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Post Your Sim Family's

I'm looking for new family's in my game and I couldn't really find a thread where people just post their new family's or Sims, they just randomly put the in the galery.
If there is thread like that, please post the link, so I can delete this one :)

Anyway this my first family that I uploaded :)
A recreation of my very first Sims 2 family and the family name of all my 10G legacies (including my current Sims3 legacy family).

George Wolkenstein is a genius fellow of Dutch decent. After being fired from his previous he and his family are ready for a new adventure!

Show me your new families, so we can have some fresh new blood in our games ;)
Nicole's Sims Story's


  • soccer_emmysoccer_emmy Posts: 114 Member
    I have a couple good families on the gallery. I wish I could post pictures for you but can't yet.
  • Blondie019Blondie019 Posts: 1,099 Member
    edited January 2017
    These are my favorite sims at the moment.
    My Sims Lissa and Tyler are on the gallery.
    They have a cute baby girl now after Tyler got abducted and I was thinking about re-uploading them to the gallery when she becomes a toddler.
    They are also up from the first time I created them.
  • Blondie019Blondie019 Posts: 1,099 Member
    I also re-created one of my favorite sims 3 family.
    Violet, Tristian, and their little girl Serena.
  • soccer_emmysoccer_emmy Posts: 114 Member
    I just moved my current household into a custom built home. I built it with a nursurey and a toddler room thinking my toddler was going to stay a toddler a little bit longer. Instead he decided to age up! So now I have to renivate lol.

    Kolton my first toddler

    Kolton when he aged up

    The house I built for Kolton and his family (which is on the gallery)

    His mom was also expecting a little brother or sister, so I only put one crib in. Turns out it was twins! Their father was a twin and so was their father's mother and all of her 7 siblings! Yes! The "on ley line" really works!! My first generation had 4 sets of very identical girls! Eight girls, plus mom and dad growing up in one apartment.

    Kolton's twin brothers - Salvador and Jaylen

  • ibaeshaCibaeshaC Posts: 679 Member
    edited January 2017
    Family time at the Mandrake household. Mom stayed home sick from work today.
    Gallery: ibaeshaC
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