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Monthly SimLits - A Short Story Challenge with new themes every month and voting for winners



  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 1,535 Member
    Finally finished mine, though I think it'd better be in the for fun category this time. I did edit it down, but kept going over the wordcount.

    Family By Choice
  • Pegasus143Pegasus143 Posts: 2,488 Member

    December’s Theme: Once Upon a December

    Inspired by the song of the same name from the movie Anastasia, this theme requires you to start your story for the month with “Once upon a December…”.
    Special Rules: No special rules this month, so the normal limits of 500-1000 words and 1-12 screenshots apply.

    Submissions: (in order to be voting eligible, stories in this category must follow all word and screenshot limits as listed under "Special Rules" above and be submitted by 12 pm on December 31st, Central Time)
    "For Fun" Entries: (Any stories listed here are inspired by the monthly theme, but don't follow all the rules of the challenge and aren't in the monthly poll. Sometimes writers can't put limits on their creativity, and that's all good. Enjoy!)
    Current Story: Perplexities in Pleasantview
    I'm an organizer of the Monthly SimLits Short Story Challenges
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  • SilentWolf101SilentWolf101 Posts: 3,898 Member
    And the winner for November is...

    @MsMarvel98 with Glass
    ~Open your mind before your mouth~
    Yes, I'm still working on my stories. But I am restarting them (again). Links will come when they're up. :)
    Come Join The Mafia! | Monthly Simlit Story Challenges
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 1,535 Member
    Congrats, @MsMarvel98
  • MsMarvel98MsMarvel98 Posts: 33 Member
    Thank you :) I enjoyed writing for November's challenge! Shame that there weren't many other stories to read. Maybe people are busier during the holiday season? But thanks for keeping these challenges going, it's a great idea and provides us with monthly writing prompts :)
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