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I love genetics!


  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    edited July 21
    I knew from the demographics table up there that someone in town was pregnant, but I had no clue who. Now the baby was born, and it's by Darrell Ursine (a Marcus child) and Gayle VanWatson, whose pics are shown on this last page. I had no idea they were a couple, either. I guess that looks like one of the nicer possible pairings, but pics will have to wait till the baby grew up.

    I had been playing a household unrelated to my family so far (there aren't many others), the Steels, and this is Daren, Christopher Steel's son with Sunny Bakshi (pics were up in the thread). He has mostly Sunny's eyes. Here he is with Arlene VanWatson (Madison x Arlo), though I have some doubts that will lead anywhere, as she has commitment issues. I guess I'll see that he gets someone though, given he at least has some fresh genetics to contribute.

    This is Gus McIrish, a son by River from Marcus, with Felicia Bunch, another of Ethan's kids with Kaylynn (Langerak). SP actually married them off and moved them together.
    Daren Steel met Felicia later on a party by his boss Flora (Marcus' former plantsim daughter), a fiancee of Joseph VanWatson (Madison x VJ Alvi).
    Joseph is the guy on the right.
    Here is Lea McIrish (front left), the twin sister of Gus, here talking to Cora, one of Hank Goddard's four daughters.
    Lea has been with Maricela Alto (Holly x Miraj Alvi) for ages. The two girls in the background are also River's kids.

    Edit: Oops, didn't even notice that this started a new page. Insert "last page" where it says "this page".
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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    @Turjan I also noticed the pregnancy in your demographics. Looking forward to seeing the baby :)
    I can see Christopher in Daren. I always change the Commitment Issues trait in sims that I want to breed! :D Although I have found that sims with that trait still have babies, they tend to have them with several people and I like my sims to stick together when they have kids.
    Congrats to Gus and Felicia. I think they might have interesting looking kids because their face shapes are very different!
    It's good to see the kids of SV townies in your game. I assume these are re-rolls with the genetics mod? If so, it looks like it is doing a great job at making good looking kids :)
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    Having babies with different people is kind of the norm in my SV :wink: .
    The townies are all edited to some extent (mostly the eye size, elimination of most zero sliders), but most by far not as extensively as Gobias or Arlo. Every child that was not a pre-made had been re-rolled via the RG mod, even the older ones, including the main family. I made sure they didn't deviate from their old looks too much, but got at least a little blend. Funny enough, I thought that made them look more like their parents, as long as they had not been complete clones before. I can see River in Lea and Gus (may be harder with him because of that haircut), for example, and her more difficult features mellowed out. That's how River looks like, and I should probably fix her make-up and hair :smiley: .
    I guess more than half the town is "family" by now. My plans to take all YA's from the main family to university have been spoiled, as Kyra (Morgana x Thornton) got pregnant by Rowan (former plantsim by Marcus, but edited to be not exact clone). Well, it was foreseeable that I have to split the family once more, given the four toddlers are due to age up.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,921 Member
    @Turjan , Arlene VanWatson is so beautiful! I was puzzled by that until I read that you heavily edited Arlo.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,921 Member
    After reading this thread, I couldn't resist trying the Random Genetics thread on generation 2 of my recently abandoned generational game. I loaded an old save in which generation 2 were young or mature adults.

    These are the founders as young adults with the two older kids - the founders were premades Odessa Winchester and Clark Gant.


    Their eldest son, Alan, before and after his genetics were randomised. He resembles Clark very much in both versions - I think the changes are most noticeable in his cheek fullness and mouth height.


    Alan's statistics:

    The middle son, Neville, before. He was basically a male, black-haired clone of Odessa. Throughout this save, male clones of Odessa kept being born in various branches of the family and only one female descendant got her looks, which was a pity because Odessa's genes work so much better on female sims.

    Neville after randomising, noticably different now, although his lips are still mostly Odessa's:

    Neville's statistics:

    The youngest, Amelia, before:

    Amelia after, now with more of Odessa's genetics:

    (I accidentally failed to save Amelia's stats.)

    This was fun to play with - I think I will have to start a generational game with this mod soon!

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    @PalmArrow The kids definitely changed with the mod! Alan probably least of them but he did change. Are you happy with the results? I don't think I would play without the mod again :)
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,921 Member
    @Mikezumi , I'm so happy with the results I'm already planning my new generational save! I think I'll start with a player-made uninhabited world and populate it with sims I like.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    @PalmArrow The best thing about the mod is that you will no longer get clones and the kids, although they look like siblings, have subtly different features even when they favour one parent over the other! :)
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    edited July 22
    @PalmArrow Thanks. Yes, I had to edit Arlo as soon as I read that he suddenly decided to get three kids with Madison VanWatson. Until then I had been happy that he didn't seem to be interested in any relationships. This here was Arlo in my game (SP killed him off at some point):
    He still had a rather special nose, but he didn't look grotesque anymore.

    However, there's one other thing you should be aware of with the RG mod: It has hardly any impact on computer performance and RAM, unlike "Play with Genetics". Which means, you can click and click until you get something you think looks good. In the case of Arlo's three daughters, I just clicked until his contribution to their noses was rather small, which explains the outcome. In small doses, his nose even had a positive impact on that of Madison (I like the small upward twist near the tip), so there you are.

    I've seen your results, and they look already impressive. However, I would probably try and click some of those again :lol: . But that's just me :wink: . I hope you have some fun with the mod.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,921 Member
    Thanks for the tips, @Turjan!
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    edited July 22
    You're welcome.
    I think this was the original Arlene by the unedited Arlo:
    Although it looks like the slider setting failed somehow, because I don't know how extremely wide became extremely narrow.
    Anyway, I decided against this.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    edited July 22
    @Turjan It's true that the mod has little impact on the game but I haven't been re-rolling because my save is to test genetics of the active family with the new mod and accepting the kids as is. If I were to re-roll in an older save I would probably go to town with the re-rolling! :D
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    edited July 22
    @Mikezumi Sure, it's the same with the kids that get directly produced with the mod in my case. However, as I'm mostly just re-rolling older sims that had been produced by other algorithms (either EA or "Play with Genetics"), I just re-rolled several times. Often enough, this was done to come close to how they looked before, because I still wanted to recognize them. Arlene had already been redone via "Play with Genetics" before, though, so the goal was to come close to that original result, which it is. She still has more from Arlo than her sister Gayle, like it was before.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    @Turjan That's a good idea. Having to get used to a completely different face would make one lose connection with the sim.
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    edited July 22
    A second grandchild of Marcus and Jamie aged up to YA. This is Alice, the oldest daughter of Lucas and Gwen (the Bebe edit).
    Lucas and Gwen
    Gwen just aged up to adult. Lucas won't anytime soon, because of some twisted timelines between worlds.

    By the way, that atrocious image of River McIrish up there made me open up the Stylist for her. I think this does her justice.

    As I'm already here, I'm not quite sure about Kelsey Koffi, a daughter of Cosmo, one of the former IF's I talked about on last page, with Angelica, the former simbot daughter of Marcus. Something about her freaks me out, and I can't quite put my fingers on it.
    I'll post her parents after she grew up, which will also be soon. It doesn't seem to be makeup.

    Edit: I should probably check whether I accidentally gave her some different cc skin, like one of the Mango Smoothies.
    Here are her parents:
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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    @Turjan Alice is really pretty! :)
    That's a much better look for River :)
    Kelsey looks like a doll and not in a good way. The hot pink eyebrows don't help and it looks like she's wearing pale blue eyeshadow although you say it's not makeup. I know nothing about IFs. Is it possible that she's wearing some sort of face mask? I remember when I first got IF I changed a vampire into a human sim and it took me about 10 minutes to work out that the veins were a mask and not part of being a vampire :D
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    edited July 22
    Thanks. No, none of the involved is an IF anymore, they are all normal humans. Cosmo is one of the three former IF's (now humans, via MC, when they were teens) who were genetically sculpted with my edits of Gobias Koffi and Susan Wrainwright as parents, shown on last page (in-game they are just part of the Koffi family). And while the mother is a former simbot, this should have no impact, either, as she was fully "cured" via elixir, then brought to YA by a Fountain of Youth elixir, and her look is just what I did from scratch (the cure had left her as zero slider sim). So there's something wrong about Kelsey. Maybe, I should just use "Play with Genetics" on her, as that touches on more things than the RG mod, and use the RG mod afterwards. The RG mod itself hardly changes anything about her, even if I click multiple times.
    But good that you tell me about those pink eyebrows, because that's certainly something I have no idea where it would come from. "Doll" is a fitting description. She looks fake, like a china doll.

    Her father Cosmo looks completely normal.
    She also has a sister who looks like a proper child of her parents.

    Anyway, yet another of the Marcus spawn aged up. This is Darryl (whatever he is spelled; I'm responsible for this one, but plead innocent with regard to all the other name variations), by Marcus and Terrill Stepp (this is someone generated by the game, then edited, so no pre-made). Terrill didn't age up gracefully (OK, the lighting doesn't help :lol: ).
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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    @Turjan I think you might be right about having to use EA genetics first before re-rolling as it does tend to keep sims within a similar range.
    Terrill has quite the nose! Darryl is handsome! :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    I had a sneak peek at Jean after I finished my morning session. I put her in the same hair/brows/makeup as her sister so I could get a better idea of how alike they are and they could be twins although the numbers show a slightly different picture. I can see the differences when I look closely but at a glance they look the same! I will be sure to give them completely different hair/brows, etc. when they grow up :D Looking at the numbers was confusing because they show the parents in different order and numbers are not my strong suit ;)
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    Hmm, this is difficult. Most numbers are relatively close, the mouth should show small differences, the jaws moderate ones, and the noses should be very different. Of course, this wouldn't show if the parents have very similar noses in the first place.

    That's the revenge when you prefer a specific style (which I already noticed for myself). I'm not even sure whether my tendency to edit the parents won't bite me in the long run, because all this consecutive mixing carries the risk that all features merge into a rather narrow style. I already noticed lots of very similar noses in my game (well, there's also a lot of Marcus everywhere, of course). They certainly aren't zero slider, but they converge to a uniform look. I'll soon have to look for some different noses again. Maybe, using Anderson Ansari isn't such a bad idea in the end.

    Specifically, I'd say the most distinctive feature of Mona were the eyes. Those rolls differ by almost 20%. I'd say, Mona's look a tad bit more open, but the form is virtually identical. Did you look at the numbers in CAS (unfortunately, I don't see those, but I think you do)?
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    @Turjan Joe and Damien have different noses but I think that is lost because of noses being so much smaller in females. I didn't look at the numbers in CAS. I will try to do that soonish. CAS is painfully slow as the save progresses - am waiting for Joey and Paul to die before moving the family. If I look closely I do see the differences in the nose tip and nose height and their mouths are quite different with Jean having fuller lips.
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    Right, many nose details get lost in frontal view.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    edited July 23
    I just went back a couple pages and found the pics of Joe and Damien. You can see quite clearly that their features are quite different.

    Oops posted wrong pics :D

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    I might use the Consort mod to change Jean's hair colour so I don't get them confused with each other when they are teens :p
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