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Sims moving out on their own.

I just realized one of my families in Sunset Valley has moved and I can't find them, lol Is there a way to prevent them from moving WITHOUT StoryProgression. I tried to use that but it renders Sunset Valley inoperable (though to trees still move). Any help would be appreciated.


  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 16,993 Member
    Are you using the EA story progression? If you that is why you lost one of your families, it is notorious for doing things such as this. If you turn off that Story Progression no one will be moved out of town like that. I can't really help you with the last part of what you mentioned. The only story progression I use now is by NRaas.
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,379 Member
    I found out that playing without the NRaas version of story progression meant playing with EA's bugfest and this kind of junk would happen after 163 even if the bugfest was turned off or it would still make sims get pregnant when I didn't want them having babies yet.I use the story progression from NRaas and tons of other Mods though my latest addition actually sped my game up so it's running so smoothly.Sunset Valley is full of routing fail zones where sims and pets get stuck a lot and that makes it lag.I tend to use Gibsons if I want SV's terrain and want the world to be stable without the lag from stuck sims.
  • TreyNutzTreyNutz Posts: 5,780 Member
    I think you'd have to use NRaas StoryProgression, which disables households from emigrating out of town by default, or disable EA's version.

    I don't understand the last part of your post. Neither version of story progression should render Sunset Valley "inoperable".
  • GaiaHypothesisGaiaHypothesis Posts: 1,886 Member
    What DIDN'T work about SP? You can slow down the frequency in the menu, if it was being too heavy...
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  • MadIrisMadIris Posts: 516 Member
    edited December 2016
    What DIDN'T work about SP? You can slow down the frequency in the menu, if it was being too heavy...

    I don't get the chance; the game actually freezes right at the start. I get as far as activating it, then it just sits there.
  • cocococo Posts: 2,685 Member
    @MadIris If your game is crashing before you get to play it's probably because your patch level doesn't match the mod's phase level. If you're on patch 1.63-1.69 make sure you have downloaded Phase Seventeen of StoryProgression. It's also good to delete your cache files as well. I hope you can get it working :smile:
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