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Is it really going to happen?



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    Vampires coming is probably true, but there is still a lot of speculation that is happening. For example we don't know if we can have hybrid lifestates (ghost and vampire).

    Ghosts are a lifestage (afterlifestage) rather than a species, and cannot breed. If they make vamps as undead (another afterlifestage), then I doubt they could be combined. However, I believe they will be made as a species as the code mentions part-vampires from genetics. This means that when a vampire dies, they could be a ghost vampire.

    Vamps usually turn to ash if they die.

    Their body turns to ash, but what about their spirit? Unless you consider the spirit/ghost to be their soul and vampires to be soulless.

    I meant in the game. I have never had the ghost of a vampire - you don't even see Grimmy - it just burns up into a wisp of smoke and ash which neat sims promptly sweep up and toss in the trash - at least in previous sims games. Perhaps it is because they are souless. I have no idea.

    Can Sims 4 ghosts even have babies now? As in the Q and A when ghosts first came out it said they could not procreate. I know Sims 3 ones can but none ever had any with any vamps in my game thus far.

    In Sims 2 vampires did indeed become ghosts when they died. In my legacy game my Sim's vampire husband got caught out in the sun and died and his ghost forever haunted the lot after that. You're correct though that the vamps didn't get the grim reaper when they died. I don't know about Sims 3 because I never had any of my vampires die in that game.

    Sims 4 ghosts can still not have babies, to answer your other question.

    Thanks. I have also had Vamps die from starving to death - not just from the sun - but still never got a ghost of one. Mine always turned to ash in Sims 3 regardless. I play Sims 3 a lot - lol. I play whole worlds of just the supernaturals. I do tend to play the Witches and Fairies the most. I generally don't let my vamps get married - they are generally the charmers of the supernatural sims though. LOL.

    In Sims 2 I never saw a vamp turn to a ghost either -but it sort of makes sense they may. Right now in Sims 2 I don't see much of the vamps - I have been busy in Sims State Uni mostly. Vamps stay pretty much in downtown in my Sims 2 all the time.
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    Vampires are considered to be already dead, so they wouldn't have a ghost form. In the past, a sim could only be one occult or the other, not two at the same time, so it will be interesting to see what the devs define "hybrid" to be. An offspring of a witch and vampire could be a hybrid vampitch but still only have one power. We'll see.
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