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Can't place lot

Can somebody tell my why I can't place lot in there? It's Sunset Valley



  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,012 Member
    I've given up wondering why some lots just can't be placed, sometimes I even try placing the exact same size lot that I had demolished and even that same size lot will not place.
  • igazorigazor Posts: 17,837 Member
    edited November 2016
    I don't speak Polish (do I have the right language?), but it looks like the tooltip error you are getting is saying that you cannot place a lot where there already is one. Why the game sometimes thinks there is a lot where there clearly isn't is a mystery. Maybe there used to be a lot there? Sometimes those blocks clear up after a few saves/reloads of the game, sometimes they seem to persist for no reason.

    You might try seeing where inside of that space you can place a small 10x10 so at least you know where the fault is or if it's in multiple places.
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  • nickibitswardnickibitsward Posts: 3,055 Member
    Yes, sometimes it makes no sense. I delete a lot then think oops, maybe I should leave that and it won't let me place the same size in the same space. What error message is it giving you?
  • juncedajunceda Posts: 2,614 Member

    Well, I really don´t know why that happens but what I use to do is delete everything I find over the área where I want to place the lot, even some trees or decor objects out a bit..., in "edit world" mode (they can be replaced afterwards) then save, close the game, delete world caches (I take off the whole folder...) then open the game open the save and try again... most times it works

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