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Broken/Updated Mods: Vampires (+Toddlers) UNEMBARGOED

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Broken/Updated Mods: Vampires (+ Toddlers), Jan. ’17

This thread is for the collection of info about mods broken by and updated to cover the Vampires GP. Pack-specific lists will be added here when the embargo lifts on January 23. EDIT: That’s now!

If you use mods or CC that are okay with the January 12 Toddlers patch now but that you suspect might break with the pack itself, feel free to drop me a private message here or to @ me on Twitter ( I can’t promise that I can check everything, of course! Lots else going on in life right now. If you run into broken, not-fully-compatible, or updated mods or CC, or if you’re a modder and know your content is fine, please let me know in this topic and I’ll add them to the list.

Because the Toddlers patch was also the pre-Vampires patch, it turned out, I’m also revisiting mod info for that here, and can do that ahead of the embargo lifting. So you’ll also find here a list of still-broken-by-Toddles list plus a list of updated-for-Toddles mods.

This thread is for information only; there are lots of better places to offer your game feedback. If you have issues with MC Command Center, head over to Mod the Sims or to the help thread here. Please do not use these forums to name or link to any mods or CC that would break the game’s T (Teen) rating.

Before you report a mod as broken (unless you’re the modder), please check that the error you’re seeing doesn’t happen with no mods in at all and does happen when only that mod is installed. If your error happens with no mods in, head over to EA Bugs to add a “me too” to a report or (if one isn’t already there) to start a new one.

Finally, thank you to Maxis for the review copy! In addition to a head start on this list, I had fun with the Vampire family I made to test with. You'll be able to find the Satterfields in the Gallery under my Origin name: luthienrising. They are a pair of jealous married YAs — one seeking a big Vampire family, the other after power — their teenage daughter who is naturally Evil but wants to be a Good Vampire, and a charming little Vampire toddler boy who just might have been conceived during bat woohoo.

***NEW*** Mods broken by the Vampires GP
***NEW*** Obsolete, Reported fine, Tested by me with Vampires GP
***NEW*** Mods updated for the Vampires GP
***some new*** Mods broken by the January 12 Toddlers/pre-Vamps patch
***some new*** Mods updated for the January 12 Toddlers/pre-Vamps patch
***NEW*** Broken CC: Vampires GP/Toddlers/pre-Vamps patch
Updated CC
Mods still broken since City Living (separate thread)

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