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Level 23 help (Thread for @Johny24Ferreira)

joleacojoleaco Posts: 2,237 Member
Posting of behalf of new member @Johny24Ferreira

Hi, I'm at level 23 of the game and I'm missing the mission Lindas Jardineiras, I've been stuck for a long time in this mission, I want to move forward and I can not, I've tried everything and it does not work, maybe there's a mission I had to do before and I got it done or I did it wrong, there's got to be something! He says I have to send a Sim to the 2nd floor of Shopping, I have done it several times in the neighbor's mall, that is another player, I can not do this mission in my city at all because I need to carry out the mission first To open the mall in my city!
Mission: The sunset mall has a second floor! Your Sim can not contain the excitement. All new stores, places to enjoy, promotions! Send a Sim to the 2nd floor of the Shopping Sunset.

Thank you! :)


  • SimGuruEmmaSimGuruEmma Posts: 118 SimGuru
    Hi @joleaco, this sounds like something support will be able to help sort out! (There have been a few oddities involving malls lately so I would want support to check it out just in case it is one of these issues). Please let your friend know that they can contact our support team via help request (via this link - http://bit.ly/EAFMhelp) and they'll look into the problem for them!

    Thanks :)
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