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CityScape Modern Home by Petalbot

petalbotpetalbot Posts: 1,423 Member
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Hello all! I just wanted to share my newest build with you. It is a stylish home with lightly jungle themed interiors featuring fantastic views. Built on 223 Windsor Drive in Bridgeport, the home features 3 beds, 3.5 baths, nursery, living, dining, kitichen, gym, study, laundry and rec room, 3 balconies, fire pit, patio and pool. The home was inspired in part by the real life stunning home that sits on 1201 Laurel Way in Beverly Hills. The home is play tested & contains NO CC or CAP. Hope you like it. :)


Now for the picture tour.









Back to the foyer, we will go to the Gym and the guest bedroom.








The back exit goes out the pool area.


Now from the Gym on to the 2nd floor.









Out to the large back balcony. It has hopscotch for the kids.




Now back inside and on up to the 3rd floor.











Now let’s go explore the outdoor areas.





The kitchen exits to the patio.




Thank you so much for taking the tour!

Major Eps & SPs used: Into the Future, Late Night, Showtime, World Adventures, Ambitions, Seasons, High End Loft Stuff.

Minor Eps & SPs: Generations= Hopscotch, stuffed animals; Supernatural= 1 rug, 1 sculpture; University= 1 wall decoration, patio chairs, computer; Island Paradise= plant; Pets= wall pictures, stuffed animals; Outdoor living stuff= 1 table decoration; Town Life Stuff= Ion U ceiling Spotlight, towel, athletic bag.

Store Items: Everything is listed on the exchange correctly except that it left out the one item I used from the bakery and 1 free item that is no longer available. Complete list below:

Collectionne Stancke: Everybody Vauntz office chair, Jubillee fireplace, Comprende table lamp, Flame wall sculpture.

Ultra Lounge: Dual Comfort Double Bed, Loner Comfort Single Bed, Mostly Square Table Light, Nightly Light wall lamp, Mirror-Mirror, Tropical Leaves of Repose plant.

Bayside: Relative Clock, Palm in the Vase plant

Zen Again: Reach for the Heavens plant, Tranquil Trickle Fountain

Tiki Outdoor Party: Piece of Paradise Fan Palms plant, Tropical fountain

Animals Abound: Grassy frog Dresser, Best of Friends picture, Panda Toybox

Bohemian Garden: Wonderfully Woven Hanging Chair, Happily Hippie Patchwork pouf

Tiki: Little Tiki idol
Asian Fusion: Potted Bamboo Glory
Sun, Surf & Sand: Pineapple Pottery plant
Haute Hip: Haute Hip Panther Sculpture
Muse Luxury: Athen’s Olive Tree
Mid Century Modern Kitchen Marvels: Murano Retro and Ripe Fruit Bowel
Provence: Rustic Loaf Box
Mediterranean Villa Kitchen/dining: Vineyard Vittles Shelf
Loads of Laundry, Bayside Laundry: Bayside Hamper
Itadakimasu! Japanese Inspired Dining: Kaiku of the Lotus wall sculpture
Glitter and Glam Bedroom: Crescent Mooned Vanity Chair
The Coffee Bean Hipster Loft: Leather Luxury Chair
Safari Living: Table Top Baobab plant
Ultra Lounge Bath: Ultra Lounge Mirror
Top o' the Tots Hairstyles and Headwear: Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing
Skylight Studio for the Performing Arts: It’s not Gross Public Shower Station
Deliciously Indulgent Bakery: Today's Special Wall Sign
Toyota Prius set: Potted tree (free set, no longer available)

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,857 Member
    City Scape Modern is such a very nice modern home! :) The exterior design of the home is very nice! It looks very nice how the windows have been placed in the home! In each of the rooms through the home, sims will have such very nice views of the City and outdoors! The pictures that you have taken of the rooms, areas and views through the windows look so very nice! You always present your home builds through the pictures so very well. They always look so very nice! It is a very nice light filled home that sims can enjoy the sunshine coming ih through the windows whilst indoors. Very nice furnishing of each of the rooms! The brown colour scheme looks very nice. The touches of green ih the rooms with the green plants looks very nice. The plants are nice touches of the outdoors and nature brought indoors. It is nice that there is a gym room where sims can enjoy using the treadmill or weights machine to keep fit or enjoy relaxing in the indoors hot tub, in the stairs nook. Very nice furnishing of each of the bedrooms! Sims will enjoy waking up to sunlight coming into their rooms through the bedhead windows. The nursery is very nice! The teddy and giraffe there are cute! Very nice outdoors balconies and pool area! Each of them are so very nice! The sunken nook with the sofas and firepit looks very nice! Child Sims will have fun riding the bees spring riders on the outside rec balcony! The outdoors living and hot tub balcony is very nice! Sims will have such nice views whilst sitting resting on the sofa there in the outdoors air or relaxing in the hot tub. It is nice that the sofas are in an L shape, and a fire pit is there for them to keep warm. Very nice pool area! Sims will have fun swimming in the pool or enjoy resting on the loungers poolside in the sunshine. Very nice outdoors dining patio! Sims will enjoy cooking meals on the BBQ and eating them at the dining table, enjoying the outdoors views. The design of the nearby fireplace looks very great! Very nice design of the car port.
    It is a very nice modern home! The design of it looks great, both the exterior and outdoors as well as the layout and furnishing of the interiir, and the views through the windows are so very nice! :)
    Wow! It's beautiful! <3
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,358 Member
    Simply Gorgeous! Download and Rec for sure! <3 Going to have to check out all your flames! :)
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,179 Member
    Wow another magnificent Petalbot build and every inch is beautiful, as ever. I so adore your work. Will have her in and off to rec right now, thanks for sharing with us all, all the best ;)
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,174 Member

    Another stunning build from you. So glad you are still building. Beautifully executed down to the smallest detail. Off to DFR :smiley:
  • DeliciousSpatulaDeliciousSpatula Posts: 52 Member
    my gosh it's to die for. Excellent job!
  • jessica645739jessica645739 Posts: 7 New Member
    @petalbot I looked for you everywhere to ask you a question about one of your houses. I'm in love with you're Ultra Modern Luxury Home but I have an issue with it and wondered how to fix it. Please answer me !
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