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Toddler Mania Challenge Sims 4 by EQ

EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,224 Member
Toddler Mania Challenge Sims 4 by EQ
Fully tested
16 January 2017 Added Achievement Levels below.
**Additional feedback and tips are invited and welcome.
Ultimate Goal: Raise at least 7 Toddlers to Children/Teens
Minor Goals/Achievements: Master Toddler Skills
-Movement: Learn to Walk
-Communication: Learn to Talk
-Potty: Learn to use Potty
-Thinking Skill
-Imagination Skill
Toddler Lifespan is 7 days.
How to start:
Home and household
At least one Stay-At-Home Parent
Starter home with minimal essential furnishings
Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom with Tub to bathe Toddlers
Toddler Bed, Books, Toys, Potty and High Chair
Create Household: Start by creating at least one Young Adult in CAS with any chosen looks, traits and Aspiration.
The primary Sim can be Male or Female and any type (Regular, Alien, Vampire)
The sole job will be primary caregiver for the Toddlers. They may not have a job outside the home.
Money can be raised by Painting, Writing, Crafting, Gardening or Collecting in their local area.
Toddlers can be created in CAS or adopted in game.
Household Options: A second Young Adult/Adult can be created in CAS or added later by asking to move in or by marriage.
This additional Sim will be allowed to have a career if you choose.
**Nanny can be used if finances allow.
**Butler can be used if finances allow.
Challenge is completed after at least 7 Toddlers become Children.
Bonus Goal: Complete Family Aspiration
Hard: AKA "Total Insanity" Start with one Caregiver and 7 Toddlers. Caregiver cannot work outside of home.
Train up all 7 Toddlers to learn all Toddler skills.
Note: Hard mode may not be possible and could lead to Caregiver (and player) to run from room screaming and pulling out hair.
Just go quietly with those people in the white coats for a nice rest.
Medium: One Caregiver and 6 Toddlers with a second Sim to provide financial support.
Train up all Toddlers to learn all Toddler skills.
Easy: One Caregiver and at least 2 Toddlers. A second Sim can be added for financial support.
Add more Toddlers by adopting or having your own.

How did you do?
Ultimate Supreme Caregiver - Raise at least 7 Top-Notch Toddlers (All Level 5 Toddler Skills when aging up to Child)
Model Caregiver - Raise at least 7 Happy Toddlers (All Level 3 Toddler Skills when aging up to Child)
Certified (or is it certifiable?) Caregiver - Everyone lives to tell the tale

Note 27Dec2018: Challenge and comment threads by @EuphorialQueen {Me} are checked on a regular basis.
Rules for challenges are reviewed for potential updates each time new content is added to the game.
Please feel free to comment if you have questions.
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