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25 Day Male Create-A-Sim Challenge

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If you regularly take a look on the Gallery, you'll see there are more female Sims than male Sims, so it’s high time to bring back some balance. And it'll be a nice opportunity to practice making male Sims in CAS (for me at least ;) ).
And… Valentine’s Day is little over a month away, so let’s give our Sims a larger pond (or sea?) to fish from when looking for prospective partners.

I want to keep this fun and accessible, so you can start whenever you want. The aim is to make one male Sim every day for 25 days, but you’re allowed to catch up or resume later if you need to skip a (few) day(s). You’re free to use as many or as little CC as you like and you don’t have to share them, on the Gallery or otherwise. But it would be nice if you did, if you do share, please use the following tag on the Gallery #mdsmalecaschallenge

Although I expect most Sims created for this Challenge will be young adults or adults, there are, technically speaking, no age restrictions except for the one obvious exception. So if you want, you can make all elders, or teens - or even kids if you interpret the keywords freely. You’re also free to make some or all of them aliens - with a fitting disguise.

Keywords, every day has a (few) keyword(s), which serves as theme/inspiration for the Sim you make that day. This is the list:
  1. Surfer Dude
  2. Evil Mastermind
  3. Gamer
  4. Distinguished Scholar
  5. Mr Rock'n'Roll
  6. Sports Freak
  7. Adventurer
  8. Rocket Scientist
  9. Aspriring Artist
  10. Hopeless Romantic
  11. Single Dad (with Male Toddler)
  12. Ladies’ Man
  13. Couch Potato
  14. Mr Valentine
  15. Billionaire’s Heir
  16. Mr Right
  17. Mr Wrong
  18. Vintage Virtuoso
  19. The Ultimate Bro
  20. Nature Boy
  21. Perfect Family Man
  22. Double Trouble (Twins)
  23. Bar Regular
  24. Businessman
  25. Randomise! (Just genetics - clothes, accessories, hairstyle and facial hair are allowed to be excluded from the randomise options)

I know these keywords are subject to many interpretations, but that is exactly the point, they're just a general theme, there's no wrong or right (except Mr Right and Mr Wrong of course ;) ). You’re free to fill in a Sim’s backstory to your own liking.

Another important note, these Sims don’t have to be super masculine unless you want them to be. If you feel like you should give some of them a feminine frame, go ahead.

If you have any questions, just let me know!
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