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Snow White & Seven Dwarves (Toddler Challenge by Rawla)

RawlaRawla Posts: 7,314 Member
Notice: I'm sorry for the plain text instead of the pretty picture and banners that I had before. Photobucket did a number on me. I hope you still find the challenge to be fun. Happy Simming!


*Play Tested on Normal Lifespan*

Doc - Inquisitive or Independent
Grumpy - Fussy
Sleepy - Angelic
Bashful - Clingy or Charmer
Happy - Charmer or Independent
Sneezy - Wild
Dopey - Silly

1) Snow White (care taker) must become good friends with all of the dwarves before they become children.
2) All Dwarves must be protected (cared for) so that they are not snatched away by the evil. (Child Services)
3) ( optional ) For a harder challenge you must also get all dwarves to level 3 in Potty skill. (play tested, it is possible)
4) ( optional ) How close to the Disney dwarf pictures the picture above can you make your little toddlers look? (outfits or otherwise)

1) Create or Download one YA caretaker (either gender). Be sure they do not already have skills. You may choose whichever traits or aspiration that you wish. (Optional: Try playing with Big Happy Family)
2) Create seven...yes SEVEN little Give them one of the traits listed above. Do not use a trait more than once.
3) Survive the insanity that is going to come. Will the evil snatch them away? Care for them well.

LIFESPAN: Your Choice
Short (insane)
Normal (hard)
Long (easy)

1) You may not use any cheats. (except to reset stuck Sims)
2) You may choose any genders or traits you wish for 'Snow White' and each of the dwarves.
3) You may name the caretaker and dwarves anything you wish.
4) Each toddler must be given one of the above traits. You may only use each trait once.
5) You may use any of the service Sims you can afford. (maid, gardener, nanny, butler, etc.)
6) You may not get a job that takes you away from the home/neighborhood. (Work-at-home jobs, collecting, painting, etc. is okay)
7) You may control any or all of the members in the active household as you wish.
8) You may choose any Lot Traits that you want to. Or you may have fun randomizing it. Your choice.
9) Your Snow White may NOT eat apples. They are evil! :wink: IF she does have apples, you must put her to sleep until she wakes up naturally.

  • Moodlet Solver and other aspiration rewards are your friends.
  • Leaving group meals on the counter/floor will allow your dwarves to feed themselves at will.
  • Hiring a cook will help your Snow White with meals. They even clean up dirty dishes and potties.
  • Invite your friends over. The dwarves can pester them for things they need/want, while Snow White sleeps. (Hopefully not for good. Don't eat that apple!)
  • Dancing with your dwarves will increase friendship with them.


For those that like to play challenges with points...

+1 for each skill level a dwarf earns in each category. (possible 23/each, 161 total)
+10 for each dwarf your Snow White becomes 'Good Friends' with (total possible 70)
+1 for each dwarf that ages successful into a child. (possible 7)
- 20 for each dwarf that is snatched by the evil. (taken by child services)

Total Possible Points: 238

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