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Notre Dame de Paris (completed)

stefanisticstefanistic Posts: 46 Member
edited May 2019 in The Sims 3 Builders
3 years ago I joined this forum hoping to share my creations from the Sims 3, but with the limitations of being a new member, I could not do much. That further discouraged me to post anything at all. It took three long years for me to get to this point, with that said, I am super excited to finally be able to show you some of my works. First off is the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. I've always been drawn to cathedrals. They always leave me in awe as I look at these massive works of art that, sometimes, took more than 1 lifetime to complete, all in the name of faith.
I couldn't have an easier time replicating this medieval gothic cathedral without the help of other creators for the custom contents. So I would like to thank them collectively, because it would take me ages to list them all.

Lastly, i have never uploaded any of my builds, as I don't quite know how to. If someone could point me to the right direction, and especially how to upload lots with cc's intact so they remain faithful to the vision that I had, it would be a great help.

-Last Venue of Amore set used

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures. I would appreciate any honest feedback.
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 152,577 Member
    Notre Dame de Paris is such a very , very grand, ornate and elegant build! :) It looks so very, very great! The exterior design looks so very nice! It reflects the real life building so well! The pictures that you have taken of the build look so very nice! It is a nice touch that the Eiffel Tower is in the background. The interior furnishing is so very lovely! It looks so ornate! The stained glass windows, the candles, the ceilimg lights, statues, chequered flooring and the type of and placement of the seating looks so very,very nice! It is such a grand detailed build! The inside roofing looks very nice! The build would have involved so many hours and work! The result is such a very nice simversion of Notre Dame! :)
  • islerouxisleroux Posts: 700 Member
    This is absolutely breathtaking @stefanistic and wonderfully ornate. Just beautiful! I have absolutely no talent in building but I hope that the builders on here take notice of you. Having been to the real version several times, you have absolutely captured the magic of Notre Dame and I look forward to seeing some of your other creations. Do you build on the Sims 4 too?
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  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,961 Member
    Shut up! You did not build that! That looks like something out of a real life magazine. I'm an absolute awe! All the details are amazing. You've done brilliantly and should be proud, very proud! *bows down*

  • AellaniiAellanii Posts: 88 Member
    This is absolutely gorgeous. You have every right to be proud of this build. The attention to detail is phenomenal.
  • xoxoat11xoxoat11 Posts: 158 Member
    Oh wow :open_mouth: this is definitely one the most gorgeous buildings I've ever seen in sims. I bet it loads forever, so much detail, definitely worth waiting time. I hope you'll share more creations in the future. I'm really interested to see more!
  • stefanisticstefanistic Posts: 46 Member
    @rosemow Thank you for your kind and detailed feedback!

    @isleroux Thank you so much for your kind words! I have never been to the real Notre Dame, but I have been obsessed with it for as long as I can remember. I can't wait to be able to connect with other serious builders out there, and I can't wait to publish more of what I have created. Have a great day!

    @aricarai Haha! You comment made my day! Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed looking at this :smiley:

    @Aellanii Thank you so much for your kind words! Have a great day!

    @xoxoat11 Thank you for the lovely comment! It does take a good minute to fully render the whole place, but I'm an ambitious builder and I say bring it on. Thank you for encouraging me to share more builds in the future! Have a great day!
  • honeyboomhoneyboom Posts: 243 Member
    that is unbelievable. i thought I was great at sims building but omg that's just... wow
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  • leahbeeleahbee Posts: 50 Member
    so pretty, how did you have the patience to do all of that! :o
  • GirlSimmer29GirlSimmer29 Posts: 52 Member
    The attention to detail in this is BRILLIANT! It looks so well constructed!!! :smile:
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  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,023 Member

    An amazing build. Drooling over your pics and thinking how talented you are. Did a double-take since looks so realistic. Looking forward to seeing your other builds. Well done!
  • FudgsicleFudgsicle Posts: 47 Member
    @stefanistic WOW! Absolutely breathtaking... Especially the interior... Amazing job!! :blush:
    Watch me try complete all of the Sims Challenges from start to finish :blush:
  • AsmodeusesWifeAsmodeusesWife Posts: 242 Member
    @ stefanistic Your build of Notre dame is absolutely amazing. It looks so real.
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  • anneloes740anneloes740 Posts: 171 Member
    This looks amazing! So much work must have went into that build! unbelievable!
  • Skcaga6Skcaga6 Posts: 3,399 Member
    So amazing. I am in awe.
  • stefanisticstefanistic Posts: 46 Member
    @Skcaga6 @anneloes740 @AsmodeusesWife @Fudgsicle @soocoolsim @GirlSimmer29 @leahbee @honeyboom
    I really appreciate all of your kind words. After putting many hours into these builds, seeing your comments are very rewarding. I will continue to share them with you all :)
  • FrancisPuddingFrancisPudding Posts: 10 New Member
    Super inspiring!
  • never_forget_oct_3never_forget_oct_3 Posts: 268 Member
    That is absolutely stunning! The amount of time and effort that must have gone in to it is awe inspiring.
  • PHOEBESMOM601PHOEBESMOM601 Posts: 14,577 Member
    I think today, of all days this thread needs to be resurrected.
    "People really love to explore 'failure states. In fact, the failure states are really much more interesting than the success states." ~ Will Wright
  • PHOEBESMOM601PHOEBESMOM601 Posts: 14,577 Member
    There are just no words......
    "People really love to explore 'failure states. In fact, the failure states are really much more interesting than the success states." ~ Will Wright
  • ParyPary Posts: 6,630 Member
    edited April 2019
    I agree.
    Even the partial loss of such magnificent historical architecture is devastating. When I think of those exquisite rose windows... I think one was saved though. It's an absolute tragedy :'(

    I hadn't noticed this thread before, but I would have loved to put this gorgeous creation in my game.
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  • PHOEBESMOM601PHOEBESMOM601 Posts: 14,577 Member
    @Pary, I knew I had seen a Sim recreation of the cathedral here and yesterday I did a search and found it. Some of my life long passions are art and history. Yesterday's fire hurt my heart. It's wonderful to see people pledging millions to rebuild this treasure for Paris and the world.
    "People really love to explore 'failure states. In fact, the failure states are really much more interesting than the success states." ~ Will Wright
  • Haylstorm_SAHaylstorm_SA Posts: 5 New Member
    As someone who lives in South Africa, I was fortunate enough to see this beautiful building a few years ago - All that history lost now =(
  • PHOEBESMOM601PHOEBESMOM601 Posts: 14,577 Member
    As someone who lives in South Africa, I was fortunate enough to see this beautiful building a few years ago - All that history lost now =(

    The news has said that most of the art and artifacts were saved so that's great. I also learned this morning that a few years ago an art historian did laser scans of Notre Dame so it could be recreated down to the last millimeter.
    "People really love to explore 'failure states. In fact, the failure states are really much more interesting than the success states." ~ Will Wright
  • FabBunnyFabBunny Posts: 158 Member
    The recreation of Notre Dame is beautiful. I am deeply saddened by the fire that took place. Thankfully some of the historically significant objects have been saved but it does not take away from the fact that a beautiful building that has seen so many historical events has been burned down. Hopefully the recreation can begin to preserve some of it's beauty.
  • munroelemunroele Posts: 270 Member
    They actually lost very little of the building! The only things that were lost were really the roof and spire, which was already being renovated, and very little of the original roof remained, most of it was 19th century. It was still a loss, but we actually 'lost' very little of her. It will still be expensive to repair, and we have still lost one of the windows, but the damage wasn't nearly as extensive as it has been made out to be,
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