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A Game of “You or Me”

Alright! Take a good look at the simmer above – then answer the question he or she just asked with a simple “Me” or “You”.

Simmer A:
You or me - Who is better at keeping surprises?

Simmer B:
You probably
You or me - Who’s more likely to be running late?

Simmer C:
You or me - Who’s more likely to eat dessert for breakfast?

Simmer D :
Definitely not me so it has to be you then, lol
You or me - Who’s into extreme sports?

:)Get the picture? Good, so let’s start:
Simmer D wrote: Who’s into extreme sports?
I know I am, so me

You or me - Who’s less likely to start a snowball fight?



  • OhMyHemsworthOhMyHemsworth Posts: 8,335 Member
    Probably you. lol

    You or me-Who's more likely to read a book in a day.
  • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
    Me. Most definitely me. I practically inhale books.

    Who is most likely to spend the most on gifts? You or me?
  • OhMyHemsworthOhMyHemsworth Posts: 8,335 Member
    Probably me, I go all out when buying stuff for people.

    Who is most likely to cry at a sappy movie? You or me?
  • takenbysheeptakenbysheep Posts: 343 Member
    Probably me in all honesty.

    Who is more likely to skip out on a social event to play sims, you or me?
  • Broncos4lifeBroncos4life Posts: 11,798 Member
    Me...I'm already skipping out on my school's winter ball for the sims :D

    Who is more likely to accidently set their house on fire, you or me?
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  • SupersonicAvalancheSupersonicAvalanche Posts: 3,307 Member
    :D You Broncos, since I´m assuming that you're talking about The Sims now and I haven´t played in awhile *hands over the fire extinguisher just in case...*

    Who's the fastest runner - you or me?
  • SaraStrange22SaraStrange22 Posts: 35 Member
    You most likely.

    Who's more likely to freak out after watching a scary movie? You or me?
  • SoapSudsSoapSuds Posts: 1,360 Member
    I'm going to assume you. Horror movies sadly don't ever scare me.

    Who's more likely to spend the most time on their computer on their days off? You or me?
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  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 77,949 Member
    Me. I do it even not on off days.

    Who's more likely to have 4 cats when they older?
  • br560br560 Posts: 1,836 Member
    Probably you. I'm a dog person ;)

    Who's more likely to embarrass themselves in front of someone they like? You or me?
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  • Haids5987Haids5987 Posts: 8,465 Member
    You, I don't care if I embarrass myself in front of my hubby. :)

    You or me: eat an entire pizza in one night.
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  • UniquePuggleUniquePuggle Posts: 864 Member
    Maybe you, I don't eat a lot in one sitting, I eat 4 smaller meals.

    You or me: Who would be more likely to speed in traffic?
  • HonestlyBenjaminHonestlyBenjamin Posts: 381 Member
    You, I'm under 17 :smile:

    You or me: Who would be more likely to get rickrolled
  • AlpineCuriosityAlpineCuriosity Posts: 2,425 Member

    You or me - who's the most picky eater?
  • UniquePuggleUniquePuggle Posts: 864 Member
    Probably me!

    Who would read an entire book in one night?
  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 77,949 Member
    Probably you cuz I don't like to read.

    Who is most probably to eat a whole tub of ice cream in 10 mins?
  • UniSimsUniSims Posts: 1,246 Member
    Hehe... me.

    Who is most likely to binge watch a show?

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  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 77,949 Member
    Not me. So you.

    Who is most likely to be a wrestler?
  • UniquePuggleUniquePuggle Posts: 864 Member
    Def you lol

    Who is more likely to go skydiving?
  • SupersonicAvalancheSupersonicAvalanche Posts: 3,307 Member
    Me any day!

    You or me - who's more likely to apologize first after a disagreement?
  • AlpineCuriosityAlpineCuriosity Posts: 2,425 Member
    You. Because I´m never wrong I know I can be a little stubborn sometimes lol

    Who's more likely to be afraid of the dark, you or me?
  • UniquePuggleUniquePuggle Posts: 864 Member
    I AM afraid of the dark so me lol

    Who is more likely to kill everything they plant?
  • mintycupcakemintycupcake Posts: 13,212 Member
    You, I'm not afraid of the dark at all

    Who's more likely to go skydiving?
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  • HeyBailsHeyBails Posts: 672 Member
    You. xD

    You or me - who's more likely to get emotionally invested in fictional characters?
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    the sea of stars that appears when you are miles away from the city, bars after 2AM, a bed of roses in bloom,
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    and y o u.
  • aobaob Posts: 900 Member
    Probably me!

    You or me: who is most likely to binge watch a show on Netflix?

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