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SIMS 3 CHALLENGE LIST (updated August 17th, 2018)



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    You probably had so many notifications that it drowned out! Thank you so much!

    Yes! I think they've finally fixed notifications so I see only the ones I want. Thanks again!
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    I've just started a Sims 3 expansion pack legacy challenge on my channel if anyone is interested - Youtube Channel is Novella Sims; Founder is Angela Pearson :) :)
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    This is the renovacy challenge - I started it, but other people are running with it as well now and writing their own! There's a list at the bottom of the post, which gets updated from time to time.

    What’s a renovacy? And who might like it?

    It’s a renovation-legacy. The aim is to renovate the dilapidated living quarters your sims have found themselves in. Before the youngest child becomes an adult.
    The rules are simple.
    Set ages to default mode.
    If you have seasons, set each season to either 7 days, or 3 days if you want to play with short years.
    No money cheats.
    The family starts with no money at all. If they have any, take it off them!
    No adult can have a career or profession: nothing with a proper salary. They can make money fishing, collecting and selling things, gardening, playing for tips, sculpting, inventing and selling your products at the consignment store, dumpster diving…but no jobs (though there can be an exception for one part-time job if it’s essential to the story.)
    Children can sell baked goods or lemonade, if you buy the stand and a cooker.
    Teens can have a part-time job.

    Children have to be grade A students as soon as possible, and stay on the honour roll. You don’t want social services investigating your home life, and seeing the state of your home.
    Family relationships have to be good too, for the same reason – if they start off poor, then you have to improve them as a priority.

    The renovating rules.
    All flooring and walls have to be papered over – you can’t sell the floor or wall covering that’s already there.
    You can repaint things to make them look better, but you have to pay 25 simoleons for everything you paint – make a donation on the mailbox.
    Your aim is for everyone to have their own bedroom (spouses can share, and babies or toddlers can go in with someone else), with a bed, curtains, bedside table, lamp and dresser or desk or toybox.
    Bathroom/toilet goal is one between two. At least one with bath and one with shower.
    Kitchen is fridge, cooker, sink, three counter units, lighting, and clock, picture and bench accessory.
    Dining room/area is table, enough chairs for everyone plus a visitor, rug, lighting, two pictures .
    Sitting room is enough comfy seating for everyone, coffee table, two plants, lighting, two pictures and either television or stereo.
    For people who like scoring things, you can score the rooms: add up the points on the furniture for environment, energy, comfort, fun and stress relief. Hunger, bladder and hygiene don’t count. A total of 10 gives you a level 1 room, 20 a level 2 and so on.
    Garden area: if there are plants here that you want to get rid of, you can sell them, but you can only spend the money on fences or walls or other plants. The goal for the garden is to have it fenced and gated (to keep the children safe). You can score a garden like the rooms though, by adding things to it.

    Who might like it?
    Someone who wants a shortish challenge. The house has to be finished by the time the youngest child is an adult.
    Someone who likes building, creating families and starting off a story.

    Building rules.
    You can make this as hard as you like, except that each house must start with a toilet and shower, some means of cooking (can be a fire pit) and somewhere for everyone to sleep. This can be a sleeping bag on the floor. Any babies or toddlers have to have a cot each and one potty. After that, it’s totally up to you! You can make it as ugly as you like, as run-down as you like…the sleeping area has to have a roof, but nothing else does. You can make the furniture as outrageous as you want…just go wild!

    Creating a family rules.
    One adult or teen must have the Good trait so that they can make donations on the mailbox.
    The family can be as hard to play as you like, and as big as you like. There must be one adult, though, and if the adult is a grandparent, then there has to be one teen. I quite like dressing them in dreadful clothes. And they can’t have better ones until they can afford a dresser!
    Give it a starting story and post it for someone else to download and play!
    Add it at the bottom of this post, if you like...

    Links to mine: (more coming later as I get them moved onto my story site). These are the cc free and pattern-free ones. The non-cc and pattern-free ones are in later posts.
    http://samelasstories.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/the-newton-brown-renovacy.html - by SamelaRita
    http://samelasstories.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/the-mcphail-renovacy.html - by SamelaRita
    http://samelasstories.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/luke-and-lucy-renovacy.html - by SamelaRita
    http://samelasstories.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/the-warehouse-renovacy.html - by SamelaRita
    http://samelasstories.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/the-orphanage-renovacy.html - by SamelaRita

    The Mojica-Hutchins renovacy by Mmdrgntobldrgn. Lot here: https://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9194494
    Back story here: http://mamadragonssims.weebly.com/renovation-challenges/hutchins-and-mojica-renovation-challenge

    Sassafras by ADWilson

    Ciane's Container Challenge:
    Back story and rule variations:
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    Hello! I updated the Build A City Challenge rules based on the original post from Tom Simkins and alternate rules from Natasha Rasmussen.

    Mostly I edited for clarity and to update for new expansion packs.
    It's quite long so I haven't pasted it all here, but let me know if I should because you want a link within the Forums!
    From the town's first community lot to each household and rabbit hole, watch the stories unfold...
    Rebuilding Appaloosa Plains
    Prologue & Chapters 1-15 out now - updates every week!
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    :) Can U add mine at some point? :)
    It is called the Suleiman(harem) challenge
    here's the link https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/952768/sims-4-suleiman-harem-challenge
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    Will update ASAP!! Just a reminder...any challenges posted right here in this thread will NOT be added. Please read the very first post for instructions on how to submit a challenge. Thank you!
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    @Meeshelby I think you should definitely add the Adam & Eve challenge! From the looks of it the creator, @JMJphotostudio, spent a really long time making this a solid and very complete challenge!
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