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InSimenator V SimBlender????

kamra19610kamra19610 Posts: 461 Member
What do you think and why???


  • VoeilleVoeille Posts: 474 Member
    Well, for all I remember I used SimBlender just to change sims’ surnames, but it was annoying to do (you had to change the name, copy first name to surname, and then change the first name again) and it’s more convenient in SimPe, and for the rest I use Insimenator. It isn’t supported any more, but it works fine for me, and it’s very useful, for example for a quick townie makeover, and in general has plenty of useful options. I really like the age change one – I use it purely for taking screenshots of my hair retextures. If a hairstyle is available for more than one age group, you’re supposed to show all of them if you upload on MTS, and Insimenator really quickens that process – I can change the age of any sim in the household from adult to toddler and any other life stage easily. I wouldn’t do that in normal gameplay though, and I always quit without saving after doing that in my screenshot household, for some reason it seems a bit suspicious option and I have bad memories related to neighbourhood corruption ;)
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  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,585 Member
    I use SimBlender. It's one object and it can do all of what I need it to do. InSimenator as I recall is split over several objects.

    Check for pregnancies (and number of babies).
    Boost mood - just one specific one or all of them and gives me options of whole lot, just residents, or just one specific Sim.
    Change LTW - I don't like some of the LTW's, especially the puppy/kitten one, and I don't like too many Sims in the same house having the same LTW.
    Change relationship status (remove/add crush/love, etc)

    You can set to birthday with the SimBlender which lets Sims age up using the normal process. You can't go down in age, however, I don't think, but that's not something I'm ever interested in doing.

    I also don't advocate using mods that have not been updated to AL/M&G if you've got the UC. I don't know if Insimenator is updated or not, but I know Simblender is.

    What you're best option is to do is to look at the two options and see what each provides and decide which you would prefer based on what you would use it for.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,423 Member
    I like the Simblender best. :)
  • kamra19610kamra19610 Posts: 461 Member
    Thank you all for your input. I have used both in the past (at different times) and like what V said about InSim having far more options. The name change is also easier. But Blender is one object and more up to date. I have ultimate collection. Though been using Blender a long while, have thought about going back to InSim. Thanks again.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,423 Member
    I remember years ago testing and playing with the Insim but there was so much that I didn't really need.

    I also like the ACR mod for some randomness. Autonomous Casual Romance- it's got lots of romance options for Sims.

    Also, the last Expansion was Apartment Life although Mansions & Gardens added gameplay and it was the last Stuff pack (mini pack).
    But... Fun with Pets in the last Combined pack ...anyway, AL is last.
  • FearlessButterflyFearlessButterfly Posts: 336 Member
    The sim manipulator is really handy and actually has a whole lot more options on it then the sim blender. I use it and the sim blender in my games.
  • SleepycatDSLSleepycatDSL Posts: 264 Member
    I use InSim, the blender and the manipulator. The sim manipulator is the most up to date of them. I like each one for different options/features (they don't do everything the same way).
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