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Wizards in the Muggle World Challenge

TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter franchise, or own the copyright to the terms 'muggle' or the type of wizards modeled in this challenge. I merely take inspiration from J.K. Rowling's series. I also took some inspiration from the 100 baby challenge, so you may see some similar rules. This is my first challenge and I hope it brings many people joy! If you take on this challenge please include a hashtag with your characters to inspire others! Have fun! #wizardsinthemuggleworld

Wizards in the Muggle World

Objective: To raise as many children as possible into healthy adults without being caught by the Muggles! The Sim with the most children at the end of his/her lifespan wins.

You’re the last of your Pureblood family line, and your vault is almost empty. What’s a Pureblood wizard to do? The Ministry is offering a challenge to repopulate family lines. You and three friends decide to dare each other to complete the challenge. You must enter into the Muggle world in disguise, taking with you a minimum of Galleons given to you by the Ministry which they have converted to Muggle currency. There, you must purchase/build a home to live in and persuade Muggles of the opposite sex to have children with you without revealing yourself as a wizard. Your half-blood children will be fresh blood to fuel your dying family line! You must also provide for and raise your children into well-educated adults. As an added incentive, the Ministry has added a bonus sum of $100, 000 Simolians to whichever family can raise the most future wizards.

You Need: The Sims 4 “Get to Work” Expansion Pack

  • Create 4 Alien Sims: blue, white, purple, and green. Each Sim must have at least one trait or aspiration to help them in the challenge, such as the "successful lineage" or "big happy family" aspirations, or the "family oriented" or "romantic trait" (other traits/aspirations are up to you). Their disguised forms MUST have the same hair colour as their alien skin. (Example: Blue alien has blue hair in disguise form). You can change their disguised forms as many times as you like during play, but their hair colour must follow the rules.
  • Each Sim starts out with $20, 000 Simolians. They must purchase/build a house to live in at the following locations:

    Blue – Willow Creek – fishing
    White – Oasis Springs – writing
    Purple – Magnolia Promenade – painting
    Green – Newcrest – gardening

  • They are not allowed to have a career but must rely on their basic skills to earn income for their family.
  • The house can be as simple or as fancy as you like, but should have the necessary requirements for the Sim to earn money.

    Blue – nothing
    White – computer
    Purple – easel
    Green – garden and seeds
  • When starting the game, in order to play multiple households in the same file, go into the in-game options under the game play tab and set the age to "Aging Off" (Played Sims). Select "Auto-Age" (Unplayed Sims). Place each Sim in a house/build one, and play with them a little so they know how to cook/go to the bathroom/claim a bed before moving on to the next Sim.

    Once you have done this, decide on your length of game play (short, normal, long, or age off) and set it up in the game play tab. If you decide on age off, designate a set number of days for the challenge. (For instance, I am playing with age off, but I keep track of the days, and once Sims reach day 40, the challenge is over for me.)
  • Keep track of the hours you play. Play with each Sim the same amount of time. What your Sim contestants manage to do in this time will determine the winner.
    (Example: You could decide to play one character per day for 1 hr. Or within 2 hours, you could play each character for 30 min.)

  • You must play an equal amount of time in each household.
  • Wizard Sims cannot have jobs. (They fear being found out at work!) They may only use fishing, writing, painting, and gardening until their first child is born. They may acquire different skills by visiting each other, and observing each other work.
  • Wizard Sims may move/upgrade houses as more money is made.
  • Children must have the last name of their wizard parent.
  • Babies must be aged up right away (or you risk losing them to social services when you switch to another household).
  • Children may not be aged up until they are a Grade A in school or it is their birthday.
  • Teenagers may not be aged up until they are a Grade A in school or it is their birthday. They may get part time jobs to help the household.
  • Adult children must get a job and move out. Bonus points if you can get your adult child to marry an alien.
  • If you are playing with mixed genders (ie. Some wizards are female, some are males), males may not impregnate a new female until after the first female has given birth. (Or both male and female sims are allowed to use the cheat to give birth instantly.)
  • Muggles may become the girlfriend/boyfriend of the wizards and may move in with the wizards until the child is born, but then they must be moved out again! This is dangerous because it’s much easier for the Wizard’s secret to be found out. It might be necessary to check on the pregnancy status of the Muggle, however.
  • Muggles may not marry Wizards unless they show they are accepting of the Wizards’ status (For example, if a muggle finds out you are a wizard, your relationship bar WILL go down. If it goes into red, the muggle has rejected your wizard and must have their mind erased. If your relationship bar is still in the green, the muggle doesn't like the fact that you're a wizard, but will tolerate you. You, as the wizard, must then decide if you want to pay the Ministry fee to allow the muggle to keep their memories of you, or erase their memory anyway. [see fee below])
  • You may choose whether your Wizard wants to impregnate a different Muggle every time or settle down with a Muggle (or two). Keep in mind it is more advantageous to try more in hopes of meeting a Wizard in disguise. You may NOT have children with one of the other 3 Wizards (aliens) competing with you. You may create Sims for your Wizard to meet, although creating more Wizard (alien) Sims is not allowed.
  • If a Wizard is discovered by a Muggle and found to be ‘alien’—he or she must use their power ‘Erase Memory’ to ensure the Muggle doesn’t find out about the Wizarding world. Every time this happens, your Sim must pay a $100 fee to the Ministry.
  • If you wish to bond closely with a Muggle and NOT erase their memory, you must pay a $500 fine. Reduce your income using the cheat:sims.modify_funds <(-)500> or sims.modify_funds <(-)1000>
  • Once a Wizard has reached elder status, he/she is not allowed to have children. Use the cheat: death.toggle if you don’t want the Wizards to die.
  • Once all four Wizards have reached elder status, count up the children and award the winning wizard $100, 000 Simoleons using the cheat: <motherload> twice!

Scoring Points:
  • Every halfblood child =100 pts. (you lose points if your baby is taken away by social services)
  • If you happen to have a child with another Wizard in disguise (alien), the resulting child = 200 pts.
  • If your child completes their aspirations = 50 pts.
  • If your child gets an A in school = 50 pts.
  • If your adult child marries another Wizard in disguise (alien) = 400 bonus pts.
  • If your Sim completes their lifetime aspiration = 100 bonus pts.

    Satellite Option:
  • If you are playing with all-male Sims, any Wizard Sim can build the Satellite and try to be abducted to get a Pureblood baby.
To do this:
  1. Use the cheat code:Control + Shift + C bb.showhiddenobjects
  2. Then, Enter Buy Mode (F2)
  3. Type 'satellite' into the search box
  4. Satellite in misc electronics will appear - place it
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    • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
      no offence but I never saw harry potter :D
      I am undead! :smiley:
    • SimpleIntoxicationSimpleIntoxication Posts: 282 Member
      This looks well thought out. I'll have to give it a shot!! I LOVE HP :smiley:
      "Don't wish...Don't start.
      Wishing only wounds the heart."

      Origin ID: Simintoxication
    • Nephesh_SpiritNephesh_Spirit Posts: 251 Member
      This sounds fun. I've been wanting to find a challenge to do since I got Sims 4. I am a big HP fan.
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    • ThatVocaloidGirlThatVocaloidGirl Posts: 105 Member
      This is really cool! I hope to do this challenge! Though the only problem is, all the alien sims have to be boys :P though I love this challenge!
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    • Nephesh_SpiritNephesh_Spirit Posts: 251 Member
      I have decided to do two of each gender. For my girls, their baby Daddies don't have to move into the household? (Unless they decided to marry.) For my guys can I move more than one female in at the same time and the females can be pregnant at (around) the same time? Also, my Fishing Sim can this person also collect the collectibles? If my sim gets a skill from observing a friend can they then use that skill to get money from that skill? So say my Gardner Sim learns the fishing skill from Fishing Sim can he/she now earn money by both gardening and fishing?
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    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
      @SimpleIntoxication Thank you! Yes, I did spend a lot of time thinking this through. Originally it was more complicated. Please feel free to post a picture or comment on how your play is going.

      @ThatVocaloidGirl A female Alien can become pregnant by a male Sim (and simultaneously possibly get the male Sim pregant. So by all means play with female aliens. Let me know how it goes!

      @Nephesh_Spirit Ooh, two of each gender! Creative. I was thinking it's possible for the females to get both themselves and the male sim they impregnate pregnant. I suppose that's similar to having fraternal twins. ;) Yes, you could move more than one female in simultaneously (though I can just imagine the drama). Yes, certainly, your fishing Sim can collect things. And yes, you have the observation part correct. If your wizard Gardner Sim observes his/her friend the Fishing Sim fishing, he can now both garden and fish. I was thinking that wizards wouldn't look up how to do things on the Internet, and reading a book would probably just confuse them with too many odd muggle words--they'd have to observe someone else doing the skill to really learn it.
    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
      Update to this challenge! I realized I didn't include all 4 worlds that are included in the "Get to Work" expansion pack. Fixed now: the purple alien is supposed to live in Magnolia Promenade. The reason I had them each live in a different 'world' or 'neighborhood' is twofold: first, if they're looking for partners in their own neighborhoods they will cross less with the others. (They can look for potential partners anywhere, I just thought this was easier). Second, the idea is to be immersed in the muggle culture, so living right beside another wizard wouldn't be fair, would it?

      Also second update--I now have the "Get to Work" expansion pack for Christmas! So 7 day countdown before I will be posting sample created characters!
    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
      edited December 2016
      Sneak preview:

      Introducing my four chosen Wizards for the challenge! You can download them to your games at #wizardsinthemuggleworld In the next few days, I'm going to include biographies and screencaps as these intrepid Purebloods brave life in the muggle world and try to have the biggest families!

    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
      1_Meet_Lady_Adelaide_Frothwraith.pngphoto uploading

      Meet Lady Adelaide: A Hufflepuff and very practical, Lady Adelaide has had a hard life but she’s taken it in stride. She is the last ‘sane’ direct descendant of the FrothWraith line. There are some male third-cousins twice removed, but well, one’s in Askaban, and the others are best not spoken of. After all, they stopped speaking to her first! She was raised by her great-grandfather, and at first, there were high hopes of marrying her off to another pureblood family, but none of the other purebloods were willing that any of her children would carry on her maiden name. The females in her family are usually ‘weak’ and ‘sickly’ and only have one child at most. Someone started a nasty rumor that Lady Adelaide actually couldn’t HAVE children, and since then she hasn’t seen one single suitor.

      When negotiations got nasty, Adelaide would be sent outside. She spent much of her time exploring the large outdoors of the estates. The old gardener would often take her on the little skiff around the lake and sometimes let her help him fish. He never used magic, only twine and hooks and worms he’d find gardening. These peaceful times are her fondest memories. Later, after he and her grandfather passed away, she found out he’d been the Squib twin of her great grandfather—a hidden family secret.

      Going to school in Hogwarts, she respected Professor Sprout tremendously, and although not particularly keen on plants, she DID become interested in animal husbandry. That led her to a lot of thinking and questioning about purebloods and offspring. She rather suspects that her family’s methods of keeping a pregnant lady lying still and quiet in one room all nine months might actually NOT have been healthy for the mother. Not to mention the inbreeding. She’s learned the hard way not to mention it, that is, except among her closest friends. Perhaps, just perhaps, she will be able to prove them all wrong and become the most fertile of the lot!
      It was her idea to try out this ‘mad muggle scheme.’ Having spent so much time outdoors trying things ‘Squib style’, she’s fairly certain she can pull it off.
    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
      *Second edit of the challenge. I realized that $500 per person finding out you're an alien can be very costly if you're found out in a crowd! Poor Lord Vitalius was about to go broke when 3 people discovered he was an alien. I'm still not sure HOW they discovered it. Anyway, I reduced the rate to $100 and the rate of allowing them to keep their memories to $500 (think of it as a Ministry registration fee).
    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member

      A schoolmate of Lady Adelaide, Alecmycus, or ‘Alec’ as he likes his friends to call him, is the most good-natured Ravenclaw you’ll ever come across. “You have to bend, or you’ll break,” he once confided to ‘Addy.’ Most of the other purebloods don’t want anything to do with Alec. Everyone knows his family spent their fortune long ago. The only thing he’s got going for him is his family name. Well that and a work ethic that would rival any Hufflepuff. He and Lady Addy got down and dirty in Professor Sprout’s class, researching the best ways to make their plants grow. It was Alec who helped Addy find the books she needed to research animal husbandry and he too found the pureblood parenting methods ‘questionable.’ He loves his family but he’s ready to try something new.
      He rather likes this ‘mad muggle scheme’ and is excited to meet some ladies who DON’T know his family background. Although, secretly, he’s not sure who he is without it. Alec is fairly confident he can get a garden growing to keep up his cover as a muggle and provide for expenses. He’s worried about his friends though. Something tells him he’ll be checking on them a lot.
    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
      2_Meet_Lady_Trudy_Brattlefrost.pngupload img
      Meet Lady Trudy Battlefrost

      A quillmate of Lady Adelaide, Lady Trudy is, or should we say was from a prestigious pureblood family. They earned their family name from the Goblin wars, where it was said her ancestors must have had hearts of stone to endure and stay strong to the end. Her family has also been known for their wealth … at least until recently. In addition to a great many valuables being destroyed what with a dragon breaking out of Gringotts and crashing through their family vault, her Uncle Algernon made several very poor gambling decisions trying to gain their fortune back in a get-rich-quick scheme. Lady Trudy, who has never really suffered hardships before, has been devastated. All her Pureblood friends deserted her, that is, all except Lady Adelaide. They’d been quillmates since a joint project was started to correspond to students from other magical schools. Lady Trudy, as an only child, often was very lonely and found solace in writing to her friend. Indeed she’s found writing to be a true outlet of her feelings in this time of need. Imagine her surprise when Lady Adelaide informed her that as a muggle, she could make a living from it!

      She obtained her education at the illustrious Beaubaxtons and speaks fluent French and Spanish as well as English. She used to spend a great deal of time visiting her family’s villas in different parts of the world. Now though, she’s quite at loose ends. Lady Trudy is willing to try for this scheme in hopes that by winning the grande prize, she’d be able to restore herself and her offspring to her former level of comfort.
    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
      4_Meet_Lord_Vitalious_Fanglesnoot.pngimg upload

      Meet Lord Vitalius Octavious Fanglesnoot.

      Lord Vitalius has a secret. His Pureblood family is presumed wealthy but in reality they’re anything but. They’ve been pretending for years. Their mansion is beautiful to look at on the outside, but every year the rooms get emptier and emptier as they sell old family heirlooms to keep up appearances. They never invite anyone to actually VISIT. He’s actually quite confident that he can pass off as a Muggle once he learns the rules and behaviours.

      It’s not any surprise that Lord Vitalius ended up in Slytherin. Vitalius has been pretending his whole life. With his sly wit and polished manners, Vitalus has been able to find acceptance in the elite circles with nothing but a promise and a wink. With two exceptions – Lady Adelaide and her estute friend Lord Alec. Lord Vitalius had the misfortune of being recognized at Gladrags by Lord Alec, both trying to discreetly find the most inexpensive Hogwarts robes. It was one of the most humiliating moments of Vitalius’s life.

      Lady Adelaide he’d met prior to Hogwarts, when he was quite young. His family was in the initial stages of arranging a betrothal between him and her, which thankfully fell through. Dash it all, nothing wrong with Adelaide but really! Producing two heirs? Her family was wealthy, but with his in poverty they just wouldn’t have the funds. Of course, his family never did tell her the real reason they broke it off.
      Sometime in the first year of Hogwarts, Alec pointed him out to Lady Adelaide and confided that he’d been seen buying ‘poor student’ clothes. Adelaide had the nerve to feel sorry for him! Somehow no matter what he tried, he kept running into those two and they kept seeing right through his put-on airs and graces. “If you ever need a friend, we’re here.” Adelaide had once told him. Well … he was Slytherin enough to realize that when you can’t beat ‘em, you might as well join ‘em.

      He’s going along with this mad muggle scheme for two reasons: #1 ‘muggles’ and ‘halfbloods’ are popular now, so it doesn’t surprise his Pureblood acquaintances that he’s trying out this new fad. #2 It’s really ghastly living in an empty mansion. Anything has to be better. Vitalius is willing to try.
    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
      edited December 2016
      To @SimpleIntoxication @Nephesh_Spirit @ThatVocaloidGirl and anyone else trying this challenge:

      Yet another adjustment to the rules:
      On testing this challenge, I cannot find a way to play each Sim equally if the households are being played simultaneously. You can pause one Sam's game when you save and quit, but the others keep playing, even if you pause them to switch worlds. They will continue to age even if you've selected "auto age only current household" (See this useful link for details)


      BUT if you turn aging off and manually age them up, how do you decide who wins? How will you know when to age your children up?

      My suggestion is this:
      When starting game play, turn aging off. Play with each Sim a set number of days they would need to become adults (whether long, normal, or short lifespan--your choice) Then age them up. The same applies for children. What they manage to do in those days will determine the winner.

      If you've already started playing, you could turn aging off then use the cheat code to age them all up to adults just to give it a level playing field.
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    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
      :s I feel like I'm constantly making edits to this challenge but that is what will make it fun and playable. I'd hate for players to get stuck as I am doing.

      ;) So babies... sorry if you love raising babies but this is not the challenge for that. I realized thst if I left one couple alone with their baby to play another household, the baby risked getting taken away. So instead of waiting 3 days, you can age them up instantly. The child rules apply though, at least so far... :#
    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
      OK I have figured this out. While you play one Sim the others are doing their own thing (so teaching them the basics before adding a new Sim is essential). If you pause and save when you exit, everyone is paused.

      Do NOT answer any calls for birthdays as it ages your Sim up prematurely.
    • TheseareourlivesTheseareourlives Posts: 126 Member
      Aaand I have now successfully played this game to its conclusion! I found out that it's REALLY HARD to get your kids to have an A, plus, it's kind of fun to try to help everyone complete their Aspirations, so I added that to the challenge. I decided to go with "most kids" instead of "most adult kids" because it's more fun that way too.
    • LaPetiteFromageLaPetiteFromage Posts: 12 New Member
      Can't wait to try this! Looks like fun!
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