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SIMS 4 CHALLENGE LIST (Updated December 26, 2020)


  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,224 Member
    GameFreak wrote: »
    Hello! I was trying the Solid Color Challenge and found a link that is not directed to the challenge. This is a link that has worked for me:
    https://sims-online.com/sims-4-building-challenge-solid-color/ See you!
    Thank you for the updated link to
    The Sims 4 Building Challenge: Solid Color
  • Logan_ColeLogan_Cole Posts: 7 New Member
    I have created a challenge called the two house challenge and if you wish to check it out plz go to https://logancole462007.wixsite.com/games
  • TheRoseHorseTheRoseHorse Posts: 7,181 Member
    Logan_Cole wrote: »
    I have created a challenge called the two house challenge and if you wish to check it out plz go to https://logancole462007.wixsite.com/games

    quoted to make link clickable
    Wanna see my blog for the One Room, One Week, One Theme Challenge?
    Click here!
    Also, help me earn currency for a website I play on by clicking this link.
    You can click the link once per day and it'll help me out. :)
  • alsvalsv Posts: 36 Member
    Hi! I just posted a challenge here in the forums. It's based on Sims 2 Build a City and Prosperity challenges. All the rules and guidelines are in this thread: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/977586/build-your-world-challenge :smile:
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 596 Member
    Hi @Meeshelby ;) I have another challenge I would appreciate you adding to this forum thread. It's a weekly CAS challenge in which I occasionally hold sims pack prizes for winning entries. Since the creative directions change weekly the rules change weekly too and are included in each week's directions. It's called 💜 QUICK CREATIVITY CAS CHALLENGE 💜 GLOVELY1'S QCC .. it's been running since April 3rd and I've been meaning to get it posted with you here so I hope you will consider adding it to this awesome challenge list. Here's the forum link ~ https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/974011/quick-creativity-cas-challenge-glovely1s-qcc/p1 ~ Please let me know if you need anything further from me :) Happy simming always!
    Please join my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

  • GameFreakGameFreak Posts: 12 New Member
    I thought of a challenge for simmers who have the Get To Work expansion pack, the Transform Challenge:

    You are a (lazy) scientist who loves reinventing their house. Only, it takes a lot of
    time and effort to design the perfect house. Luckily, you recently invented a device
    that can transform objects: the SimRay! It will randomly transform the object into something else.

    Starting: Choose the Science career and invent the SimRay as soon as possible
    1. For every item you want to change in your house, you need to use the SimRay and 'transform' the object.
    2. Until you invented the Simray you cannot change anything in your house.

    Suggestions to make it more challenging or easier:
    - You are only allowed 3 times transform of an object
    - You are only allowed 1 transform a day
    - You are allowed to change colors of objects.

    There is not really a start or an end to this challenge. I'd recommend using it while playing other challenges
    to make the challenge more challenging (too many challenges in 1 sentence...).

    Let me know what you think about it!
  • GameFreakGameFreak Posts: 12 New Member
    Also, here is a link to a video I made about the science career: https://youtu.be/dvZM5Vmcu4A (connected to the challenge).
  • GameFreakGameFreak Posts: 12 New Member
    I'd also like to leave a challenge that I'm currently trying here as well: The 100 baby adoption challenge: https://modthesims.info/t/525415
  • GroomyGroomy Posts: 4 New Member

    Ep. 1 Sleeping with the Homeless | A-Z Baby Challenge | The Sims 4
  • AuroraBoreallisAuroraBoreallis Posts: 84 Member
    @Meeshelby - I was going through the challenges and I found the following

    Unsorted Legacy Challenges
    Around the World - URL not found
    Chinese Zodiac Legacy Challenge - URL not found
    Completion Challenge Plus for Sims 4 - 404 Error Site Not Found
    Dramacy - Discussion Not Found (Deleted)
    Rainbow Legacy Challenge (the 1st one listed) - "There's Nothing Here" then redirects to another site
    Spring into Summer & Fall into Winter - "There's Nothing Here" then redirects to another site
    The Ziminstead Legacy Challenge - URL not found
    Zodiac Legacy Challenge (2nd one listed) - URL not found

    Relationship Based
    Sleep Your Way to Fame Challenge - Web site gone

    Other Challenges Not Yet Sorted
    Absolute Master Challenge - 404 Error Site Not Found
    Asylum Challenge Version 3 - Challenge gone
    Elemental Challenge - This Challenge No Longer Exists
    Homeless Challenge (with 3 levels of difficulty) - Challenge gone
    The Island Challenge - 404 Error Site Not Found
    Living Off the Grid - Challenge gone
    Orphange Challenge - Challenge gone
    Trailer Park Teens - 404 Error Site Not Found
    Weight Loss Challenge - 404 Error Site Not Found

    Building Challenges
    Solid Color Challenge - 404 Error Site Not Found

    Rotation / Multi-Household Challenges
    Build a City Challenge - Site gone

    Pets / Animal Challenges
    Crazy Cat Lady - 404 Error Site Not Found
    Family Vets Challenge - 404 Error Site Not Found
    Pethood Legacy Challenge - 404 Error Site Not Found

    Tv / Movie / Book / Game Based Challenges
    GoT: Nobody to Nobility - This Post No Longer Exists

    Hope this helps.
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 8,189 Member
    I have developed a second cycle of "Caught on Candid Camera". It is a completely in-game comp so no backgrounds need to be searched for. It went really well last time, so if anyone is interested in reserving for it, I'll add their names. It probably won't start for a couple of weeks yet. It doesn't require editing in photoshop, perhaps a bit of brightening up or lighting, but no cutting out or anything unless you choose to add something. It's purely in-game shots that match a scenario. Great for those that want to break into the modelling world of Sims or those that are seasoned editors as well. Here is the link pepes if you want to check it out.

    Caught on Candid Camera
  • thelisabug1982thelisabug1982 Posts: 3 New Member
    I made a new challenge.

    Through the Packs Challenge – By TheLisaBug

    This Challenge combines using just about all the packs and was inspired by the Legacy Challenge, Runaway Teen Challenge, Rags to Riches and the Not So Berry Challenge. In fact, this challenge was made with the Not So Berry Challenge in mind so much that it uses a lot of game play that the Not so Berry Challenge doesn't use and instead of different colored hair, eyes, etc. each generation has different clothing, house styles and walk styles! Therefore, whether or not you have done the Not So Berry Challenge will not matter. However, doing this Challenge after the Not So Berry Challenge would give you an even more full experience of The Sims 4!
    This challenge was made with YouTubers in mind to showcase the packs and help people learn what they would like to purchase and what they can do without. It would also be interesting to watch, especially during this time of isolation, I think!
    There are certain requirements for this challenge, however, with no set required amount of skills and no points to count, it is fun and stress-free as challenges go!

    General Rules:

    1. No cheats may be used. You may use mods to enhance game play as far as story goes but the mods may not help with skills, careers or finance. That being said, MCC mod does help to not run out of townies, so it is recommended but it is not a must, since you can just restock the townies with gallery sims if you need to do so.
    2. Set Lifespan to Normal (Suggested). Making lifespan longer will make the challenge easier and more chill so do as you like :)
    3. Start Generation 1 as a YA with 20,000 simoleons and no skills (a fresh sim). You may make this sim or get them from the gallery, but be aware that some gallery sims may have skills, careers and traits that would give them an advantage.
    4. The Heir to the next generation is suggested to be the oldest child but you can change that if you want to the first female or youngest, etc.
    5. Every Generation is supposed to complete their Aspiration/s and get to level 10 of their career by the time the heir becomes a YA as well as complete all other things listed. The two exceptions to this is for Generation 1 since Generation 2 moves out as a teen and Generation 2 where you must have at least a five star restaurant to complete your job by the time your child is a teen, since you die when your heir is a teen.
    6. There are no requirements as far as skill levels, but some of the things your sims will need to do require certain skills.
    7. There are no points that you must count for this challenge, as it is meant to be free of stress and help you play parts of packs you may not have explored, fully, before and to end up with your dream house in the end and a net worth of at least 1 Million simoleans (ie. House can be worth 400,000 and savings can be 600,000). See how well you can do! (if you don't own certain packs then make up your own stories and substitute the challenges as needed)
    8. You may age up your next generation Heir only if you have completed all your assignments.
    9. Generation 1 is the only generation that can participate in the lottery
    10. Your spouse completing the tasks that are assigned do count for your challenge (ie. They can complete an aspiration that you need)
    11. I recommend you turn Fame off in your settings, with the exception of Generation 8 where you will want fame to be on.
    12. You must participate in all Holidays that come with the game at least once during the Challenge and you may add other holidays if you wish.
    13. Each generation should take family photos (at least there should be a picture of each heir) and any collectibles or meaningful trinkets and pass them down through the generations (you must not sell anything that is passed down)
    14. Each Generation moves to a different town and builds a specific style home as specified (you may use houses on the Gallery but make sure you can afford them)

    Generation 1 – Strangerville

    Story: You always wanted to escape from your country and come to a land full of opportunity. After years of waiting, you are given a choice. The place you want to live needs more Military presence and there are not enough people willing to sign up. You have been promised full citizenship if you will join their military and “Defeat the Mother”. You always thirsted for an adventure, so you are willing to take this on full force. However, to combat all the pressure and anxiety you want to live in a small house and arrange flowers or make candles.
    Traits: Erratic, Ambitious, Active
    Career: Military (either branch)
    Aspiration: Strangerville Mystery
    Clothing Style: Vintage
    House Style: Trailer/Tiny home
    Walk Style: Tough
    Lot Traits: Child's Play, Dog Hangout, Bracing Breezes
    -You must be a sim who is able to get pregnant
    - You have received a 20,000 Simoleon signing bonus
    Build a trailer or tiny home that is no more than 100 tiles with the money given
    Marry someone who helped you “Defeat the Mother” and have a child with them
    Have a baby, via an affair, to produce the second child with a Sage that you meet on a day trip to Glimmerbrook, but don't marry them or move them into the household (the purpose of having your heir be the spawn of a witch/warlock is for Generation 4 to have the Ancient Bloodline trait)
    Defeat “The Mother” and become the Hero of Strangerville
    Use the flower arranging table to make flower arrangements with all 7 different flowers (you can use candle making instead if you have eco lifestyle & make 7 different candles)
    Take a stray dog into your family by the time the middle child becomes a toddler
    Middle child has Independent trait as a toddler
    The middle child must reach at least level 3 in all toddler skills before aging up
    Have middle child (once they age into a child) have the Kleptomaniac trait, have them complete the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and get responsibility characteristic high before becoming a teen
    Middle child never finds any people they really consider good friends but they find that they consider the family dog their best friend
    Have 3 kids (the middle child must be biologically yours with the spellcaster Sage)
    Have middle child take pictures of the their whole family and dog to get pictures for their future place (all heirs must do this and pass the photos down the generations)
    Middle child runs away as a teenager the day after becoming a teenager and takes the family dog (if it is still alive. If not alive, take the urn or gravestone), the military medals (do this by placing medal case in inventory and then putting medal on the ground and then putting them into your middle child's inventory), some candles you like or flower arrangements and at least one photo of the dog with them (you must use the cheat “FreeRealEstate on” to move into an empty lot as a homeless sim) to start Generation 2

    Generation 2 – San Myshuno

    Story: As the middle child, you often felt left out. One of your parents was different than your siblings and you never had any good friends, besides the family dog. Also, the house was way too small for everyone! Plus, you think your parent and step parent are crazy with their talk of “Defeating the Mother”, which you think is nonsense, so you run away when you become a teen. Coming from a town where everyone was either government or oddballs (or both), you always dreamed of being around people that were more cultured, so you decided to live in the city with the dog who you grew up with. The problem is that you have no money for an apartment, so you will be homeless until you save up for one. You will do almost anything and I mean ANYTHING to save enough money to rent one – couch surf, steal, ask for money – anything. The only exception to this is to marry for money, since you will never get married in your life. You are used to going it alone.

    Traits as a teen: Kleptomaniac, Snob, Foodie
    Career: Earn money fast so you can Own a Restaurant or Bakery that you build (or get from the Gallery) in San Myshuno
    Aspiration: City Native
    Clothing Style: Chic
    House Style: Apartment
    Walk Style: Feminine
    Lot Traits: Sunny Aspect, Home Studio, Natural Light
    -Once you have purchased an easel, dog bowl, bed, toilet, shower, trash can, refrigerator, sink and saved up 1500 simoleons in savings then you may move to a starter apartment in the Spice District
    - You can skip school or take vacation days but you must end up with an A grade and high responsibility in range for a trait by the time you age up to YA.
    -Learn all city food recipes
    -Collect all snow globes
    - Have one dog that you took from your childhood home and when it dies you are too sad to ever get another dog
    Do not have a child until adult and spent YA life living it up in the city and running your restaurant
    Your toddler heir must have the fussy trait
    Have at least 3 sims that you “try for baby” with on the same day so you don't know which one is the father/mother of the child that you end up having (if male make sure you select that you can get pregnant in CAS and if using mods make sure you are ovulating) Do not check to see if you are pregnant until after you hook up with the 3 sims (if you are still not pregnant then repeat this process until you are)
    Never Marry
    Have only one pregnancy (if you end up with more than one child then pick one for this challenge)
    Move into a bigger apartment in the Fashion District or Uptown worth at least 100,000 Simoleans while you are pregnant to make room for your child
    Have a 5 star restaurant by the time you die
    Paint 3 Masterpieces and put them on the wall in your apartment
    Let your child have a pet rat
    Have your child start researching Vampires on the computer and purchase and read Vampire Tomes in their spare time (you are too busy to even notice)
    Die when your heir child is a teenager (you decide how, but maybe poorly cooked pufferfish? Restaurant fire?) but make sure you transfer all inherited medals, candles, photos, etc. to the household inventory. This starts Generation 3

    Generation 3 – Forgotten Hollow

    Story: Your parent was so busy with the restaurant, living it up in the city and their painting that you would often sit alone in your room reading books about Vampirism. You were willingly turned into a vampire as a teenager after your parent died tragically when you were just a teen. You were scarred from this mentally and physically and never want to die. You want to live as a creature of the night and become very powerful.

    Traits: Evil, Mean, Vegetarian
    Career: Law
    Aspiration: Master Vampire
    Clothing Style: Rocker/Goth/Egirl/Eboy
    House Style: Victorian
    Walk Style: Creepy
    Lot Traits: Creepy Crawlies, Mean Vibe, On a Dark Ley Line
    Make the house creepy with spider webs, damage to the walls, etc.
    Sell all the things you inherited, with the exception of the medals, family photos 3 Masterpieces, snow globes, your parent's urn or tombstone, and start building a home in the style specified.
    Sell the restaurant by going to the restaurant and clicking the icon next to the restaurant name called “restaurant settings” and there you will find an option to sell it in the lower left corner
    Get in a fight
    Have a dark themed at least 20,000 simoleon wedding
    Collect postcards that your rat brings home from their travels
    Have a Spooky Party or Costume Party and earn Gold
    Have a scar somewhere on your body from a fight you got into
    Be turned into a Vampire as a teenager while you are still sad about your parent's death
    Take your rat with you if it is still alive
    Have at least one vampire child w/ ancient bloodline trait
    Have teen get a part-time job
    Toddler heir must have the Inquisitive Trait
    Marry another vampire with the Good Vampire Aspiration and have them complete it (Caleb Vatore comes with the game or you can find one on the gallery or make your own)
    Have an affair and get caught but make up with your spouse
    After completing the Master Vampire Aspiration your spouse's influence to be good has made you a better Being. Change your traits of Evil and Mean to something nicer. You can also change the Mean Vibe lot trait to something else at this point. You must change the traits with the retraiting potion (not in CAS) or it will still act as if you have the other traits still.
    Write 5 songs on the Napri Parlor Organ and License them
    Be sure that your heir meets Father Winter and befriends him
    When your oldest becomes a toddler you adopt a cat
    When the heir reaches YA you and your spouse move to a starter house in the same neighborhood to downsize and give ½ of your money to them to start Generation 4

    Generation 4 – Glimmerbrook

    Story: You grew up angry about the affair that happened with your parents and the fact that one of your parents was pretty mean for most of your life. The closest friend you had was Father Winter and you always felt a special bond with him due to your magical abilities. You have always been drawn to witchcraft from the Ancient Bloodline trait you inherited. You want to move to a place that accepts your eccentricities and lifestyle choices. You want to show your parents that you can be more powerful than they are.

    Traits: Childish, Non-Commital, Genius
    Career: Secret Agent or Freelance Crafter (if you have Eco Lifestyle)
    Aspiration: Spellcraft and Sorcery and Purveyor of Potions
    Clothing Style: Boho
    House Style: Cottage or Tudor
    Walk Style: Swagger
    Lot Traits: Breeding Ground, Gremlins, Science Lair
    Take the family cat with you if it is still alive, postcards, rat (if alive) as well as the other things Gen 3 inherited
    Find a cure for vampirism so you can become a spellcaster
    own at least two cats of opposite sex and breed them at least once and keep all the kittens from the first litter. You may sell any kittens from any litters after that.
    Get pregnant with Father Winter's baby (you can marry him or not) before you Woo Hoo with any other sims and, if you are female, you do this before you realize you are gay
    Create at least 5 different potions to hand down to the next Generation
    Make toddler heir have Angelic trait
    Have at least one facial piercing
    Be in an unconventional relationship with someone of the same sex and Marry them.
    Complete both Aspirations (wife or hubby can do one and you the other for example)
    When your heir becomes a teen they ask if you could perform the Rite of Dissolution on them because they wish to not be a spell caster and you do as they wish
    When heir reaches YA you and your spouse move to a starter house in the same neighborhood to downsize and give ½ of your money to them to start Generation 5

    Generation 5– Sulani

    Story: Growing up with all the cats and your parent's thirst for power, you just want to live a relaxing life free of pets. You believe animals should be wild and free – never owned. You want to become a beautiful Mermaid/man, make friends with the sea life and do some good in the world.

    Traits: Good, Child of the Island, Child of the Ocean
    Career: Conservationist
    Aspiration: Beach Life
    Clothing Style: Beachy/VSCO
    House Style: Beachy on Stilts
    Walk Style: Default
    Lot Traits: Sunny Aspect, Quake Zone, On a Ley Line
    - Take all inherited items from previous generations, photos, plus anything special your parents give you to display at your new home
    Become a Mermaid/man
    Save Sulani
    Meet and Island Elemental, have a romantic relationship with him/her, ask them to move in and then have a baby with them and marry them. Your baby will inherit the Sulani Mana Trait from them.
    Have a cool beach wedding worth at least 7,000 simoleons
    Collect at least 7 treasures at the cave and complete the mural
    Have at least one child
    Toddler heir must have Wild trait
    When heir reaches YA you and your spouse move to a starter house in the same neighborhood to downsize and give ½ of your money to them to start Generation 6

    Generation 6 – Oasis Springs

    Story: You were always so bored being at the beach all the time. You want some adventure in your life. You want to give your family adventurous vacations (away from the beach) that you never got to have.

    Traits: Neat, Bookworm, Clumsy
    Career: Education
    Aspiration: Jungle Explorer and Archaeology Scholar
    Clothing Style: Tomboy
    House Style: Mediterranean
    Walk Style: Bouncy
    Lot Traits: Filthy, Teen Neighborhood, Romantic Aura
    Collect all 9 Relics
    Learn all Selvadorada recipes
    Buy at least one memento from Selvadorada
    Create at least two Totecallam Death Relics
    - Find the treasure room in the Temple
    Become friends with the Temple Guardian
    Have at least 2 children
    Toddler heir must have Clingy trait
    Have toddler plays date/s so your heir meets their future spouse
    Have 2 dogs
    Have heir get married to someone they met at a toddler play date
    Stay in good standing with your partner
    When heir reaches YA you and your spouse move to a starter house in the same neighborhood to downsize and give ½ of your money to them to start Generation 7

    Generation 7 – Brindleton Bay

    Story: You loved going on vacation with your loving family and seeing all the animals. It made you an animal lover with so much love to give. You want to have a dog and a cat that resemble a wolf and cheetah like the ones you came across on your travels.
    Traits: Dog Lover, Cat Lover, Slob
    Career: Own a Vet Clinic
    Aspiration: Friend of the Animals
    Clothing Style: Street Style
    House Style: Colonial
    Walk Style: Perky
    Lot Traits: Breeding Ground, Dog Friendly, Training Ground
    Own one cat and one dog that resemble a cheetah and a wolf
    Marry someone you met as a toddler
    Train both pets fully
    Heir toddler must have the Charmer trait
    Collect 10 Different types of frogs ( you can breed them to complete this)
    When heir reaches YA you and your spouse move to a starter house in the same neighborhood to downsize and give ½ of your money to them to start Generation 8

    Generation 8 – Del Sol Valley

    Story: You always felt that the pets in the family were more important to your parents than you. You want to be the center of attention for a change! You want your name in lights!! You want the fame and the fortune!!! You also want to party like it's 2099!!!!

    Traits: Self-absorbed, Clubber, Materialistic
    Career: Actor/Actress
    Aspiration: World Famous Celebrity
    Clothing Style: Sexy or Sophisticated
    House Style: Contemporary and/or Modern
    Walk Style: Snooty
    Lot Traits: Convivial, Party Place, Celebrity Home
    Reach top level celebrity
    Have a tiny purse dog
    Receive at least one award
    Make at least 75,000 Simoleons for your generation
    Have at least one biological kid and two adopted kids from “foreign lands”
    Change your birth name (just the first name) to something more star like.
    Marry another Celebrity
    Heir toddler must have the Silly trait
    When heir reaches YA you and your spouse move to a starter house in the same neighborhood to downsize and give ½ of your money to them to start Generation 9

    Generation 9 – Willow Creek

    Story: Growing up in the limelight was hard on you. The paparazzi followed your family everywhere. You just want a simple life with as little people around as possible, besides close family and friends. You got to know some famous musicians and they inspired you to learn an instrument.

    Traits: Loner, Gloomy, Music Lover
    Career: Writer
    Aspiration: Musical Genius
    Clothing Style: Artsy
    House Style: Craftsman
    Walk Style: Sluggish
    Lot Traits: Great Acoustics, Home Studio, Fast Internet
    Write five songs
    Marry someone who gave you a tip while playing an instrument on the street
    Have at least 1 kid
    Have one big dog
    Have great relationships with your wife and kids
    - Paint 5 bestsellers
    Write 5 books
    Choose one instrument to play exclusively
    Toddler trait can be anything you choose
    You have kid/s before your wedding
    At your wedding, your spouse dies right after you say “I do” while your oldest is still a toddler. To sad to move on, you live the rest of your life without a partner.
    Get 2 roommates after your spouse dies
    When heir reaches YA you move to a starter house in the same neighborhood to downsize and give ½ of your money to them to start Generation 10

    Generation 10 – Windenburg

    Story: Seeing your parent go through life without a partner and you with only one parent, you want to find the perfect partner and have a picture perfect life in every way.

    Traits: Family-Orientated, Geek, Foodie
    Career: Dream Career of choice
    Aspiration: Academic and Leader of the Pack Or Your Choice
    Clothing Style: Your Choice
    House Style: Your Choice
    Walk Style: Your Choice
    Lot Traits: Child's Play, Good Schools, Great Soil
    Get a Distinguished Degree at University for your desired career
    Join the Order of Enchantment and be able to summon the sprites
    Buy the 64x64 or 50x50 Lot to build your dream house
    Have a 50,000 simolean dream wedding
    Build a Servo
    Have the best club in town
    Have 3 pets of any kind
    Marry someone from your club
    Have 3-5 Kids
    Make sure the Grandchild lives with you along with their parents
    - Make at least 5 Items for the home with the Knitting skill (I am assuming the Knitting Pack will be out by the time you get to this point) and complete one of the knitting aspirations
    As an Elder, change your clothing to something more age appropriate OR be that “fun” grandparent that is totally embarrassing
    Optional: Live to see at least one grandchild and teach them everything you know since this grandchild will become the one to move to Evergreen Harbor.

    Optional Generation 11 – Evergreen Harbor

    Growing up you had everything anyone could have ever asked for in life. You want to be free from the confines of a capitalist society and make your own way in life by your rules and truly be your own master. You want to purchase as little as possible. You hate consumerism.

    Traits: Freegan, Green Fiend, Maker
    Career: Freelance Crafter
    Aspiration: Master Maker
    Clothing Style: DIY or Makeshift (you can make a lot with knitting if you have that pack)
    House Style: Container or Farmhouse
    Walk Style: Your Choice
    Lot Traits: Off-the-Grid, At least one other Eco lot trait and one other of your choice
    Start with Zero simoleons
    Dumpster dive for food and craft your own furniture as much as possible
    If you choose to have pets they must be strays
    Learn all crafting recipes on fabricator, candle maker, Fizzy Juice machine and woodworking bench
    Get a lot of food and herbal remedies from your garden
    Get decent at yoga and/or meditation and/or herbalism
    Do not have your own kids, as you think this is wrong since there are so many kids that need homes in the world
    If you want kids then make sure to adopt them and make them their own clothes by knitting
    Furnish your house as much as you can with things you made yourself or found in a dumpster
    The goal is to have a fully self-sustaining home for you and your family with a nice big garden
  • theironspidertheironspider Posts: 1 New Member
    Thanks so much for posting this! It has been so helpful, instead of looking through every challenge by going page to page lol.
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 655 Member
    @thelisabug1982 I love love this challenge!!!
  • thelisabug1982thelisabug1982 Posts: 3 New Member
    Thank you! :smile:
  • CreativeMom88CreativeMom88 Posts: 50 Member
    I've a really good build challenge I haven't seen anyone do yet.
    how do I create a new forum thread?

    (I actually first joined the Forums in 2015. It is still unknown why it changed the year)

    I've a challenge that hasn't been done and the only link I can give is to my profile I guess you'd call it on here?
    I just posted it several minutes ago.

    The only social place I use is tik tok, but since it's a mobile app, I can't post a link.

    I promise it's a good build challenge. Wish I could summit it somehow.
  • PieceOfPrincessPieceOfPrincess Posts: 113 Member
    I've created a 10G Challenge with the focus on getting out the most of all Sims 4 DLC! It's called "Pac(k)man Challenge"
    You can find the google doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JNOlTtFzzIjRUQAahPAcnIOvRKbqmQWs5EoZDhgSgSY/edit?usp=sharing
    Let me know what you think, thanks a bunch! xo PieceOfPrincess
    Play the "Pac(k)-man Challenge" Find it in my Google Doc
    The Rules
    The Rolls

  • franka44021franka44021 Posts: 119 Member
    @ PieceofPrincess, your challenge sounds like a lot of fun and just what I need. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to give it a try. Happy Simming and have a great weekend!
  • Anonymous2218Anonymous2218 Posts: 4 New Member
    I've created a challenge, though I'm not sure this is the right place to share it. If it isn't I'm sorry, I'm new!

    The Into The Forest Challenge-by anonymous2218

    Your sims are exhausted. The hustle and bustle of city life just isn’t fulfilling anymore. You are at the top of your career and live in a beautiful home, but work hours are still long and draining, and there is almost no time for your family/friends.
    One day a friend texts your sims a link to a property for sale. It’s a large empty plot secluded in a quiet forest. They quickly snatch it up sight unseen.

    Your sims must quit their jobs and may pack two items that can be carried in their personal inventories. Then they must sell their home and all the furniture and move to the plot of land.

    The plot is empty all right. There are no beds, no way to cook food, no shelter if it rains. Your sims must build or buy the basics.
    You must have:
    1 bed/tent for each sim
    A table and chairs
    1 grill
    1 toilet, 1-2 sinks and 1+ place to bathe
    You can also have:
    A cooler or fridge
    Temporary shelters such as rock formations
    A bookshelf
    A workbench
    A garden
    An outdoor stove
    A single counter
    Some decorations like rugs or baskets
    Toys if your sims have kids or pets
    Some candles for lights
    A fire pit
    Walls, floor and anything electronic (except for phones) is strictly forbidden. Phones on silent please! Also, keep in mind that there will be no hiring maids, butlers, professional gardeners or nannies during the challenge.

    After purchasing all that your sim must set their money to one of the following, unless their money is below that number
    Easy: 500$ per 1 sim
    Normal: 250$ per 1 sim
    Hard: 100$ per 1 sim
    Now your sim must live off of whatever money they can make without working for 1-3 weeks.

    It turns out living on the land isn’t as easy as it seems. Your sims can’t back out now though. They decide to build a house.
    The rooms must be built in the following order:
    Dining room
    Living room
    Any other rooms
    The exterior of the house
    The house must be off-the-grid
    The kitchen must be fully complete, built, furnished with nice appliances and furniture and decorated, before moving onto the bathroom. The bathroom must be completely done before they start on the living room and so on. No one can share bedrooms unless it is with their spouse or a baby and each bedroom must fit a full bed, a desk and a mirror or dresser. The bedrooms cannot be extended.
    Your sims cannot live in their house until it is fully complete. But the work can be halted.
    If someone dies all money-earning work halts for a week to allow your sims to mourn the loss. Sims can still paint and tend to their gardens, but nothing can be sold until
    the mourning period is over. Make sure your sims give the dead sim a proper grave.
    If a child is born the mother (or the baby’s primary caregiver) must not do any money-earning work until the baby has aged up.
    If someone ages up all non-essential work stops for the entire day and your sims must throw a birthday party.

    Your sims have finished their house! They can now live in luxury and be close to nature. But wait! They can lose everything at a minute’s notice.
    If someone dies:
    All work stops for a week (like before) and everyone has to move outside to allow your sims to mourn. No going back into the house until the seven days are up! Afterwards, dead sim’s room is either locked for everyone or sold. Nothing in the room may be sold or moved. If the dead sim left a spouse everyone continues living outside until you build another bedroom for the widow/widower.
    If a baby is born:
    Everyone lives outside until the baby’s room is completed. Must be big enough to fit all the requirements of a bedroom. The child’s primary caregiver must not do any money-earning work until the baby has aged up.
    If someone ages up:
    Throw them a party and buy them a gift. No non-essential work for a day!

    The challenge ends when your sims have completed their home and lived in it for 1-3 weeks.
  • Anonymous2218Anonymous2218 Posts: 4 New Member
    > @Anonymous2218 said:
    > I've created a challenge, though I'm not sure this is the right place to share it. If it isn't I'm sorry, I'm new!
    > The Into The Forest Challenge-by anonymous2218

    I forgot, here's a link to a google doc with the rules, custom content to help with the challenge and more information on the challenge.
  • TheRoseHorseTheRoseHorse Posts: 7,181 Member
    > @Anonymous2218 said:
    > I've created a challenge, though I'm not sure this is the right place to share it. If it isn't I'm sorry, I'm new!
    > The Into The Forest Challenge-by anonymous2218

    I forgot, here's a link to a google doc with the rules, custom content to help with the challenge and more information on the challenge.

    Quoted so that the link is clickable :)
    Wanna see my blog for the One Room, One Week, One Theme Challenge?
    Click here!
    Also, help me earn currency for a website I play on by clicking this link.
    You can click the link once per day and it'll help me out. :)
  • EVANGELlNEEVANGELlNE Posts: 51 Member
    edited August 2020

    Could you take a look at my challenge, and perhaps add it to your list?
    Prison Escape Challenge

    What is the story behind the challenge?
    There's something ominous happening beneath the prison. Disappearances/death and a strange fog/mist that descends on Willow Creek. The challenge is for the prisoners to escape the prison and solve the mystery before they're next.

    Is it based on another existing challenge?

    Is it a complete challenge with a beginning, middle and end?
    Yes, there is an ending, but there are two parts to the challenge. One for people who just want to escape, and the second part for people who want to solve the mystery behind the prison.

    How do I start, how do I play and what is the ultimate goal or how do I 'win'?
    The ultimate goal of the challenge is to start on the ground floor of the prison build I provide, and to escape using the rocket ship on the roof. Each level has its own challenges and users can only progress to different floors when they meet challenge requirements.

    Do the rules or guidelines seem reasonable and can goals set by the challenge actually be achieved?
    Yes, I believe so. I made sure to take care of sims needs in between challenging areas, so they have a lower chance of accidentally dying.

    Has the person posting the challenge play tested it?
    Yes. I've play-tested this twice. Once on a different save file with a vamp sim visiting every single room on super-speed. It still took them 12 hours or so walking/swimming through the entire build. The second time is a test with the 8 sims I provide for the challenge.

    By posting a challenge on a blog or in the forums it is much easier to discuss and ask questions.
    ^ I posted this on the forums, so it should be easy for people to post if they want to reply.

  • AnarchicQAnarchicQ Posts: 1 New Member
    I have just made the Arcane Academy Challenge.
    Become a Master Spellcaster.
    Establish your own school of mystical arts.
    Teach the next generation of spell-slingers!
    Full rules can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/SimsArcaneAcademy
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