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New Sims 4 City Living Challenge - The Movin' On Up Challenge

Hello everyone! I’ve got yet another new challenge for you all to play. This one is focusing entirely on The Sims 4 City Living expansion.
The Movin’ On Up Challenge has you starting off with a single Sim, 0 money, and the cheapest, grungiest apartment (1313 21 Chic Street) in San Myshuno. It’s your task to get earn money to be able to afford gradually better apartments with the ultimate goal of moving into the Torendi Tower (the most expensive penthouse in San Myshuno).

The challenge starts off a bit like a Legacy or Rosebud Challenge, but deviates in that you will be moving into better/more expensive apartments as you are able to afford them. The challenge ends once your Sim is able to afford to move into Torendi Tower. It will probably take more than one generation to complete this. So sit back and enjoy!

The Premise

You have big dreams. Dreams of wealth, dreams of a life of luxury, and dreams of living in that deluxe apartment in the sky. However, you have only enough money to rent the cheapest, dirtiest, and grungiest apartment in San Myshuno. It’s a start I guess. And the only way you can go from here is up.
Welcome to the Movin’ On Up Challenge, where you start with a single Sim, zero money, and must work your way up (using this apartment list) to be able to own the most expensive Penthouse in San Myshuno, Torendi Tower.

The Rules
  • This challenge requires The Sims 4 City Living
  • You must start with a single Sim fresh out of CAS – they can have any aspiration and traits that you wish
  • Move this starter Sim into the 1313 21 Chic Street Apartment, after they have moved in, decrease their household funds to §0. The apartment must be purchased unfurnished. (That’s right, you’re going to start off living in a completely empty apartment!)
  • You many travel to any world you wish in order to satisfy your Sims needs (for instance they can travel to the Willow Creek gym or library if they need to)
  • To earn money in the early game you may gather collectibles, rummage through trash along with all other traditional methods.
  • You may choose any additional lot traits that you wish, but the ones that originally came with the apartment when you moved in must stay.
  • No cheats except those used to decrease your money.
  • You must furnish the apartment that you are currently living in. It cannot remain empty in an attempt to save money. You are required to fully furnish each apartment before making sure you can move on to the next one. (By fully furnish I mean you need to have a the same number of bedrooms/bathrooms listed in that apartments info, as well as a kitchen, and every room needs to have a functional purpose)
  • You cannot move in a spouse/roommate until you’ve been able to successfully pay your first week’s rent and you have a place for them to sleep.
  • If your spouse/roommate moves in with a job, they must quit their job upon moving in and take a new one. You must also decrease the family’s funds back down to whatever they had prior to the spouse/roommate moving in. This will essentially make it so that the spouse/roommate doesn’t bring in any additional money.
  • You may only move in one spouse/roommate per generation
  • Your Sim is allowed to have children (via either birth or adoption) and you can pick and choose any aspirations/traits that you wish
  • You will be moving your Sim to every apartment on this list throughout the challenge (some are not included as the prices double with another apartment). You will start with the least expensive one (determined by rent + deposit) and work your way up. (NOTE! If you wish to keep collections in tact when moving, make sure to use the phone or computer to move and not Manage Worlds. Thanks for the tip @EuphorialQueen!)
  • Once your Sim has the first week’s rent and deposit for the next apartment on the list and they have fully furnished the previous apartment (ie they have furniture in every room and each room has a purpose) they can move on to the next apartment. You must stay in every apartment long enough to pay the first week's rent. You cannot simply move into one apartment and then quickly move into the next if you can afford it! This will prevent the challenge from moving too quickly.
  • Every apartment must be purchased unfurnished. Your Sim must take the furniture from their old apartment with them and you are not allowed to choose to "sell all furniture" when you move. (You may, however, sell pieces of furniture as you upgrade to better items throughout the challenge. I just don't want you selecting the "Sell all furniture" option when you move). Any furniture that you take with you can be used to furnish the new apartment.
  • Your Sim and their spouse/roommate are allowed to have any job they wish, or you may own a business/restaurant, or to make it more difficult can only earn money through a craft (painting, music, writing, etc)
  • This continues until your Sim and their family can afford to move into Torendi Tower (the most expensive Penthouse worth §109,445 unfurnished)
  • This challenge will only end once you reach Torendi Tower. If your founding Sim dies before this happens, that’s ok. The next generation will continue working on it.

Completing the Challenge

Once your Sim and their family is able to move into Torendi Tower, the challenge is complete.

Can your Sim move on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky? (I sure hope someone gets this reference too, or I’m going to feel old!)

Want to see how to get started in the Movin’ On Up Challenge? Check out the first episode in my new series on my Youtube channel!
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