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September Update bugs?

I don't know if it was the September update, but these things only seem to have been happening since then:

- last action won't go from sim's action queue without having to debug the sim every time
- skill bar won't disappear from above sim's head - even debugging or going into CAS doesn't get rid of it. Have to restart game.
- one of my public lots has everyone turn up, then freezes actions so you have to go into build mode or the travel menu to unfreeze everyone otherwise they just stand there and do nothing for 12 hours then pee themselves
- the Day of the Dead sims seem to all spawn in the same place, or just not show up at all, is that normal..?

Is anyone else having any of these problems? I have no mods or anything installed - just 100% pure Sims goodness so I don't know what's up...
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