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Broken/Updated Mods, Oct. 27/16 + CL

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This topic is for collecting reports on mod status after the October 27, 2016 patch and with the City Living EP. NOTE: This does not include later mod breaks. Please keep discussion to reports (but nothing that breaks the game rating - none of your M-rated/X-rated mods) - there's lots of other places for general discussion of mods and updates. I'll include reports of confirmed-by-the-modder just fine mods in the second post. I'm skipping straight CC for now. Check the third post for some CC. And thank you in advance for the reports :)

Broken (No Longer Compatible) Mods (selective CC - some gameplay-breaking - is listed two posts down)
  • 15 mini pizzas for restaurants (necrodog) - don't expect an update till at least December
  • All Beds Same Energy & Comfort by Shimrod101
  • All Fish Available at Fishing Spots, including OR version (Shimrod101)
  • Aren's Genetic Transfusion
  • AshleighEnableNationalParkForClubs
  • Bartending & Bars Revamp (Shimrod101)
  • BlakeS5678_RealisticTwinsTripletsChance.package
  • Cheater Mod v3.3.2 (Krys29 )
  • Customizable Career Outfits (Zerbu)
  • Desserts Are Baking Recipes (r3m)
  • Electronics anywhere by plasticbox ( - okay if you're not trying to use a gaming console
  • Functional Painting Canvas Storage Rack to stock paintings (Selliato)
  • Harvesting for Children (plasticbox):
  • Homeless Households Revamp (Shimrod): - note: MC Command enter can cover this
  • MB Power Nap with Inappropriate Bed Nap (catalina45) - update not expected at this time
  • Molding Clay Builds Creativity (scumbumbo)
  • New storage and functions for many, many objects (coolspear1)
  • No Auto PC (Lodakai or Tanja1986) - generally, older no-auto-anything mods break at some point - keep an eye on lists here for reports of those that are getting updated or reported fine, and switch to them
  • No Autonomous Using TV, Computer or Tablet (mummy19692) - Not compatible with City Living
  • Packing Crates for TS4 (scumbumbo)
  • Pregnancy Mega Mod (scumbumbo) - note: broke in the June patch too
  • PTME Emotional Overcharge by FlorianPTME - some speech bubbles empty
  • Reduced Townie Generating
  • SimLotto v2 (scumbumbo)
  • Single Cups of Tea/Coffee (plasticbox)
  • Smarter Baby Care v3 (scumbumbo)
  • The Sims 2 Radio Stations for the Sims 4 (Wazowski_Vegeta)
  • Tea for Children (plasticbox)
  • Tech Genius Trait by Staarchild - affects hacking
  • Time Cooking Reducer! by arkeus17
  • Working Medicine Cabinets (scumbumbo) (broke shortly before this patch)

Keep an eye on MC Command Center as well: there may be lingering issues even with the update below. See for details on some reported issues!

Broken for Some People
  • Hide Lot Trait Effects (Base Game) (Cinderellimouse)
  • More Columns in CAS (weerbesu) - If you isolate specific issues to this mod specifically, please post at MTS.
  • Play Voidcritters For All Ages (Shimrod101) - try also using VoidcrittersForAllAges
  • Sleep All Night by ReubenHood
  • Teleport Any Sim (scumbumbo)
  • Make Cupcakes in Oven by plasticbox

Not Yet Updated for City Living Content
Zerbu's All Music Stations Unlocked
Male body hair at Luumia's Lair - see

Possible Causes of Lag
  • CAS background mod
  • CAS detail enabler
  • having lots of stuff in the Tray folder - note: You can move this to somewhere else on your computer and put the files back in Tray when you need to access the Library

Updated Mods
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