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You know you're a TS3 addict when...



  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,683 Member
    When you are writing a story...and you have two or three separate games that all funnel into the same story-line because you're trying to do a certain scene that could potentially muck up your original game and so you separate it into a different game. **.
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  • Simsalot99Simsalot99 Posts: 96 Member
    When you live in build/buy. When you walk the dog and know how many tiles of wall, what kind of siding, windows, roof, trees, terrain paints, landscaping, and custom colors you need to recreate the buildings in the neighborhood. When you watch tv and notice a specific window, fence, building, world style, etc, and go nuts because it looks just like the Sims 3.
  • Simsalot99Simsalot99 Posts: 96 Member
    Or when the things you have to do in life become your queue. Fill bowl... clean sink... throw potion.... investigate weird lights... (no) Or wishes... sim wants to play video games... sim wants to make sink self cleaning... (never gonna happen) Or you compare your own feelings to moodlets and assign values to them, or assign your own feelings sims 3 moodlets. Not to mention relationships. That relationship bar...
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