bring to rental market the stunning 1 bedroom apartment in new developed apartment block in San Myshuno's Fashion District.
Flat benefits of 1 double bedroom, fully fitted kitchenette, modern bathroom and indoor garden area. Short walk to Torendi Towers station and close by to all local amenities, including the famous Planet Honey Pop! nightclub.

Date available: Now
Furnishing: Furnished
Letting type: Long term
To view this property or request more details, contact:
Happy Homes Ltd.
Landgraab Apartments, Lot 553
San Myshuno








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  • lovesstormslovesstorms Posts: 17,794 Member
    Oooh! I love the bedroom the most! Great job!
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  • CementCement Posts: 3,472 Member
    Getting ready for that vampire GP, I see :D
    I keep this bookmarked to read it when you update <3
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    "Ah! Olivier, I presume", the real estate agent declared.

    "And...er, your parents, will they be joining us today also?"
    "No", Olivier replied. "They're dead."

    "Oh. I am sorry to hear that."
    "Don't be."

    "Ok. Well, come this way and I'll show you around."

    "So, this is the living room", she continued. "And the electrical cabinet", she added under her breath.

    "I'm mostly interested in the gardening space mentioned in the ad", Olivier said.
    "Yes, it's through here."

    "I trust you are finding everything to your satisfaction?"
    "Thank you. Yes, I am very pleased", Olivier replied.

    "Remember to make the deposit by the end of the week", the estate agent said as she hurried out through the door.
    "Quite", Olivier replied.

    It was exhausting being around people. Tomorrow he would begin gardening.

    On the counter he had laid out his books in preparation.
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    In another part of town...


    "No, no, no! Elfriede, no playing in the toilets! We are vampires, not sewage rats!"

    "Don't use those puppy eyes at me", Vladislaus tried to be stern, but he knew she had him wrapped around her finger.

    "Sweetie, Elfie, have you been playing in the toilet again?" her mother Batsheva asked.
    "At least she didn't try to drown the skull statue this time", Vlad mumbled. "Where is Albert?"

    Albert was doing his favourite thing, creating mystical potions and things that would make other things explode.

    "I'll call him down. He needs to do his homework. Can you find Emilia for me, darling."

    "If you want to become a great scientist, you need to study hard, Albert."

    "Look at your sister. She is already the best student of her class. She will do great things eventually."

    "Yes, she will be the next head of the family", Vlad announced. "It has already been decided!"
    "What has?" Emilia asked as she entered the room. "I hope you're not talking about those silly vampire things again, dad."

    "Emilia", her mother said in a grave voice. "We cannot deny who we are."
    "Mum", Emilia grumbled.

    "I'm inventing the bestest potion, so we don't have to drink plasma from anybody anymore!" Albert announced.
    "Darling", Batsheva sighed.
    "You're the smartest!" Emilia said cheerfully.

    After dinner, Emilia made certain to take care of the little garden patch carefully.

    Her father came outside to watch. As he left, his words hung in the air: "You are the heiress and you will carry on the family tradition."
    I will not, she thought to herself.

    There has got to be a way. I know there is.

    Perhaps in that book I just found tucked behind all the other books in dad's library...
  • cshanercshaner Posts: 2,620 Member
    Cute start!!! Nice to see the Straud Manor in your story it's a focal point of mine as well! I like the characters you're presenting too!
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  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    First thing in the morning, Olivier hung up the beautiful Tree of Life tapestry he had inherited.
    It really was the only thing he cherished from back home.

    Then he set about planting his indoor garden.
    It was important to create the best quality plants.

    The big corner windows were sure to provide plenty of nourishing sunshine. For the plants.

    Then he sat down to do some more research.

    In Forgotten Hollow, someone else was also doing research.
    There must be something on here about not drinking plasma even if you're a vampire!

    Speaking of which, Emilia's mother Batsheva was paying her favourite neighbours a visit.
    "Mary!" she exclaimed. "That bathing suit looks stunning on you!"
    "Why, thank you", Mary replied. "What's your name again?"

    "We've been through this before", Batsheva said. "I am your neighbour. We live next door. You are...my plasma...er, my friend."
    "So many people, so little time", Mary laughed. Her mind wasn't quite what it used to be...if it had ever been anything.

    This time Batsheva had set her eyes on Mary's sister Charlotte.
    "Oh, look what a pretty green light!" Mary exclaimed as Batsheva convinced her sister to "donate" some plasma.

    "Yes! Get you some, Charlie!" she cheered.

    "So, anyway", Batsheva said as she sat down again. "Did you watch the latest episode of Simsdale?"
    "Yes, isn't that Blake Moore a dish!"
  • lovesstormslovesstorms Posts: 17,794 Member
    I'm intrigued by how they'll all connect later. Great start!
    Origin ID: lovesstorms
    Seeking a Cure for PSC
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  • LadyLobsterLadyLobster Posts: 4,133 Member
    Beautiful apartment, and a really interesting start! I really like the contrast between living as a vampire in the city versus a traditional old manor.
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    edited January 2017
    Olivier was happy to have found a part-time job to tie him over while finishing his high school degree.

    The gardening job gave him wonderful opportunities to expand his home garden.

    But elsewhere in his life things weren't exactly rosy.

    The landlord handyman showed up and fixed the faulty electrical cabinet.

    But he seemed more inclined on smalltalk that actual work.

    As soon as he had left, Olivier's cooking turned into a disaster too.

    Since the handyman apparently had taken the day off, Olivier had to put out the fire by himself.

    No dinner tonight.

    Then he remember something about an outdoor market in the square below his apartment*. There must be food there!

    Hang on! What was that?

    Somewhere in an apartment in a different part of the city.

    Plasma fruit? So there is a way to not feed off human Sims!

    But it means I will have to go back there, to Forgotten Hollow. I swore I would never set my foot there again after...after...

    What if...what if I start a club! Just for those of us who have been reformed. I know that Vlad has a teenage daughter now. It's not too late for her.

    Later on the balcony.
    "Isn't the evening sun beautiful", Joyce said to her girlfriend.
    "It is, but Joyce", Rosalynn said. "I've been reading more in the Encyclopaedia and I think I have an idea."

    *Yes, I had the Romance Festival spawn on top of the Geek Con. It's been resolved since.
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  • RylaraRylara Posts: 25 Member
    Great start! I love the part with Batsheva and her... plasma, hehe That was a nice touch to the whole traditional vs. modern vampire thing.
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    edited February 2017
    In Forgotten Hollow Emilia had just received her first order of plasma packs.
    Ew, it's not exactly the real thing. But it's better than...the alternative, she thought to herself.

    And I do feel much better now!

    Just then she heard her mother call.
    "Elfriede! Elfriede, where are you?"

    Elfriede, being her usual stubborn self, was out "exploring".

    It wasn't hard finding her. Emilia knew her favourite spots.

    "Sweetie, you're not allowed to wander off outside the garden. You know what humans are like. They might not understand."

    "If they see you wandering around by yourself at night they might come and take you away from us."
    But Emilia just laughed, the way toddlers do.

    "Come on now", Emilia said as she lead the way back to the house.

    Vlad was out on his usual round of plasma hunting, but thought he would stop by his favourite sparring partner Frederic.

    Frederic was one of those hipster vampires, who had moved from the city to the countryside to cultivate sourdough and do makramé.

    But he was a good sparring partner, so Vlad didn't mind.

    They had a good round and called it quits after Vlad lost on style points.

    Back at the house, Batsheva was scolding both their daughters.
    "Elfriede, you are not to run off like that in the middle of the night! And Emilia, I thought I told you to keep an eye on Elfriede."
    But Emilia had stopped to take another sip from her plasma pack.

    Just then Batsheva noticed what Emilia was doing.
    "What is that you're drinking? Where did you get that?"
    "Mum, it's plasma. It helps me not to drink from the humans."
    "You are a vampire! We are proud of our heritage! This is...this is not acceptable. Wait till your father hears about this!"
  • LadyLobsterLadyLobster Posts: 4,133 Member
    Looks like Emilia is in for some trouble after her little "drinking problem." I wonder if she'll end up running away to the city... Looking forward to the next chapter!
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    edited February 2017
    Emilia decided she needed to hang out with her peers in the park.
    Surely, they would understand.

    There was the lovely Rin, a normal Sim, always patiently accepting of the others' vampire ways.
    Emilia felt an urgent need to talk to her today.
    But who was that new guy?

    "Hey, Jenny! I haven't seen you for ages. How was your trip to The Old World?"
    The new guy seemed to be in a really bad mood.

    "Hi, are you new here? I'm Emilia."
    "Uh-huh. Olivier."

    "Did you just move here? What family are you?" Emilia asked, assuming his vampire heritage.
    "I'm not... I'm not a vampire."

    "I just look this way, because..." but Olivier trailed off.

    "Because what?" Emilia suddenly felt her vampire urges firing up inside her. She wanted to do bad things to this boy.

    Back home, Batsheva was telling Vlad about her discovery.
    "She was drinking something she called plasma, but it was in a bag with a straw!"

    "My poor, dead heart", Vlad sighed. "How could my firstborn betray me like this?"

    At the park, Rin had made some hamburgers and sat down to eat.

    Jenny and Emilia joined her.
    "Sorry about Olivier. He's a bit of a recluse. I think his mum was crazy or something."
    "Just like mine!" Emilia scoffed. She had turned into her dark form at the smell of fresh plasma.

    "Rin", Emilia said. "I think I'm about to do something bad. I don't want to, but I can't help it."
    Rin knew when not to argue with a vampire. She had seen the results of that. So she just smiled benevolently.

    Emilia scooped down on Olivier, working her vampire powers on him to convince him to let her drink.

    But the spell didn't last long.
    "Hey! Let go!" Olivier shouted.
    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry", Emilia whimpered.

    "I can't help myself sometimes", she said.
    "You can. You should read a book or two. There are other ways."

    Back at home, the regular plasma delivery had arrived for some Walking Sims watching.

    "Ah, yes!" Vlad reminisced. "That's my cousin pretending to be a zombie. Method acting has nothing on him."

    Emilia had returned to her regular form and was wandering aimlessly around the city at night.
    What's it like, being like that? she thought as she watched a group of human friends laughing and chatting.
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  • LadyLobsterLadyLobster Posts: 4,133 Member
    Oh, Olivier isn't a vampire? Or is he in denial? I can't wait to find out what his story is!
  • LadyLobsterLadyLobster Posts: 4,133 Member
    edited February 2017
    Double post, whoops.
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    Oh, Olivier isn't a vampire? Or is he in denial? I can't wait to find out what his story is!


    My lips are sealed.
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    Olivier's backstory follows behind the cut, because it contains unsettling treatment of a child and it's quite long.
    You may skip ahead to the 2nd spoiler for the resolution.
    Olivier was once a happy little child, living in a normal neighbourhood in a pretty house with his slightly eccentric mother.

    One day his mother said:
    "I have prepared a special room for you, my darling".

    And she walked down the stairs with him.

    A few moments later he could hear the door shut close.

    At least there was an open fire to keep him warm.

    He was fed. Usually sausages and beans. Nothing fancy.

    One time he tried to leave, climbing the stairs all the way up to the door.

    He found that the door was locked.

    He started crying.

    Then his mother carried him back downstairs.
    "You stay here, little child. This is your special place."

    And she left him there again.

    Little Olivier grew up there, hidden from sight, his skin turning paler every year from lack of sunshine.

    Every now and then his mother would come downstair and scold him for no apparent reason.

    Just hearing her footsteps in the stairs would make him cower in fear.

    Part 2.
    But life has a funny way of making things right.
    And death makes no excuses.
    As it turned out, Olivier's mother had a heart attack while cooking dinner.

    Unfortunately, since she died before turning off the stove, half of the house burnt down.
    Hearing the fire alarm, Olivier began shouting and Grim came to open the door to his prison.

    Olivier didn't know just what to feel. He was free, but at what cost.

    Upstairs he found what would have been his room, still in pristine condition.
    The picture with the butterflies brought back a vague memory of laughter and hugs.
    He wondered what went wrong and why his mother decided to lock him away.

    Grim sat with him in silence for a while.

    Later, as Olivier had laid his mother to rest, he wandered aimlessly around the Forgotten Hollow neighbourhood.

    In the middle of the square stood the proud statue of Count Vladislaus Straud IV.
    I've heard about him. Isn't he rumoured to have been a vampire? Olivier thought. I wonder if he's still around.
  • TheoriesOfHappinessTheoriesOfHappiness Posts: 1,126 Member
    like many others, the straud manor inspired me immediately to begin writing a story with forgotten hollow and that manor being the focal point! can't wait to see more of this! <3
  • TheoriesOfHappinessTheoriesOfHappiness Posts: 1,126 Member
    edited February 2017
    uh-oh, sorry! my internet had an error and double posted :(
  • CementCement Posts: 3,472 Member
    Oh no, poor Olivier :( I'd say it'd be a good thing that the fire happened, but that's not good at all. Also, those stairs are way too dangerous for him to climb!
  • kayt45kayt45 Posts: 406 Member
    I love this! I can't wait to find out more about Oliver and how these stories will come together.
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    While Emilia and Albert were doing their homework, Vlad came into the room to express his displeasure with the plasma bags.

    "Dad!" Emilia exclaimed. "You're so old-fashioned. We need to evolve and start living in the real world."
    "Emilia, my dear", Vlad began. "Let me tell you about when I was young..."

    "Things have changed in the past 400 years!" Emilia almost shouted.
    "Young lady! Do not take that tone with me."

    "But it's true, dad. We can't keep living in this old castle, feeding off our neighbours."
    "You're welcome to go outside", Vlad said in a soft tone. "It looks like a beautiful, sunny day."

    He vanished in a dark cloud, leaving Emilia and Albert alone again.
    "It's no use", Emilia sighed. "I can't do this anymore."

    "Are you going to outside into the sun...and...and...?" Albert began sobbing.

    "No, darling, don't worry", Emilia said and hugged him. "You and I will think of a way. Together. You're my little hero!"

    As dusk settled, Emilia sat waiting for her friends at her favourite café.

    She looked at all the luscious pastry and remembered how she used to love those sickly sweet cannellonis as a child.

    Everyone arrived and they settled into their own private room at the café.

    Only then did she noticed there was a stranger sitting at their table.
    "I'm Rosalynn", she said. "You're Emilia, aren't you?"

    "Yes, yes, I am", Emilia replied.

    "Good. I have a proposition for you."
  • lovesstormslovesstorms Posts: 17,794 Member
    A proposition, eh? Hmmm....I'm looking forward to your next installment. :D
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  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    Rosalynn had asked all the young vampires to meet her at the Stargazer Lounge.

    "Welcome, everyone", she began. "I wanted to gather you all here to talk about how we can all change."
    The group seemed a little unsure how to react.

    "There is a way for vampires in modern society to live a good life. And to not have to hide or...or even feed off humans."
    Emilia couldn't quite believe what she was hearing. The others also seemed surprised.

    "I have learnt so much and I would like to share this knowledge with you", Rosalynn continued.
    The twins, Lorelei and Martinus, were starting to look uneasy.

    "It sounds like a good idea, doesn't it?" Emilia said.
    "We are vampires", Lorelei grumbled. "We have always been and we will always be."

    "Yes, we all are", Rosalynn said. "But you can be a good vampire. A vampire that isn't feared by everyone."
    But now Abel and Jenny were also looking uncomfortable.
    "I like being feared", Abel said. "It's the only way to get the jocks at school to respect me."

    "Fear is not the same as respect", Emilia added.

    "That's true, Emilia. You are very wise for your age."
    "Thank you."
    "I want to go home", Jenny said. "I'm not feeling well. I think I had some bad plasma earlier."

    "I can't believe I'm hearing this!" Lorelei sighed. "This is nonsense!"

    "But this is a good thing", Emilia tried to argue. "Don't you all want to live in peace and harmony?"
    "I like mind controlling that Jason guy at school into running naked around the school ground", Abel said in a low voice.

    Jenny got up.
    "I don't like this. You will destroy the vampire legacy", she accused Rosalynn.
    "No, I want to preserve it and make it even better. But we need to change", Rosalynn argued.

    "We're leaving. Come on, Emilia."

    They all stormed off.

    Joyce watched them with a worried look in her eyes.

    "I'm staying", Emilia said cheerfully. "I want to be a good vampire."

    "I've already read a lot in this book I found in my dad's library", Emilia said. "I know about the plasma tree and plasma packs. They're not so bad, really, once you get used to the taste."
    Joyce was still looking uneasy.

    "Rosalynn, you know who her dad is", Joyce suddenly said. "You must be careful".
    Emilia was temporarily lost in thought.

    "I know what I'm doing", Rosalynn replied. "Don't worry."
    "But she doesn't", Joyce whispered.

    "This feels great! It's like a new start!" Emilia exclaimed.

    But Joyce was still not convinced.
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    It was that special day of the year, the one that means so much to vampires in particular, being such romantic creatures as they are.

    "Darling", Batsheva said.
    "Uh-huh", Vlad replied. He was terribly busy molding a piece of clay into...something.

    "I love you", Batsheva said as she blew him a kiss.

    Vlad, having around 300 years worth of musical training, launched into an amorous ballad.

    "Being with you is the greatest honour a man can experience."

    "But darling", Batsheva said. "When you say 'being with' I never know what you mean."
    "Let me show you one of the ways", Vlad said seductively.

    Is it called a murmuring of bats?

    "Darling", Batsheva said. "I liked this way. But how about one of the other ways?"
    "I love you too", Vlad sighed happily.


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