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Welcome to my story showcase thread called The story so far
I finally mustered the guts together to open a thread where I can showcase my stories
Being fairly new at writing sim stories, I can not promise a best seller
and with English not being my native language, I might make a few "writers" mistakes,
but hopefully I will grow in this role and you will enjoy my first story and others to follow
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    All illustrations are in-game. No google images are used. Some of the cc is made by me, others and credit goes to fellow simmers



    Rhonda grew up as an orphan and her dream was to be a qualified nurse so she could help others. For the past five years she has been working at Sea Bay General Hospital and her annual leave has finally arrived.


    Apart from her beloved patients and a few close friends she had no real family, so she decided to use her annual leave and explore the new city which became her new home. Sea Bay is a busy Metropolitan City with many places to explore. Rhonda makes a final lap around the wards and hospital to greet some patients and colleagues


    She's looking forward to go home, treating herself to a roast chicken and google some places to visit in and around Sea Bay. Arriving at her apartment, Rhonda can hear the hustle and bustle next door and wonders when the new neighbors moved in. She has not laid an eye on them yet and hopes that they are peaceful people because she is looking forward to a pleasant, relaxing and carefree vacation.

    One week has passed since Rhonda took her vacation. She can not believe how fast the time flies working out at the gym.

    Josh, a regular visitor here at the gym, engages in a light conversation with her, whilst she works her legs on the treadmill.

    "So how are you enjoying your long awaited vay cay Rhonda?"

    Rhonda catches her breath and replies politely "It's been great Josh, I've seen so many amazing spots and venues around here, but I miss the tranquility of the country side" Rhonda realizes that she indeed misses the warmth of her former house mother in the orphanage, and all the other kids there

    "Maybe I should visit them over the coming Christmas period" her voice is now a slight whisper.

    "Did not catch that" said Josh

    "Oh never mind, I was just expressing a thought" said Rhonda, as she heads to the front door, saying cheers to everyone and eager to get back to the comfort of apartment.

    Then it happened.....Rhonda stepped out of the elevator and saw an unfamiliar man in the hallway. His quirky, yet attractive facial features and dark hair makes her glance twice. But it was those brooding green eyes that grabbed her attention and made her heart bounce faster. She wondered if he might be the new neighbor and felt his eyes on her as she made her way to her apartment door.

    "Have you fallen from Heaven?" Said Steve with a twinkle in his green eyes.

    "Oh hello" Rhonda smiles. She decides to ignore Steve's comment but feels betrayed by the excitement in her own voice. It feels as if his voice draws her closer like a virtual magnet.

    "My name is Steve" He puts his hand out "I'm your new neighbor"

    "Nice to meet you Steve, I hope you and your wife will enjoy your new apartment" Rhonda gets angry with herself because she appears so uncertain, yet she waits in anticipation for a response on the wife comment.

    Steve laughs "Nope, no wife yet, that vacancy is still open...interested?”

    Rhonda feels her cheeks turn seven shades of red
    “Well it was nice to meet you wifeless Steve, but you have to excuse me please" She rushes into her apartment and close the door trembling, thinking how silly she must have looked.
    She mutters “Oh if the earth could open right now” Rhonda decides to make it an early night, wash up and get into bed. The last thing she now needs is to cross paths with this man called Steve.

    The next day Rhonda meets one of her colleagues, Cindy, for lunch at Sky Dining restaurant. She told her about her interesting encounter with her new neighbor.

    "It was like I was besotted with him" said Rhonda. "I was completely captivated and ashamed of my childish behavior"

    "Rhonda, you know that everything has a purpose in life and this chance meeting with him might mean more than you think, take chances in life, there is a lid for every pot out there, embrace the unknown. If someone deserves some fun and love, it's you.

    Rhonda frowned and looked at Cindy "You watch too many love stories on the telly girlfriend and you know I do not believe in nonsense like love at first sight!" She can feel the seven shades of red re-visiting her cheeks.

    Cindy Giggles "Well you'll never know for sure if you do not expose yourself to it, tell me more about him?"

    "There's not much to tell, just that he is not married and I suspect he is a policeman or a detective because he had a badge and gun on his person. He is exquisitely attractive in a weird way with the deepest husky voice "

    Cindy yelps "Oh my word!, you are totally enchanted by him, aren't you?

    Rhoda looks annoyed as they leave the table "No silly, I was just caught off guard, I'm just going to avoid him and enjoy the last few weeks of my leave!"

    “Oh Rhonda dear, love does not wait for anyone and I have a funny feeling it’s coming unexpectedly and fast your way.

    Rhoda smiled at her and made her comment off as utter nonsense. Said goodbye and went back to her apartment, secretly wondering if Cindy could be right.

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    But Rhoda was wrong in her assessment, and it seems that Cindy's prediction was coming true, she and Steve got to know each other better over the next two weeks and became very close.

    Time passed quickly and Rhonda went back to work whilst their relationship began to grow into something very special.

    Another three months have passed since they met.
    Steve phoned Rhonda one Friday afternoon asking her to make a special meal for them for later that night. She loved cooking for Steve, enjoying his hungry wolf-like appetite and off course she agreed to oblige and meet him at her apartment around seven. Once home she changed into something more appropriate to accommodate the sudden chill outside and started preparing a special pastry dish for dinner.


    Brenda catches herself humming a golden oldie “..going to the chapel of lala”
    She is just about finish with her dish when her phone rings.

    She hears the now familiar voice of Steve “Hi my love, I’m sorry but I’m running late at work, please go ahead and eat and I will catch you later tonight..I’m sorry babes”

    Even though very disappointed she sits down for dinner, her mind racing with ideas why he would ask her to prepare a special meal and not show up. Halfway through her meal, the phone rings again.
    “Hi handsome” she adds a little element of tease to her voice “Missing me already?”
    Steve can hardly hide the excitement in his own voice “More than you would know my precious”

    Then she hears someone at the door and see Steve walk in. She jumps up "Steve you made it !!”

    “Come here my darling” says Steve, eager to embrace Rhonda. Then suddenly, he whispers in her ear that they need to talk.

    “Come, lets walk over to the living room” says Steve while he switches on the stereo and select her favorite song”

    The soft romantic tunes fill the apartment and Rhonda frowns thinking that she is not familiar with this over sensitive side of Steve. It feels like a million questions controlling her mind.
    “Oh please no he going to break of the relationship?... Is there someone else?.. is this why he was late, does he want to soften me up before hitting the I’m so sorry blow..?” Rhonda can feel her heart beating faster as she walks over to the living room.

    Steve stretches himself out, hands on the hips, chest out like a proud and dominating cockatoo. She can hear his voice fade in the background “Rhonda there is something serious we need to talk about” He sounds so formal now and Rhonda cant wait any longer.

    “Please no Steve don’t..” She hears herself starting to plead. She has never loved before and this is going to break her heart.

    “I'm sorry Rhonda but you did something terrible and”

    She interrupts him “What? What did I do?” tears gathering in her eyes.

    “Well" pausing "You stole my heart and that is a criminal offence, therefore your punishment is life with me!” and before any of the words could register in Rhonda’s terrified mind, he drops to one knee and asks
    “Will you marry me Rhonda? Will you make me the happiest detective in the word?”

    “Whaaaat ??!” Rhonda feels faint of the sudden adrenaline rush colliding with the fear she felt only a few seconds ago
    “Yes !! Yes I will marry you Steve, Oh my word, yes, yes a million times yes!” She leaps into his arms and shouts “I love you so much, I want to make you the happiest man in the world”

    They seal their confirmed status as an engaged couple with a sweet embrace and then he whispers, “There is more my love”

    “I have arranged with Dr Bigbrain at the hospital to give you a few days off”

    She looks at him stuttering “ why..but why?”

    Steve smiles his quirky smile that she grew to love so much
    “Because I have a second leg planned for this new journey in our lives”
    He clears his throat as if he feels uncertain to say what’s on his mind
    “Babes, you know I always avoided talking about my own family, knowing your history growing up in the orphanage.”

    She nods in confirmation.

    He looks at her at her and his facial expression becomes soft and sincere.
    “The time has come to meet your new extended family, my family!. I have booked us flight tickets and we are flying to Cherry Wood Village tomorrow morning where you will meet my dad, mom and sister at our farm”

    “Really Steve, am I finally going to part of a real family?” She recognize the hoarseness in her voice as a warning that a waterfall of tears is approaching. “My love this is more than I could ever have asked for, thank you, thank you for loving me and making my dreams come true”

    Rhonda walks away, not wanting Steve to see her tears when the waterfall of tears makes its appearance.She heads towards the kitchen to make them some ice cream while he sits at the computer finalizing their travel plans for the next day making a mental note to himself to make a call to his parents first thing in the morning, even though they expect the sudden visit, he has yet to break the news of the engagement. He thinks it’s best to tell them before they arrive at the farm.

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    The next morning a very nervous but excited Rhonda wakes up, she dances in her room, daydreaming, painting pictures in her head about her future in-laws. Will they accept her into their family, will they welcome her? She realizes that all these questions will make her anxious and she makes her way to get dressed in their favorite his and hers sweaters. She glides to her wardrobe thinking how lucky she was to have found such a wonderful man, basically on her door step.

    Meanwhile, roughly at the same time, Steve makes the planned called to his family.
    “Hi dad, how’s things going there?”

    The fatherly voice comes softly over the phone
    “We are eagerly awaiting your arrival my son, we have not seen you for over seven months”

    Steve clears his throat “uhm yes dad I'm also looking forward to see you guys again but there is something I did not tell you yesterday”

    Jake urges Steve to say whats on his mind “My son, we love you and you know you can tell me anything”

    “Thanks dad, well the thing is, I met this wonderful, funny and extraordinary girl and ..”

    Jake interrupts him “Well that is wonderful son, will she be joining on the trip to the farm?”

    “Yes dad, she will but you will also be meeting your future daughter in-law, we got engaged last night and ..”

    “Did I understand you correctly son? Why this is great news and unexpected I might add, we were so worried that you would never get married after the incident with Kendra.”

    Steve pauses for a while “Dad please, let sleeping dogs lie, I have moved on, will you please break the news gently to mom and especially to my little sis?”

    He can picture his father frowning, when he says “Sure son, I’ll do my best this side”

    The line has gone silent and Steve imagines his farther is not looking forward to pass on the news that will undoubtedly be grim news for his mother and sister. They were are most likely are still under her spell.

    Jake makes his way to the chicken coop where his wife, Dhina was feeding the chickens.

    “That was Steve on the phone Dhina”

    “Oh dearie, I’m so happy our son is coming home” her voice is a tone of motherly love and a few drops of resentment “He punished us by staying away so long after the incident with Kendra, oh.. oh I have to let her know he’s coming”

    Jake responds weary but firm “No Dhina, you will do no such thing!”

    “But why, she still loves him and she has been longing for him since he left the farm” a slight irritation coming from Dhina

    “Well I suppose it’s best to just say it as it is my wife, uhm our son has found himself a wife-to-be in the big city and they got engaged last night. He is not coming home, he is coming to introduce your new daughter in-law to the family” He sighs from relief now that it has been said.

    “Whaaaat, no it can’t be true, I always thought he will come back to restore what was so special between him and Kendra, Oh dear what are we going to do?!” Dhina feels the ground spinning and fights not to fake one off her famous faints.

    “We are going to welcome the woman our son chose to marry into our family, and that’s the end of it” said Jake.

    Dhina knows that tone in her husband’s voice, and turns around when she sees their teen daughter, Candice approaching.

    “What’s up old people” says Candice “What’s all this excitement about?”

    Jake find himself a rock to sit on, clearly knowing when his opinion does not matter anymore.

    Dhina raises her voice to Candice
    “Candice first off all, we are mom and dad too you, what’s up with calling us old people? and your brother Steve decided to get married to a stranger from the city, there you have it, satisfied?”

    “Geez mom totally not cool yelling at me, and fyi thanks for the shocking news, poor Kendra’s life is going to be demolished now”

    Candice hurries away looking for some privacy and takes out her phone Even though Kendra is a few years older that her, she has always considered her, her sister. Their special friendship remained after the horrid break-up with her brother Steve..she must warn her..they must make a plan to derail this silly engagement.

    “Ugg voice mail, why now?”
    She leaves a message “Kendra, it’s me Candice, phone me the moment you get this message, your future depends on it.”

    Meanwhile at Sea Bay Airport.

    Rhonda takes Steve’s hands “The weather has turned for the worst, but my six sense warns me of another storm brewing, I just can’t shake this uneasy feeling I have Steve!”

    “You should not worry so much my love, everything will be okay, there is nothing to stress about, I told you everything, even mentioned my history with Kendra, and that’s a long time ago”

    “I know, I suppose it’s just nerves meeting your family”

    Steve smiles at her “They are going to adore you, come lets go and check in our luggage”

    After checking in their luggage, Steve can't help but think she might really not feel well, when Rhonda complains about a sudden migraine.
    “My love we still have some time to grab something at airport restaurant. Let’s have a quick bite before our flight takes off, maybe you will feel better with a fuller stomach”

    They make their way to the airport restaurant and he places their order. A toasted sandwich for Rhonda and a stiff whiskey for him.

    Steve hopes a meal and a few drinks would calm Rhonda’s nerves and it seemed to do the trick. He is happy to see her munch away on her toasted sandwich. Maybe she is just nervous about the weather brewing outside and the long flight ahead off them.

    Rhonda leaves and makes a quick stop in the ladies room to freshen up while Steve lifts his glass and toast on his new live with Rhonda and thinks. "As long as she does not meet or see Kendra, everything will be just fine. How could he ever tell Rhonda of his new found suspicions?"
    He finishes his whiskey and makes his way to meet Rhonda.


    He sees her standing on the mezzanine floor, staring at the departing planes through the big airport windows.

    She smiles at him, feels around for his hand “Hey you, I still can’t believe that those big metal birds can stay up in the air”

    He laughs “True my love, but safe, come it’s time to board the plane.

    They walk through customs and board their flight. Steve looks back and waves symbolically at his bachelorhood. “Finally I found true love” but Rhonda can’t hear what he says with the surrounding airport noises as she enters the plane.

    Not long after that, their flight finally takes off and as it climbs through the skies, nose pointed upwards, Steve turns to Rhonda and says
    “See my love, even the weather cleared for you, you are safe with me and I will always protect you”

    Rhonda lays her head on Steve’s shoulder and whispers “I know my love, I know…”
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    In the next few chapters...

    Will the mystery around Kendra be revealed?

    What will the reception on the farm be like?

    Will Candice succeed in her plan to derail the engagement?

    Or is Steve hiding something from Rhonda?

    Bookmark and tune in to see what happens next :)
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    I just looooooove this my friend. <3 I have bookmarked it. Can't wait to read whats next. <3:)
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    This looks awesome! It is currently 5am here and I have yet to go to bed...can't sleep tonight! So I have bookmarked this to read later when I'm more with it lol.
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    It was great reading the first chapters of your story :) I will look forward to reading what happens next!
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    @abelhinha35 @rosemow @Meeshelby
    Thanks for popping in guys and hope you will enjoy the rest of the story :)
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    hello <3 zita
    @Zita1966z great story ! and i just love this pictures !!
    ( and please excuse that i didnt get in touch the last weeks, im so busy with my flickr projects) ;)
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    hello <3 zita
    @Zita1966z great story ! and i just love this pictures !!
    ( and please excuse that i didnt get in touch the last weeks, im so busy with my flickr projects) ;)

    lol I saw Flubs, some great work you are doing there <3
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    Congratulations on starting the story, Zita! Love the screenshots - very realistic!
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    chealsycat wrote: »
    Congratulations on starting the story, Zita! Love the screenshots - very realistic!

    Thank you @chealsycat Lovely 2 see you pop in :heart:
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    Great start and very nice pictures, especially at the airport! :)
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    jillbg wrote: »
    Great start and very nice pictures, especially at the airport! :)

    Thank you and appreciate you popping in :)
    The non-cc version for this airport is on my gallery under Zita1966
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    It's been a real busy day on the farm preparing for the arrival of Steve and Rhonda who is expected to arrive late in the afternoon. Dhina has been cooking and baking most of the day, her mind in a whirl of panic, full of questions and mixed emotions. Steve's erratic display of his sudden engagement has her confused. The history with Kendra is still fresh in their minds and she was really hoping that with time, the two would get together again. They were after all the perfect couple in her mind.

    Jake smells the appetizing sniffs of good food and baked yummies when he enters the kitchen.

    "Oe-eee it really smells yummy in here my sweet little pumpkin" says Jake, hoping that Dhina has calmed down and came to except the fact that Steve is now engaged to a woman they yet have to meet.

    "Just keep your hand of the sweets Jake, I'm busy in here" She wipes her hand over her face as to make Jake disappear with one sweep. She needs to be alone with her thoughts.

    Jake dresses his vocal cords with his concerned voice tone "Dhina, my flower petal, why so much?, here's food all over the place, are we expecting more people?"

    Dhina, not in the mood to argue with Jake says "Listen here you old goat, now is not a good time, we have no idea what the little missy from the city eats, likes or dislikes, so I'm just trying out a few recipes that I found on google for restaurant dishes in the city. Now scoot so I can work"

    Jake clears his throat "Uhm Dhina" he pauses as to make sure she does not throw him with cake or something else that could have entertained his eager awaiting belly and appetite "I hope that you and Candice is not up to something!, I made it clear that nobody speaks to Kendra about this"

    Dhina freezes "Oh cream crackers, I forgot to speak to Candice about not telling Kendra. Oh fig and gooseberry jam ... I have to tell her before she does something stupid."

    Dhina turns around, leaving Jake to taste and sample the fruits of her labor in the kitchen. She makes her way to the washing line where Candice was suppose to hang the washing she did earlier today.

    Dhina walks around the house towards where the washing lines are, and sees Candice talking on the phone.

    She starts yelling as she approaches "Candice end that call immediately and come her. now!"

    Candice ends her call with a mumble of " you later"

    Dhina points her finger at Candice "Your father said not to say a word or even contact Kendra about Steve coming here and more importantly mention an engagement, I hope you have not done something stupid little missy!" She tries to maintain a firm voice, but she knows Candice can wrap her around her little fingers at anytime. Candice will always be her baby, but being in her final senior year at school she will leave the farm to attend a college next year.

    Candice walks around the laundry barrel, which she hates so much "Geez mom you have to chillax!" Candice emphasizes the word chillax, her teen grammar for chill and relax combined. "I was speaking to a class mate and why do you old people always have to over dramatize everything?" Her voice raises a few notches "You also know that Kendra is my best friend, and that Steve is making the mistake off his live" She rambles on and Dhina feels a shiver down her spine.

    "Oh no! you didn't..did you" Dhina feels hysteria making a rapid visit.

    "Did whaaat??" responded Candice, clearly annoyed at her mom's interrogation.

    "Don't play games with me Candice, did you tell Kendra about Steve?" She feels her blood sugar drop, embracing her as if preparing her to faint one of her famous fake faints.

    "Okay okay mother hen, I ...left her a message earlier today when you and dad told me about Steve, she only returned my call now when you came here" Candice is startled by the worried look on her mom's face and decides not to tell her that she has invited Kendra over.

    Their plan is to get Steve's new love, to join her by the pool tomorrow and then Kendra will arrive, looking fabulous in her bikini, showing Steve what he could loose for ever. Candice is convinced that this new woman in Steve's life can not keep up with the gorgeous and stunning Kendra. She will feel intimidated by Kendra's beauty and Steve will fall in love all over with Kendra again.

    "Your father is going to blow a gasket!!" she holds on to her leg, trying to keep her composure and delay a faint she feels coming on.

    Candice throws her arms up, grabs her head and screams "Geez..just chillax, it's not like some pop star is coming to visit..geez mother hen you must really start to chillax, it will be fine, you'll see....just don't tell dad, pleeease"

    Candice is not so confident now about the choices she has made today, maybe she should have waited and first give this woman a chance before making any hasty plans with Kendra.

    Dhina turns to go back inside "Come on Candice, it's get late and they will be here in a few hours. Make sure you dress up and make a good impression. Some make-up on your pretty face won't hurt"

    Much much later that afternoon

    Steve and Rhonda finally arrived on the farm. He is excited to see his family again. Rhonda puts her hand on her hip and looks in awe at the farm and beautiful country scenery while Steve sorts out the cab driver and asks him to get their luggage.

    "Steve it's beautiful here, look at the hills and aaw look at the ducks, I love it, you were so lucky to have grown up here" She stares in excitement at her surroundings.

    "I'll take you for the full tour tomorrow my love, there is much to see and admire" says Steve. "Look there's my family coming out on the porch, come let me introduce you to them" Steve makes his way to take her hand and lead her towards the house.

    Steve and Rhonda reaches the porch and sees his family waiting for them on the porch.
    The porch lights are on and Rhonda can clearly see the friendly looking older woman, undoubtedly Steve's mom, the dear old father figure of his dad and the young girl who must be Candice.

    But it is the expression on their faces that makes her stop dead in her tracks. Pure shock, disbelief, like they have seen a ghost!
    Rhonda feels her body trembling "What's going on here" is the first thought that comes to her mind

    Steve saw his dad reaching for his hat, something he does when he is caught off guard, his mom is close to one off her fake fainting spells, or maybe this time not, and Candice .... dropping her jaw on the porch as they approached the steps.
    He was hoping their reaction would have been a bit more demure with less facial expressions of shock and surprise. But then again he expected this reaction all along and can now only hope for the best.

    He hopes that can see the dismay on his face when he says "Hello family, this is Rhonda, the love of my life!"

    Rhonda shifts in slightly behind Steve, finger on the chin, trying to process this strange reception, her voice is a soft whisper " Hello.."

    Text time:
    Will Candice go through with her plan?
    Will Kendra show up?
    and will the reason for the for the family's shocked expressions be revealed?

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    Oh my, this story has taken an interesting turn. Wonder why they family has such a shock reaction upon meeting Rhonda? :o
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    This looks great. I plan to read your story!

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    Rhonda is shown where their room is and she was delighted to finally be alone with Steve. She has so many questions and no answers. The light dinner and chats were as heavy as lead in the pit of her stomach, once in the privacy of their room she turns without delay to Steve.

    "What is going on here Steve, and do not lie to me please, I could see on their facial expressions something was amiss" Rhonda takes a breath and look at Steve as if to say..come'n out with it!

    Steve feels anxious but keeps his composure, lifting his arms up, hoping to make this unfolding drama disappear "Frankly Rhonda, I have no idea, maybe it's the sudden engagement that caught them unawares, I..I.. really do not know"

    Steve ask Rhonda to sit on the bed with him, he knows he should tell her what he learned through his investigation shortly after he met her but he also knows that Kendra is far away and that this information might damage his relationship with Rhonda, something he desperately wants to protect because in the deepest chambers of his heart, he knows that he really loves Rhonda.

    "Rhonda, lets have a good rest, the flight was everything but smooth sailing and we are both tired. You will see, tomorrow everything will be back to normal and all this worry was unnecessary"

    She is not buying in to this explanation but given that she is tired she decides to see what tomorrow brings.

    "I trust you Steve, If you say there is nothing to this then so be it" Rhonda hears her own voice but she knows that she is not convincing herself.

    Steve smiles at her "And tomorrow I will show you the whole 20 acres of the farm. Get some rest, I'll pop out and get you a glass of luke warm milk my love"

    Steve leave the room to fetch Rhonda her milk, planning to make love to her when he returns, reassuring her of his devoted love.

    Stave walk past his sisters bedroom as he makes his way to the kitchen, he can hear her on the phone but decides not to pop in, most likely teen chatter and he is eager to get back to Rhonda.

    Candice is worried. She now know she made a mistake and desperately tries to convince Kendra not to come around to the farm. The events of earlier tonight was shocking, how were they suppose to know? Steve could have warned them!

    "Kendra, the thing is I will be out most of the day with a study group and the rest of the family is going to do their own thing. I'm sorry I dragged you in to this silly plan, but it's best to drop everything and just chilax" Candice feels her hand trembles, nervous how this will play out,

    "Well Candice darling, I'm surprised that she is now referred to as family, it's not like they are married yet and don't worry I have some things to do and won't be available in the morning." Kendra is not happy with this sudden change of plans and she knows that Candice will pick it up in her tone. She ends the call without any further indication of what she plans to do.

    "Hello..hello..Kendra are you there?" Candice tries to call again but Kendra's voice echoes on the voice message system.."hi darling, this is Kendra, if you adore me then leave a message..."

    Candice is nearing hysterics now. Even though she loves Kendra to bits, she also knows Kendra will never back out from a challenge. a challenge that she, Candice created.

    She grabs her forehead "What on earth did I do?, Rhonda is so sweet and humble, oh she is the perfect bride for Steve!"
    "If only her appearance did not shock the jelly babies out of us...ugg I can't think anymore"

    Candice decides to get some rest and hopes that fate will smile and not turn on her the next day.


    It seemed the whole farm woke up in good spirits on Sunday morning. Candice made herself scares, delighted that Kendra did not show up that morning, Dhina baked and cooked a special meal for that evening to celebrate the engagement and Jake attended to farm.

    Steve and Rhonda made love for the first time that night and then Steve showed Rhonda the farm as planned. It all seemed to come together, as if the unconventional meeting never took place. Everyone seemed happy and relaxed when the sun gave a last smile and disappeared into the approaching night.

    At the dinner table the mood was happy and the conversation took an embracing direction. Dhina and Candice adored this new woman in Steve's life. They listened as she told them about her days in the orphanage and her love for nursing. Steve relaxes and can see the approval on their faces. But hidden behind the genuine affection for Rhonda is a questioned shared in everyone's is this possible?

    Jake clears his throat "Rhonda, I speak for all of us when I say we want to welcome you to our family. We are excited about the new union between you and Steve and it's and honor to welcome another daughter to the family" He makes no mention of the previous evening and give Rhonda a warm fatherly smile.

    Everyone else responds with a "hear hear" and Rhonda was just about to say how happy she is to be part of this family when she saw Steve's face
    turn for the worse as an unfamiliar voice to her breaks the sudden silence in the room.

    "Hello lovely peoples..surprise !!" Kendra stages her arms dramatically as she enters the living room, wanting to make sure all eyes remain on her.

    Chaos follow, everyone on their feet, Dhina close to a famous faint, Jake nearly trips and fall to the ground with Candice trying to break his fall, and Steve getting to Rhonda's side who looks like she has seen a ghost.

    A seemingly happy, even festive atmosphere, suddenly turned into one of shock and disbelief all over again. If there was ever any doubt in Dhina, Candice's or Jake's minds it has now been confirmed with both Rhonda and Kendra in the same room.....that these two woman is the identical image of one another. The only clear difference is their hair color and other than that it became as clear as daylight that they are twins.

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,770 Member
    It was a surprise to find out the reason why the sims were surprised and shocked when they first saw Rhonda!
    Thankyou for the chapter update :)
  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 1,907 Member
    Awesome chapter @Zita1966z. This is getting very intriguing. <3:)
  • Zita1966zZita1966z Posts: 9,424 Member

    Steve take Rhonda on the arm and guide her towards the patio. He mutters to his mother to compose herself and handle the situation and that he will explain later. Steve feels sorry for Rhonda, he should have told her everything, he did her a great injustice.

    "Rhonda, please believe me, I had nothing to do with her showing up here"

    Rhonda gives him a subdued look " You deceived me all along Steve, Its not about her arriving here, it's about her looking like me, and you knowing that all along!" She tries desperately to hold back the tears.

    "Yes, I knew this the moment I met you, but .." She stops him.

    "So why did you not tell me?,
    why keep it a secret,
    this explains why your family reacted so shocked when they met me!,
    why would you do this to me?"

    Steve pauses as to think about his word choices, this could basically determine the outcome of this nightmare.

    "Rhonda, I kept quite because I did not want to hurt you, looking at how you are reacting now, I would say it justifies my decision not to tell you that I found out that Kendra is your twin sister!"

    "Justify?? ...hurt me??" Rhonda feels anger boiling like a volcano in her veins "How dare you Steve, I have always longed for a family off my own and you kept this vital information from me!..wait a pretended to fall in love with me because I reminded you of all makes sense now!"

    "Rhonda no !! That is not true..please you have to believe me" Steve whirls his arms in the air " The history between me and Kendra was long over before I even met you. Yes, we were in love, yes we were about to get married but then she fell pregnant and lost our baby in her third trimester." Steve takes a few seconds to catch his breath "After that she was told she could never have children again and she left me, leaving a note that she will not be coming back"

    Rhonda feels compassion for Steve and their loss but she feels betrayed that he could not trust her. "I'm sorry that you went through all that Steve, honestly, I am a nurse and I understand the hardships of parents dealing with the loss of a baby, you could have told me still, because now I do not know if I could ever trust you again"

    Steve asks Rhonda to sit down and calmly discuss what is happening.

    "Rhonda, I loved you from the moment I met you at your front door, I never meant to hurt you, I had to deal with this the best I knew how and eventually I would have told you..I just had to figure out how"

    "No Steve, you should have been honest from the start, I can't deal with this now, I need time to think, please leave me alone.

    Steve knows not to pressure Rhonda and Kendra appears on the patio as they both leave with their thoughts in separate directions.

    Kendra calls out to Rhonda "Excuse me Rhonda, can we talk please?..I'm just as confused as you are and we really need to talk"

    Rhonda hesitates, but decides to join Kendra, she needs answers and now is a good time as any other.

    But the moment they sat down Kendra's whole demeanor changed, Rhonda is raffled by her hostility

    "Rhonda darling, we all have issues and I for one am not interested in the how's and when's..we both grew up as orphans and we had to deal with it..that's life..I moved on so should you"

    Rhonda is at a loss of words and gets up from her seat " you are not even a little bit curious or excited to learn that I am your twin sister..why?" She gets up and makes her way back into the house.

    Kendra decorates the smug look on her face with an expression that frightens Rhonda "Oh you are the little victim aren't you? precious and naive..let me make it clear to you" She pauses and her tone becomes a threat "The only family I ever had and will have is Steve and his family!"

    Rhonda was hoping to at least get something out of this nightmare, something like getting to know her only family member and that seems to be falling off the cliffs as well. Kendra interrupts her thoughts.

    "Further more, Steve lied to you, they all did, he told me about you when we were still together and I told him I was not interested, I lived without any blood relatives my whole life and I plan to continue doing that." Kendra hopes that Steve nor his family members heard her, because they would immediately expose the big lie that she made up just know. She is counting on Rhonda's naive trait and hopes to get rid off her before anyone expose her lies.

    "The best for you Rhonda is to disappear, I have been were you are now, Steve is not one for long goodbyes and would prefer it if you just left. He has and always will be in love with me and only should really leave"

    Rhonda hides her face in her hands, tears following in abundance. She was planning to leave Steve, what she did not count on was for her new found twin sister to be such an evil person. Kendra underestimates her and everything she said here is half truths but Kendra just gave her way out and she plans to make use of it.

    Her legs feels weak and Rhonda finds a chair to sit with Kendra following her example. It's time to let Kendra know that she is underestimating her and she points at Kendra.

    "You are no sister of mine, you are manipulating, self centered and destructive. I know the real Steve and he is nothing what you just described to me and your lies have no impact on my decision to leave him because I decided to leave before you sowed all your poison ."

    She sees Steve come around the corner.

    "Go away Kendra and let me be" Rhonda has more control over her voice now and knows exactly what she wants to do.

    Rhonda invites Steve to take a seat next to her. she sees hurt and love, mixed in emotions on his facial expression. Kendra walks away to give them privacy and hopes that Rhonda will not expose her lies.

    "Steve, everything happens for a reason, and I need some time on my own to gather my thoughts and feelings. I do love you, but love is not enough, trust and love is a marriage on its own and I do not trust my own thoughts or feelings at this moment. I have a few days left of the leave you arranged for me and would like to use it to be on my own some place else. I will leave in the morning.

    "Rhonda please don't, I don't know what she told you but I can assure you my heart belongs to you. Please do not leave me, please Rhonda?!"

    "Steve, we'll talk again in the morning, I suggest you ask your mom to prepare another room for you, so I can be alone.

    Rhonda goes back into the house, tears building up when she goes to explain her decision to Steve's mother.

    "Thank you for everything Mrs Schalke, you've been most hospitable, but you understand that I must leave. I arranged a taxi to pick me up before sunrise, please do not tell Steve" With that she goes to her room, throws herself on the bed and cry a river of tears.

    Rhonda's up early and sneaks out the house. looking back as she walks to the taxi. The driver takes her bags and put them in the taxi.

    "Are we going to the airport mam?" asks the driver politely, noticing the tears in her eyes.

    "No, please take me to the town square, I have booked a car at Avis rentals, my travel plans have changed" Rhonda wipes her tears, look back one more time and seats herself at the back of the taxi and whispers "Goodbye my love.."

    What Rhonda did not notice is that Steve was running towards the taxi when it pulled out of the driveway. He falls to his knees and cries out

    "Rhonda..No Rhonda please don't go..."

    But it's too late, the taxi disappears around the corner with Rhonda in it.

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