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Corwim's Creations (Vampire Lair & Buffy sims & art p. 36-37


  • illusieillusie Posts: 12,077 Member
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    edited July 2018
    Dries Hazard aka We Are Belgium - Fifa World Cup
    Gallery Link

    A quick update here before the Belgian dream might be shattered tomorrow evening in the match against Brazil. ;) I was happy to catch this gallery challenge be Cypriano3 on the last day it ran. The challenge was to create a sim and dress him/her using only the colours of the flag of the country you would support in the football world championship that is taking place right now. :)

    Now, I'm not exactly a big football fan, but these days it's hard to escape it over here in Belgium as it has taken my little country by storm and there's a total football frenzy going on, the Belgian flag in every street, football featuring in every commercial, heck the water company even reported a water shortage during the break of the last match Belgium played because everyone was using the bathroom simultaneously lolz. :D It's crazy to say the least, and for a country as divided as Belgium, it is wonderful to see everyone come together by something as simple as the urge to support a national sports team. :) And oh well, it doesn't hurt that most of our football players are pretty easy on the eyes too *ahem*. ;) Carrying on, for the Gallery upload name, I decided to use the sort of semi-official slogan of the team, 'We Are Belgium'. :smile:

    Aaaanyway, back to my sim! I decided to name him using the first and last name of my two favourite players, with Dries Mertens and Eden Hazard becoming Dries Hazard. :) As for Belgium's flag colours, black and red are easy enough to combine, probably my favourite colour combination even, but throw in yellow and I was in for a big challenge! B) So I decided to just have some fun and try out outfits and combinations I would never, and probably never will again, use for a sim. :smiley:



    Question remains, will the Belgian dream survive to live another day after tomorrow's quarter final against Brazil? B)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,084 Member
    Hello :) I hope that Belgium goes well in the match! :) Dries Hazard is a very nice Belgian themed sim! It looks great how you have used the red,black and yellow colours of the flag for his outfits! You have used the combination very well! It was great to read the background to your creating of the sim and how you named him. It is nice the hairstyle you have chosen for him.
    I will watch to see who wins the match!
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,418 Member
    edited July 2018
    Rayan and Christian are two Very Handsome brothers @Corwim! Love, love their Oh So Cozy home too! The greenhouse looks so cool with the sun shining through the roof.

    It was nice to see Sam and Katie having a visit with the brothers. ;) Love all the seasonal pics of the home!

    I haven't tried out the weather machine yet... If it lets you pick sunny days, I would LOVE that for the upload pic of the home! It's so annoying when you have to wait till the next day for a good shot, due to rain or cloudy weather.

    EDIT: Yikes! I totally missed Dries! Such a handsome guy and looking just awesome in all his flag-colored duds. Great job with the difficult color combo, Wim! I think the formal one is hysterical though! :D That jacket cracks me up. :p
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Thank you so much @rosemow ! :smile: It was fun creating a Belgium themed sim, though I may de-Belgianize him once the world cup is over, so he can wear a more pleasing colour combination in his outfits. :smiley: As for the match, another win would be great, but they've done their country proud already with getting where they are, and going down to the big favourite of the championship, no shame in that. B)

    Aaw, thank you so much @BreeMiles ! <3

    Thank you so much @WrathofCath ! :smile: I had a fantastic time creating the Bellefleur brothers, as I always do checking out the new content of a new EP. :smile: I absolutely love that EA put a lot of thought and extra gameplay in how gardening and now even flower arranging works with Seasons added to the game! Had a blast building their flower farm! B) Hehe, Katie's perfect cooking skill is a necessity for playtesting, as I'm sure she won't put a brand new build on fire. :D And with Katie comes Sam, hehe, yeah, they make for a pretty perfect playtesting couple. :smile:

    As for the weather machine, it's really a great way to change the weather and even the season quickly without having to fast forward through the days to get the weather you want. Perfect for screenshot-taking and indeed, getting the upload picture you have in mind. Only requirement is that you have a sim with, preferrably, a perfect handiness skill as that determines both what you can do with the weather machine, as well as their success rate manipulating it. With Katie (hehe, she has been busy while Sam was painting :wink: ) having that, it was super easy to change from a snow covered landscape to a scorching hot summer day and vice versa. :smile:

    Haha, I had so much fun designing Dries' outfits, very surprised I must say that their were so many yellow outfits in the game even. :smiley: Don't think I've ever used that jacket from his formal outfit before cause all its colour choices are as extreme as the yellow, but thought this would be the perfect opportunity to squeeze it in. I'm imagining that's what he'll be wearing should Belgium win the championship, everyone likes to dress up in a crazy way then right? :smiley:
  • NiniBeMe69NiniBeMe69 Posts: 2,299 Member
    Bellefleur Flower Farm is so pretty. Every flower girls dream. Your sims are really cute too!
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Thank you so much @rosemow ! That was such a tense match that could have gone either way, super excited that Belgium clinched it in the end. B) Up next is France, we'll see how that one goes. :smile:

    Thank you so much @NiniBeMe69 for your visit and super sweet comment! :smile:
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Jon, Jax & Jude aka A Cute Gay Family. :smile:
    Gallery Link

    As soon as I saw the pose above pop up on the Gallery, I knew I wanted to try it out on my sims, especially after reading that it also worked for couples of the same gender, something that is not often the case. :smile: So I revisited my gay sims couple I made for the Cats & Dogs EP release, remembering that both of them were family-oriented and finally had them start a little family of their own with the arrival of their son Jude.


    As per usual of such an upload, there were a few negative reactions about gay sims, but either they were reported by my friends before I could do that myself or EA had already intervened. Here's hoping that one day an intervention like that will no longer be necessary. It is however wonderful to see that in general everyone on the Gallery was so supportive of this family! :smile:

    Jon and Jax themselves didn't change much compared to their upload from Cats & Dogs, except that I made Jax a bit more mature with a new hair style and a full stubble lolz. They did however needed brand new outfits for cold and hot weather, so I did make those. And then of course toddler Jude was also styled from head to toe. :wink:



  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Noah Matthews aka Sexy Summer Sim :smile:
    Gallery Link

    It's been scorching hot here for weeks now that I wanted to make a handsome sun-tanned, sun-bleached hair sim. :smile: KassSimsDesign has also released a bunch of new gallery poses for guys, so had to try them out as well of course! B)

    More pictures:

    Outfits (including three everyday ones, cause swimming briefs are not exactly suitable wear for each occasion. :smiley: )
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    edited July 2018
    Falling Asleep Bedroom
    Gallery Link

    Oooh, I love seasonal challenges! B) Thanks to Rosemow for hosting another super fun one in the One Room One Week One Theme topic! :smile: This room challenge asked for a bedroom themed in one season of our choosing. I love the colours of autumn, so that's the season I went with. Plus, couldn't get the possible title FALLing asleep out of my head lolz. :smiley: I picked the shape of the main bedroom I have in a modern house I'm building at the moment, so I could afterwards integrate that room back in the house, voila, another step closer to finishing up that build. :wink: That's also why the bedroom has two doors as one will lead to an ensuite bathroom. :smile:

    Pictures of the room:


    And of course, the room was playtested by Sam and Katie. :smile:

    Had to make a few changes to the room as I integrated it back into the house (as it also needed to provide access to the front balcony of the house), but all well and done, another room done in my modern WIP house! :smile: I also changed the top of the house and opened up the left top part of the house to turn it into a half-greenhouse now that we have glass roofs. :smile:

    Progress pic:
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    edited July 2018
    Art of Athletes

    After Belgium's football win against Brazil earlier this week, I wanted to make a little tribute to some of the players of our national team. Of course 'some' turned into 'most of them' lolz, and Sam had to work some overtime to produce these three series before the Belgian's next match coming Tuesday. :wink: For overview reasons I decided to add them to the 'Art of Athletes' series I did earlier for my two gym rooms. These can definitely feature as well in a gym, a sports center or in a football-fan teenager or kids' bedroom I think. :smile:

    I also wanted to check out all the new lighting options the game provides now for outdoors painting-by-reference with the addition of Seasons, and boy it'll take a lot more planning to get the look I'm after now, but excited as well to explore all the new possibilities. :smile: And luckily, Katie is on hand to work that weather machine like a pro! B) Funny to see the pictures I took for here were all taking during the rain, while the paintings were made in another save with other weather. :smile:

    Gallery upload:
    My little #Art tribute to the players of the #Belgian national #Football #Team #RedDevils who are slaying it at the #Fifa #WorldCup in #Russia at the moment. :-) Two more matches to win, national #Heroes they already are in #Belgium. ;-) #Artwork made by my sim #SamGladstone, #NoCC and #CCFree. Feel free to use these #Paintings in your game but please #Hashtag me #Corwim when used in #Uploads.

    Art of Athletes 7
    Gallery Link

    Art of Athletes 8
    Gallery Link

    Art of Athletes 9
    Gallery Link

    And that's not the end of it, Sam's also working on paintings of Eden Hazard, Belgium's team captain, so expect those real soon as well. :wink:
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,084 Member
    The pose of Jon, Jax and Jude is very special ! <3 Jude is very cute! His formalwear suit outfit looks great! It is great that you have added hot and cold wear outfits for Jon and Jax.
    Noah is very handsome!
    I have posted about your very nice Autumn themed bedroom on the room challenge thread :) Your WIP modern home is looking very nice! It is great that you have a part of the top area of the home a greenhouse now and are using the glass roofing.
    The Belgian footballers artwork looks great! You have done the pictures very well!
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Football Patio
    Gallery Link

    Ok, this room was a lot of fun creating, though it will never win any beauty awards lolz! :p I was invited last week by SurfChicCreation to participate in another one of her wonderful room building challenges. In those challenges, she provides the shell with a few items in them that you have to use in the room design. This one called for a patio and had a grill, a few plants and a roof covering. Fresh of my football paintings, and remembering the fun CAS challenge I did for my football sim, trying out the black, yellow and red colour combination, I attempted to build a football inspired patio using those same colours. Just like with my sim, that meant I used items and swatches for them that I probably never will ever again hehe. :smiley: Most of the other entries for the challenge are all gorgeous and super pretty patios and gardens, so mine does stand out as something completely different, and probably not what the challenge was meant for, but hey, I had a blast building this Belgium inspired football room! ;)B)

    Gallery description:
    Can't seem to get over this #Football fever, nor the challenging colour combination of #Black, #Yellow and #Red lolz! :-D #Patio entry for #SAPC31 and #SurfsAnyPatioChal31 #Challenge by @SurfChicCreation , thank you for hosting! :-) Custom #Artwork and #Build by #Corwim. Feel free to use the #Art in your game, but please hashtag me #Corwim when used in #Uploads. Forgot to add: this room needs Medium Height Walls for correct placement.



    Side shots:

    A closer look:

    Tester sims are ready to start playtesting! :smiley:

    Aaaand here they go:
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,084 Member
    The Football Patio looks great! :) You have used the black, red and yellow colour scheme so very well! Very nice design and furnishing of the room! It looks great how the seating has been set up for the sims to enjoy watching the football match on the large screen tv. The red, yellow and black flooring add to the great look of the room. It is great that sims can enjoy playing darts and foosball there also. The red streamers look great! The balloons are nice and celebratory, The red, black and yellow picket fencing looks great! The yellow overhead string lights are a nice touch. Very nice bar area! Your custom art photos look special on the bar and tv walls! The butterflies are a very nice touch around the red light . Sims will enjoy sitting at the umbrella covered tables having a drink or food from the bbq. It looks very effective the alternating red and yellow umbrella and dining chairs.
    It is a very nice Belgian football themed patio :)
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,233 Member
    I really like your stuff on your showcase page @Corwim B)! Your Sims are always great, and their poses are unique and special :D:)! I think your building style is awesome! Bookmarked B)!

  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 5,283 Member
    edited July 2018
    Gosh! When I am going to comment here I always I´m late and you posted a lot of new wonderful creations and I don´t know which to start for! :astonished:
    Well, I resume: Great work on the themed football sim and room and wall art! What a lovely family! You know I love all you make, dear! <3

    Oh, You are Belgian! My neighbor here in Rota is Belgian too! There are many Belgian people living here, not only Americans.

    :open_mouth: Noah Matthews is like a four-door wardrobe!!! :dizzy:
    Post edited by AIRIS6962 on
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,154 Member
    Wow, I am always amazed when I visit here, your latest creations are absolutely fantastic, each and every one of them. Jon, Jax and Jude really are the cutest family and your footie pics are perfect for your football patio, love this room, it's full of fun! As you know Bellefleur Flower Farm is most definitely a favourite of mine, the greenhouse is a dream and I love the gardening plot too :)
  • SurfChicCreationSurfChicCreation Posts: 58 Member
    edited July 2018
    Corwin @Corwim I LOVE how you designed your patio ^_^ I havent quite gotten to it yet with so many entries, but I enjoyed seeing these pictures here and how you have it full of sims. And of course this is exactly how I wanted the challenge to be..with your design idea. I love variety and I love when someone goes all out with a theme or what they feel passionate about. And it looks like you did that. Cant wait to see it up close...loving the flooring too, thanks so much for joining in this challenge hon ♥ See you in the gallery
  • illusieillusie Posts: 12,077 Member
    Dries Hazard is a handsome sim!

    Awww, Jon, Jax & Jude are such a cute family! I love that you added a toddler to the family and that pose is so adorable.

    Noah Matthews is another handsome sim! I don't use that hair colour often, but it looks amazing on your sim.

    FALLing Asleep Bedroom is a great name! I had to laugh when I read it. Such a stunning room! I love how cozy it feels. Autumn is my favourite season and I love the warm colours you used.

    Your modern house looks awesome so far!

    Love the Belgium themed patio! Very cool.

    I didn't even knew you were Belgium. Hi neighbour! *waves* I'm from the Netherlands.
  • Dangerous12AngelDangerous12Angel Posts: 230 Member
    Bellefleur Flower Farm looks so beautiful! <3
    Time is Cooking Kitchen...amazing build and the color scheme it's so beautiful and elegant,congrats on Maxi's fav <3
    The art collection is awesome, from the hot guys of FIFA to Deadpool(hot guy too) and Star Wars, love it!
    I really love coming here and read the stories behind your sims, thank you for sharing your creation <3
  • StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,580 Member
    ❤️❤️❤️ all your Belgium themed builds and Sims! The fall bedroom is quite lovely too!
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