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Sims 4 Photography

Im not sure if there is already a thread for this, If so I am sorry but I couldnt find one. I thought it would be nice for people to have a place to just upload random photo they have taken in game it can be of anything, Kids, Cowplants, silly things your sims do or cute romances. Feel free to upload any cute/funny/sad photos you have taken in Sims 4

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    OH ok. "Running sushi" ppphhhh!! This is "running supper" sims style. LOL
  • CharKittyBooCharKittyBoo Posts: 569 Member
    I'll start with some funny ones:

    The child (Julian) watching his Uncle Randy trying to dab at a festival

    My first sim, Talia Roy, now a very old great grandmother - is determined to still be cool

    I was sure she was pregnant with twins/triplets after seeing this! (I made her wear more appropriate clothes after don't worry)

    Let's just say I got a lot of bugs after the patch with City Living in November...

    Now for some cuter ones:

    That crazy pregnant lady you saw before? This was her on her wedding day. :) She was a randomly generated townie but so beautiful I had to marry her to one of my sims!

    Austin Roy (left) and Julian Roy (right) taking a picture together! They are two of triplets (their brother Gabriel is around somewhere, and yes their grandmother is Talia you saw on the waterslide before!)

    Christmas vacation with Preston and Zoey Roy (Preston is Talia's second son, Preston and Zoey are the parents of Austin, Gabriel, and Julian -the one time I only wanted one child of course she has triplets!)

    Francesca Ervin Roy (Preston's daughter but not by Zoey ;) I had a sim-crazy phase and Preston was my player sim. Altogether Preston has nine children! one adopted)

    *pardon me for being too lazy to turn off headline effects in some of these screenshots
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    @CharKittyBoo I LOVE all the photos, ur sims are SO cute <3 thankyou for sharing

    Sadly miss Maddi (asylum challenge sim) died of electrocution the other day. I was SOOOO sad

    but before she died she did have a wonderful Christmas in the Asylum

    She even started getting romantic with Aiden one of the other patients.

    But sadly Maddi is gone... So meet my new Sim Chloe she is my Runaway Teen (challenge)
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    Here are a few pictures I love of my current sims.
    My sim Lissa getting abducted by aliens...again.
    [img][/img]01_02_17_1_27_12_AM.pngtake a screenshot

    Lissa and Tyler in disguise.
    [img][/img]01_18_17_5_22_38_PM.pngimage hosting over 2mb

    Lissa and Tyler as aliens.
    [img][/img]01_19_17_12_18_41_AM.pngfree photo upload

    One of my favorite pictures from their Wedding. They are so cute I love them and can't wait to see how cute their babies turn out when they have them.
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  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 776 Member
    aww they are cute sims, thanks for sharing
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    @Blondie019 That alien-picture is backgroundmaterial :scream: !
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    Here are just a few of my pictures, I will be posting more when I find them and sort my screenshot folder out.
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    Aw they are lovely @BenjaminBankss
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    Really?! Again?! Haha wow they really seem to like her.
    [img][/img]01_20_17_12_21_50_AM.pngpost a picture
    [img][/img]01_20_17_12_23_41_AM.pngimage hosting 10mb limit

    Lissa was invited to a party and decided to learn how to DJ, she got to level 4 by the time the party ended.
    [img][/img]01_20_17_11_16_41_AM.pngfree photo hosting
    [img][/img]01_20_17_11_17_32_AM.pngupload image online

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    This is Mia Reid, She moved to the city to check out what all the fuss was about, she tried all the normal things you try when you move to the city, Spray painting, Festivals and Basketball


    Mia joined the social media career and started making friends all over the city, and she got to see so many places, slowly people started following her, she went from 50 followers to 2,000 followers within days and she was getting promoted left right and centre. Mia was so happy with her job, she decided to upgrade to a bigger apartment so her and a friend Taya moved in together.

    But Taya was a bad inluence, she was always inviting over boys and being flirty. Mia finally met someone who she fell head over heals for, named Daichi Woods, Mia decided she needed to make herself look more girly for Daichi so she got a hair cut and brought some new clothes to impress him and it worked, when he was at her house the other night they had their first kiss.


    But now Mia doesnt know what she want to do with her life? Continue with her Social Media Career and live her fast paced life in the city or settle down somewhere with Daichi and get married and have children?
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    I had a wonderful date with the girl I wanna be with. After dinner and some wine, we spent some time outside. I gave her a rose and kissed her on the hand.

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    Here are some pics of Forgotten Hollow. I think this might be my fav world of TS4 thus far.
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    @DeKay I love how creepy they made this town :love:

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    Vampire fighting. The sim in the white dress is mine. The other one flirted with Caleb, who is my Sim's husband. Of course my sim wasn't going to allow that.





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  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 776 Member
    Wow i love the screenshots of Forgotten Hollow, I havent explored that world yet
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  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 65,401 Member
    Wow i love the screenshots of Forgotten Hollow, I havent explored that world yet

    You totes should!
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  • Blondie019Blondie019 Posts: 1,099 Member
    Lissa was enjoying a nice meal at the spice festival when Tyler got abducted by aliens!
    [img][/img]01_23_17_4_12_44_PM.pnghow do you print screen
    [img][/img]01_23_17_4_19_39_PM.pngonline photo storage

    Soon after he started glowing green!
    [img][/img]01_23_17_11_11_39_PM.pngupload a picture
    [img][/img]01_24_17_12_47_45_AM.pngupload image online free

    Lissa and Tyler decided to move into a bigger house and I really like this picture.
    (You can see his baby bump)
    [img][/img]01_24_17_1_10_47_AM.pngscreen cap

    🌺🌺🌺🌺 he's getting big. Haha
    [img][/img]01_24_17_3_06_14_AM.pngprint screen windows 7

    Lissa wanted to feel the baby.
    [img][/img]01_24_17_6_27_22_PM.pngimage uploader

    Looks like the baby is coming.
    Lissa looks scared of impending parenthood.
    [img][/img]01_24_17_7_45_04_PM.pngadult photo sharing

    Meet the new member of the family!
    Baby Girl Faye Summers
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    DeKay wrote: »
    Wow i love the screenshots of Forgotten Hollow, I havent explored that world yet

    You totes should!

    I know but waiting for it to b on special lol

    Omg ur alien baby looks soooo cute @Blondie019
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    Mia and Daichi decided to have a photo shoot done to remember all the great times they had together, then Daichi paid for extra photos of just Mia to be taken so he had something to remember her when he was at home alone.


    Mia then made some new friends, Bella Goth and David Kim and she got along really well with them.


    Mia and Taya atteneded Partys and gatherings regularly because Taya is in the music career and Mia is in the social media career so the public love spending time with them, Taya thought it would be a good idea to take a couple of “after party” photos of themselves, but Mia wants impressed.


    Mia and Daichi were getting VERY flirty at the most recent party, and when they got home they had a cheeky Woohoo. Mia then found out she was pregnant which they were not expecting this AT ALL. She told Daichi and he was not impressed and they started to argue.


    Will Mia become a single mother? Or will Daichi learn to love his child once it arrives? Will they buy a bigger house out of the city and live as a family??
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    Random family moments.
    Gallery: ibaeshaC
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    Awe thanks @elmo_gurl112
    So I don't have any in-game pictures yet cause I just created this sim and I'm waiting till I get Vampires to play with her (hopefully next week).

    Any way meet my newest Sim Sugar Sweets.
    A little something about her..
    Sugar Sweets is a very sweet girl, she's cheerful, outgoing and loves music. She hopes to one day become one of the best musician/songwriters of all time. Until one day she finds out Vampires are real! Now she has to learn how to survive as a vampire while also pursuing her dreams. Can she do it? or will the night turn this sweet girl into a nightmare?
    When she turns into a vampire I'm keeping her sweet innocent girl look but her dark form is going to be dark and hopefully really creepy, I can't wait!
  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 776 Member
    @Blondie019 I cant wait to see her dark form she looks so sweet and innocent i would never think she was a Vampire
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    I had a bunch of funny sim pictures, but I just deleted them all to speed up my game!
  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 776 Member
    @bjburch Oh noes u should have just moved them to an exteranal HDD or something
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  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 776 Member

    So I haven’t gone into much detail on Taya, who is Mia’s room mate. Taya is a musician and she loves to play the dating game. She is not ready to settle down or have children she just wants to live life, have fun and meet as many handsom men as she can! She is hopelessly romantic but her lifestyle helps her write good love songs. Here she is on a few dates


    Taya decided to throw Mia a baby shower and invite around ALL they good friends, and it was going really well, Mia was having a great time socializing with all her mates and letting them feel the baby until Daichi showed up late, he wasn’t happy that Mia was having a baby shower for the child that he didn’t even want. Taya didn’t want Daichi to ruin Mia’s night so she quickly pulled Daichi outside to have a word with him then she very “nicely” asked him to leave!


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