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Restaurant Tip for MC Command Center 2.16.0 Users

If you're using the latest version of MC Command Center, 2.16.0 (posted 10/2/2016), there's an issue with Restaurants IF you have your Population: Maximum Sims In Zone set for more (or less? not sure about that one...) than EA's default of 20/lot.

With mine set at 25, I zoned in to a restaurant (after seeing a post from someone asking about it) to find NOBODY working there. The easiest way to fix it is:

Take RES out of this line...


In the Computer/Slablet > MC UI, it's Population > Other Settings > Adjust Sims On Lot > Going Out > Restaurant (to turn it off)

Once you've done that, quit and restart your game. Your employees should be back at their posts, mine were.

This is the only venue type that any error has been posted about. We won't be getting any more mod updates till after CL comes out, so I thought it might be worth posting this, in case people are having vanished employee issues, and aren't sure where it's coming from.

It's from MC, but it's not a hard thing to fix when you know what to change, it just isn't an obvious connection. So, I thought I'd mention it. Hope it helps somebody!

As always, feel free to bring your MC questions/comments here:


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