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Corwim's Creations (Vampire Lair & Buffy sims & art p. 36-37


  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Aaaw, thank you so much @rosemow ! Black/white/red is probably my favourite colour combination, so I really had so much fun making the gym and its locker room. :smile: And I'm really looking forward to exploring the Jungle Adventure gamepack further, brings back good old memories from World Adventures for The Sims 3! B)

    Hi @Xinqun , so good to see you around again! Hehe, thank you for the encouragement on the gym build! Problem will be the exterior as these were just designed as room builds without any regards for the outside architecture of the place, but I got some ideas for it. :smile:

    Hiya @Cassee ! Haha, glad to see you like the gym and the pictures I made for them. B) Figured a celebration of *ahem* physical excellence was not out of place for such a build. :wink:

    That's so good to hear @illusie , I'm glad you're well! That challenge sounds like a lot of fun, though I probably lack the time to commit to something so elaborate at this time. I do look forward checking out all the male simmies you'll be making for it though! B) Aaw, and thank you so much for all your fantastic comments on my latest creations! <3

    Hey @AIRIS6962 ! Aaw, thank you so much sweetie! It's good to be back (well partly, but still :smile: )!

    Hi @TheDismalSimmer , yup, back part time, hehe. :smile: Good to see you too, hope you've been well!

    Hey @StSciurus ! Good to see you again too, and thank you so much! Hehe, I think he does too, and so am I, looking forward to explore all the Jungle Adventure content. :smile:

  • illusieillusie Posts: 12,086 Member
    @corwim, thanks! The challenge is a lot of fun. I 'm actually done with it and uploaded the last sim today.
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Oooh, I just saw them in your showcase @illusie , awesome job on all of them! Loved the variety in male simmies you created! B)
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Rafe Sinclair
    Gallery Link

    Hi everyone! Back for a little catching up around the forum, and a little update to my showcase. :smile:

    First up is Rafe Sinclair. When @GLovely1 declared the month of May to be male Eye Candy Month, I couldn't approve more lolz. :wink: So obviously had to jump in CAS and participate in the accompanying challenge! B)

    Rafe's story:
    This is how I prefer my eye candy: a lil' rough around the edges. ;-) With a touch of ink on the body, a few tears in those jeans, a piercing or two, a healthy dose of stubble, but underneath all those ripped, pulsing muscles, there lies a heart of gold. :-) Made for the MayEyeCandy Challenge by GLovely1, thank you for hosting! Sim by Corwim, poses by Vanderetro.


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    Modern House WIP

    What, yet another WIP lolz? :smiley: Haha, I swear, one day I'll actually be able to finish one of these. :smile: And it'll probably be this one. I always have the toughest time with the outside of the house looking appealing, while still allowing for a workable layout on the inside, but I'm actually pretty happy with how this turned out. I think the front of the house is as good as finished (well, talking about architecture, I'll worry about landscaping later on :wink: ). Not sure about the back of the house, but I feel with a few minor changes, it'll look alright as well.

    Here it is:

    I'll probably move it to a bigger lot at some point, because at the moment there's not enough space left for a pool (and a house like this deserves a decent back yard, including a pool! :smiley: ). But my first concern is getting the house done. Taking a break from the exterior, I started on the interior design, and I think the first floor is as good as finished as well. B)


    Dining room/living room:


    So that leaves only floor 2 and 3 and four (!) balconies to furnish lolz. And landscaping obviously, and then probably revisit it all. :smiley: Still, this is as close as I've gotten in a while of finishing a build, so I'm feeling good about it. To be continued! :smile:
  • TheDismalSimmerTheDismalSimmer Posts: 656 Member
    Oooo looking great so far, can't wait to see it all finished!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,151 Member
    edited May 2018
    Rafe is very handsome ! :) Your WIP Home looks very nice! Very nice exterior design of the home! The balconies look great! Very nice furnishing and open plan layout of the first floor of the home. The black colour scheme looks nice and stylish. The dining and living room areas are very nice light filled places for Sims to enjoy sitting at the table eating a meal, or relaxing on the sofas watching tv with sunshine coming in onto them through the windows. The yellow flowers on the dining table are a sunny touch. Sims will enjoy listening to stereo music whilst cooking, dining and relaxing on the sofas. The design of the kitchen nook looks great! The drinks shelves look great on the wall, and the food picture is a nice touch. The fruit bowl, wall utensils, hot chocolate items, spices, olive oil and teapots are great home kitchen touches.
    The build is looking very nice! :)
  • NinnsterNinnster Posts: 1,215 Member
    @Corwim So awesome to see you posting new stuff and check in every now and then!

    I really love your modern WIP, it looks stunning so far! Good luck with it! Also, I see some awesome new Sims. Rafe is my kinda guy :wink::blush:

    Hope you are doing well :heart: I've missed seeing you around the forums. Not the same without your bubbly cheerful comments around the place :blush:
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  • CasseeCassee Posts: 3,710 Member
    @Corwim OOOOOO, WIP looks stunning! Great color combo. Will check back to see finished build♥♥♥
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  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Thank you so much @TheDismalSimmer , @rosemow and @Cassee , so glad you like the beginnings of this house! :smile:

    Hiya @Laebeth, I mean @Ninnster ! :wink: I see you got that name situation sorted. :smile: Aaw thank you so much, so good to hear from you as well! I miss being here on a daily basis and have no idea how to catch up with all the going-ons on the forum, so checking in here and there at random atm lolz. :smiley: And thank you for your comments on my WIP and Rafe (he's also one of my fav sims so far, so expect to see him in future playtesting screenies :smiley: ). I actually thought about your advice before starting the modern house and looked at some inspirational pictures which greatly helped putting the front of the house together. Will have to look at some more pictures to fix the back of the house now. :smile:
  • illusieillusie Posts: 12,086 Member
    edited May 2018
    Rafe is very handsome.
    I love your WIP. Looks like the perfect modern house to me. I love the kitchen! <3
  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 5,283 Member

    Rafe Sinclair is a very handsome and hottie male sim! Good luck in the challenge, dear ( although you don´t need it at all! )
    Your "another WIP" :mrgreen: looks fantastic! I love more inside. Your decor is gorgeous <3
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    @Corwim, It's so nice to see you back Wim! Love Sam's work on all those amazingly Gorgeous and scantily clad guys! The gym is very cool too. Love the way you sectioned off the different areas for separate activities. The color scheme is gorgeous and Sam's paintings look perfect throughout the gym. :blush:

    Alvaro is Soooo Handsome! Love those gorgeous gray eyes.

    Love the two WIPs but I think I'm partial to the modern one. Love the roof lines and the the black modern windows with the brick.

    Rafe is another gorgeous guy! Love that handsome face and all his cool outfits. B)

    Wow! I Love your new WIP! The design and color choices are Gorgeous! Interiors are looking just awesome too! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product, Wim. :blush:
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Thank you so much @illusie , @AIRIS6962 , so glad you're liking the house WIP! :smile:

    Hi @WrathofCath , so good to hear from you as well! Hope you've been well! I'm glad to be able to check in now and then, and I always look forward to stopping by your showcase when I do. :smile: Haha, yeah, that Sam, nothing I can do about his choice of art subjects obviously. :wink: Thank you for your feedback on my WIPs and sims!
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    I was wondering about the long silence from EA concerning new Sims 4 content, and then BAM, nothing less than the most requested EP ever was announced! B) Sooooo glad Seasons is returning to the Sims!!! And my sim Sam already knew what that meant, back to work to make more art! :wink:

    Art of Seasons 1
    Gallery link

    Art of Seasons 2
    Gallery link

    Art of Seasons 3
    Gallery link

    Art of Seasons 4
    Gallery link

    Art of Seasons 5
    Gallery link
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    Time Is Cooking Kitchen
    Gallery link

    This room is another entry in Rosemow's super fun One Room One Week One Theme Challenge. The theme this time round was to design a kitchen with a clock theme for Miriam, an online seller who liked keeping track of various time zones around the world corresponding with her clients' locations. I apologise in advance for the screenshots overload. ;)

    For this room I was inspired by the announcement of the new Seasons EP, the new flower arrangement station and the accompanying gardening career in particular. So I imagined Miriam had an online business in rare and exotic flowers. I also wanted the layout of the room to look like a clock. Not sure I succeeded lolz, it looked a whole lot clearer before I started decorating the room. ;) And oooh that angled kitchen island turned a nightmare during playtesting, but in the end I got everything working. :smile:

    Layout of the room:

    Pictures of the room :

    The centerpiece of the room is the kitchen island, representing the hands of the clock when seen from above:

    With those black slats and shelves creating all sorts of nooks, I could fill them all with their own type of activity. :)

    A book reading nook, next to a meditation nook:

    I removed a few of the slats to create an open sunroom for the dining table:

    Miriam's clock nook with little snowglobes corresponding with the place of which the clock above is showing the time:

    And finally the kitchen and bar nooks:

    And then it was time to invite the playtesters to have a go at the room :smiley:

    The guys relaxing before dinner, while Katherine brews a fresh pot of coffee:

    Katie prepares dinner while Mike takes care of the drinks:

    Katherine and Katie chatting while Sam jazzes up the place on the piano. :smile:

    Time for dinner!

    Katherine, Sam and Rafe join Katie in the kitchen while she cooks dessert:

    At the end of the evening, someone has to take out the trash (definitely as the trash can was one of the most thwarting elements of the room :wink: ):

    Totally unrelated to this, but I also had a bit of time to work on my latest WIP. I changed the back of the house so it corresponds more to the front of the house. Think I like this look a lot better than what I had before. Now onwards to interior design and landscaping! :wink: Here's what the back looks like now:
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,151 Member
    edited May 2018
    The artwork for the Seasons looks great! :) I am looking forward to the Seasons pack also! It will be great to have a variety of weather and different seasons through the sim year!
    Your clock themed kitchen looks so very creative! :) The design of it and furnishing of the room is so very nice! I have posted about your room on the challenge thread.
    The back area of your WIP looks very nice! :) The greenery covered trellis roofing over the balcony looks very nice and the plants and greenery wall looks great there! I hope that your continued work on the interior and the landscaping goes well. :)
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,272 Member
    Beautiful creations dear @Corwim! How did you get those sims to set at the table so good?
  • XinqunXinqun Posts: 610 Member
    Glad to see progress on the house, @Corwim . Keep at it! And I like the dramatic colour scheme on the "Time is Cooking" kitchen!
  • CasseeCassee Posts: 3,710 Member
    edited June 2018
    Loving all the new artwork, @Corwim So excited for Seasons!!
    Great room. One question. Is it 9:25 or 2:55?? hehehehehe Great creativity.

    WIP is looking beautiful. Love the changes♥♥♥♥ Toodles♥♥♥♥
    Post edited by Cassee on
    The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. Bertrand Russell
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  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    @Corwim, Awesome paintings for our new upcoming SEASONS!!!! Yay! Also loving Sam's new hot guy prints in Art of Seasons 4 & 5!

    How Cool that your 'Time is Cooking Kitchen' is shaped like a clock! Very clever B) The island in the shape of the hands is So Cool. Love your uses of the slat room dividers. Think I'll be borrowing some of those ideas in the future. :p

    Your WIP is looking just Awesome! I really like the changes to the back and I can't wait to see it when it's finished. :blush:
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Thank you so much @rosemow , your lovely words always make my day! :smile:

    Thank you so much @BreeMiles ! Hehe, as for the sims: extreme micromanagement! :wink: What works best for me is to first get all of them in the same room with the 'go to' interaction, then pull out a party-sized meal one of my sims has prepared and then have the sim closest to the plate use the 'Call to meal' interaction on it, and making sure none of the sims in the kitchen have any other interactions queued up. Then they usually all head over to the plate, grab a portion and sit down together to eat. Then pause the game, and have them all talk to the sim sitting next to them. Start time again slowly and that usually gives me just enough time to snap a few lively pictures before they all stand up and start moving around again. :smiley:

    Thank you so much @Xinqun ! :smile:

    Thank you so much @AIRIS6962 ! Bahaha, no idea which way is up or down on the clock room, so I guess both? :D

    Aaw, thank you so much @WrathofCath ! :smile: Don't know what I'll do with that Sam lolz, he has a mind of his own when it comes down to painting subjects. :wink: Hehe, thank you, borrow away I'd say, I know you have inspired me o'plenty when I'm building! B)
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Thank you so much for letting me know @rosemow ! This was such a wonderful surprise, really made my day! :smile:
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Art of Deadpool 6
    Gallery Link

    Sooo, "Deadpool 2" hit cinemas recently, so Sam just had to return to the subject that kickstarted his painting career. ;) I haven't seen the film yet myself, but hopefully soon! :smile:
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