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Dr.Moose's Daycare Challenge!

CunninghamCunningham Posts: 1,309 Member

FAQ - This new challenge may be similar to other new challenges, that are based around toddlers. If you have an enquiry let me know.
The challenge may be updated at a certain date, I will update this thread if done so.
Welcome to Dr.Moose's Daycare challenge!
This is a new challenge based around toddlers and their well-being. Your task is to run a daycare center for these little ones, your task is to get as many toddlers in your daycare without them being taken away. Your task is to get more than a hundred [just like the hundred baby challenge], if for any reason your daycare center has been closed and all the toddlers have been taken away you should reset the whole challenge.
Rules for the challenge
1] You start off with 14,500 simoleans
2] Start of with 4 toddlers in your daycare center.
3] To get more toddlers in your daycare center you have to adopt them, paying 1k simoleons.
4] Your sim CANNOT! have a job as your working in your center.
5] Cheats are not a factor in this challenge, apart from; bb.moveobjects, bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement and cas.full edit mode.
6] Hiring a nanny is allowed however this can only be done once a week.
7] To make the challenge work, you have to adopt a new toddler every given Sunday [Any date, just at least one a week]
8] You can have a daycare center which is over your funds if you use 'freerealestate on' however when you've done so you will get higher bills and you won't may not be able to pay the bills!

What to do If your daycare is full, or when your daycare is full?: Once the daycare centre has reached the limit, you will move out those who has changed into a child. Your daycare can go from toddler to child if you please.

As of the moment these are the rules of the challenge, if you have any suggestions please feel free to give me a personal message!
I would also like it if those competing in the challenge to post pictures of their progress, thank you.
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