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Kat Silver "Multi-Simmer" Random Legacy

ChelleJoChelleJo Posts: 7,084 Member
After seeing others here on the forums doing a random legacy together, I thought... oh fun! So I went in search of another player to do the random legacy challenge with me.

Same Sim. Same Traits. Same House. Same World. Different Goals!

@Simasaurus09 joined me for this random legacy.

If you feel like joining us... come on! The more the merrier! Just remember... Same Sim. Same Traits. Same House. Same world. Different Goals! (I'll provide all the links!)

First, we are using a sim that Simasaurus created, Kat Silver. Her traits are Ambitious, Virtuoso, Athletic, Unlucky, and Vegetarian (Not in the downloaded version of her. You'd have to change her traits to match these). Here is her link (To a CC Free version of her) and this is what she looks like all dolled up with CC (photo courtesy of Simasaurus).
If you decide to play along, you can edit Kat's looks (hair, clothes, makeup, and even give her a cc skin) but don't tweak anything that will pass on thru genetics (no nose tweaks, eye tweaks, body tweaks, etc).


We're playing in Sunset Valley, and using a house by tamo, found on MTS (link provided here).

A couple pictures of the house (after I've added a couple things, so the downloaded version won't have things like the chess table, the washing machine, etc).



Vital to all this is the Rules for the Random Legacy. And you want to click the link at the top of the rules (or go here) to roll your own goals for each generation.

(If or when other players decide to join in, and share with me or the thread here their own generational goals, I'll post them above. And as we complete each generation, I'll update the goals... well, to be honest, I'm not sure how this will work. We'll figure it out as we go, but we will figure it out! :D )

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