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  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 776 Member

    Finally the time has come, Mia has gone into LABOR! She has no idea what she wanted to call the baby or if it was going to be a girl or a boy, but she was so excited she just wanted to hold the baby for the first time. After a few hours Mia met her beautiful baby Girl.


    Mia instantly knew that she wanted to call her Daughter Lisa Reid and she instantly fell inlove with her. Lisa was the most beautiful little girl in the whole world and Mia just wanted to spend every moment with her.


    Even Mia’s friends loved Lisa they all thought she was the most amazing baby in the world and couldn’t wait for her to grow up so they could teach her neat tricks. Everyone just kept visiting to see the baby except Daichi, Lisa’s Father.


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  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 776 Member

    It was Lisa’s birthday today so Mia and Aunty Taya called up all their friends and held Lisa a birthday party. Out of the kindness of Mia’s heart she invited Daichi who actually decided to turn up to the party and finally meet his daughter for the first time. Lisa wasn’t sure how to react but she was nice to her father.


    Mia’s apartment was starting to get a little too small now that Lisa had become a toddler so they decided to buy a bigger apartment. Taya and Mia put all their money together and got a flashy apartment on the other side of town. Mia was really enjoying being a mother, but work kept getting in the way so she decided to work from home for a while so she could spend more time with Lisa.


    Lisa was growing so fast, she could feed herself and she could recognize shapes and colours, she was even learning to talk! Mia couldn’t believe her eyes her little girl was about to start school soon and have her birthday!!


    Mia met a new man who she found very attractive, His name was Westley. One night he invited Mia over to his house for dinner his brother was cooking when all of a sudden, FIRE! Mia screamed and ran outside but Westley quickly picked up the fire extinguisher and put it out. Lucky for Westley’s brother, he was already a ghost.


    Mia and Westley were getting along really well, even Lisa loved him! Everything was going great so Mia asked him to be her boyfriend and he said Yes!


    Lisa was so excited because tomorrow was her birthday and she was about to age up into a child and she had maxed nearly ALL her skills except for one! Lisa just couldn’t wait to start school and learn more new skills, maybe Aunty Taya would teach her piano.
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    They are super cute and adorable to look at and reading the stories makes me miss my own legacy stories and the screenshots I uploaded on my Facebook and then lost the screenshots in my folder upon reformatting.
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  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 776 Member
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA! You have now aged up into a child! As usual Taya and Mia held a birthday party for you and this time you actually got to have a cake, you tried to blow out the candles but you couldn’t do it so Mia had to come and help you, everyone was having an awesome time.



    The next day Mia and Lisa went shopping for new clothes because lisa only had one outfit that still fit her and honestly she didn’t really like it she said it isn’t her “style” anymore, so off to the shops they went (or in reality CAS)



    Lisa started to enjoy life after getting some new clothes, she was very creative and loved to draw just like her mother who loves painting. Lisa also had a very active imagination but sadly she was very shy so she wasn’t good at making friends, Mia is hoping that Lisa will meet someone at school who will bring her out of her shell




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    EDIT: Whoops, didn't know there was a specifically S4 forum for this.
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  • ThatAwkwardSimmerThatAwkwardSimmer Posts: 88 Member
    @elmo_gurl112 Keep up! I'm loving reading about this! When I become a member, I might consider doing this...
  • MrsRacooneyMrsRacooney Posts: 2,007 Member
    @ ibaeshaCibaeshaC So cute how determined your toddler girl is on climbing up the stairs <3 And I didn't realize toddlers can dance, too (maybe because my current challenge doesn't allow radios?). I must definitely try this out!
  • SyddyB206SyddyB206 Posts: 352 Member
    Ellie just wants the best for her daughter, Sarah. When Sarah doesn't listen she gets angry.
  • klairabellaklairabella Posts: 13 New Member
    Who needs soap operas when you can view sims stories :smiley:
  • frog211frog211 Posts: 110 Member
    thought i'd show off a sim i made wearing a piece of cc i made for her:
  • BlueJeans04989BlueJeans04989 Posts: 75 Member
    bjburch wrote: »
    I had a bunch of funny sim pictures, but I just deleted them all to speed up my game!

    No, no! Never delete them. I have a folder on my desktop for Sims 4 pictures. When I get up to 50 pictures in the Screenshots folder in-game, I move them to the Desktop folder so I can still have them, but not bog down my game.
  • SyddyB206SyddyB206 Posts: 352 Member
    I decided to do the power of cc thing. Here are all my pictures.
  • MagicPiggyPiggMagicPiggyPigg Posts: 62 Member
    I'll start with some funny ones:

    The child (Julian) watching his Uncle Randy trying to dab at a festival

    My first sim, Talia Roy, now a very old great grandmother - is determined to still be cool

    I was sure she was pregnant with twins/triplets after seeing this! (I made her wear more appropriate clothes after don't worry)

    Let's just say I got a lot of bugs after the patch with City Living in November...

    Now for some cuter ones:

    That crazy pregnant lady you saw before? This was her on her wedding day. :) She was a randomly generated townie but so beautiful I had to marry her to one of my sims!

    Austin Roy (left) and Julian Roy (right) taking a picture together! They are two of triplets (their brother Gabriel is around somewhere, and yes their grandmother is Talia you saw on the waterslide before!)

    Christmas vacation with Preston and Zoey Roy (Preston is Talia's second son, Preston and Zoey are the parents of Austin, Gabriel, and Julian -the one time I only wanted one child of course she has triplets!)

    Francesca Ervin Roy (Preston's daughter but not by Zoey ;) I had a sim-crazy phase and Preston was my player sim. Altogether Preston has nine children! one adopted)

    *pardon me for being too lazy to turn off headline effects in some of these screenshots

    Your family pics are adorable! Do you have them in the gallery?
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  • MagicPiggyPiggMagicPiggyPigg Posts: 62 Member
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    These are wonderful!
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  • UniquePuggleUniquePuggle Posts: 864 Member
    I love your pictures @SyddyB206 ! Very professional. Looks like it could have came straight out of a magazine. :)
  • MagicPiggyPiggMagicPiggyPigg Posts: 62 Member
    I love all of these pictures! Seeing other families on the forum makes me so happy <3
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  • SyddyB206SyddyB206 Posts: 352 Member
    I downloaded some alpha hairs (I mainly use Maxis Match) and I one looked liked it would go onto a model. So here are her model outfits.

    Everyday 1

    Everyday 2

    Everyday 3

    Everyday 4

    Formal 1

    Formal 2

    Formal 3




    Swim 1

    Swim 2
  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 776 Member
    I dont know why all my old photos in this thread are missing as they are still uploaded in the exact same place on facebook, and then shared here, so that is annoying as!!! anyway my most recent family is an Asylum challenge family. So let me share some photos of whats been happening there.


    This is Paige and she is working SO hard to get out of the Asylum. She is here because she thinks she is famous and wants to move to Dal Sol Vally, but noone else in my game knows that Dal Sol Vally is a real thing because I DO NOT have get famous yet. So the sim police locked her up in the Asylum.


    Two sims in the Asylum quickly set themselves on fire using the dryer, always check the lint tray guys!


    Paige used their deaths to introduce herself to Grim, as her aspiration is to make as many friends as possible, well she does want to be famous you see? so she needs to know everyone and convince them that Dal Sol Vally is real!


    On an outing to the park Paige became friends with an old Victor Feng, Thankyou MC commands for aging him up and then killing him soon after that then made Paige sad for about 6 days.


    Paige found comfort in another Asylum paitent named Adelaide and they quickly became BFFs
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