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Pleasantview Gameplay Story

NekoGirl52NekoGirl52 Posts: 55 Member
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Hi all, I've gotten a little bored of my normal gameplay. I don't have much time to work on this story, with college going on & a broken down car. Still, I'll see what I can do.

We start with the Caliente household. Dina has a thing for Mortimer's money, but I never let her win in my games. This time, I am trying something different.



He joined the household, giving the sisters $51,153 simoleons. This isn't what Dina planned for, she expected the Goth manor & everything in it, including all the money.

I make a quick stop at the Lothario condo next. I have Don invite Dina over first with Mortimer in tow, instead of Nina like the game suggests for me to.



He immediately makes out with Dina, not knowing about Dina's plans to win over Mortimer's money. This makes Mortimer furious at Dina....... which is why I'm flipping back over to the Calientes.......


Dina tries to salvage what's left of her devious plot by getting Mortimer to propose to marriage, only he saw her accept Don's make out happily. He's no dummy, he won't be fooled by her games any longer.

He does, however, let Dina keep the simoleons that he moved in with. In the hope that she will leave him & his family alone......



Dina realizes she really messed up on that plan.........

Meanwhile, Nina takes the initiative to actually earn her own money the honest way, & gets a job in the Slacker career.


That's it for Part 1. Hope you guys enjoy this, I don't know how much drama I can cook up between these families. Usually, I play out happy, peaceful lives for all of them except Don Lothario & Dina Caliente, who are typically miserable, lol!

I have no idea when or if I'll update. So, for now this is a story of how I play the Caliente sisters. =)
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  • NekoGirl52NekoGirl52 Posts: 55 Member
    edited October 2016
    I'm looking at other stories on this forum, so I'm making the guess based on those that we can make double posts like this as long as it's for a story......

    Next, we visit the Oldie family. Herb & Coral wanted to move as close to their daughter & grandchildren as possible.


    I try to avoid the Romance aspiration when I can, so for such a sweet elder married couple, I had them go on a date with each other (remaining on the home lot, so no pictures) in order to get Herb's aspiration level into Platinum, so he could use this thing.


    He changed his aspiration to Knowledge, something I find very easy to keep platinum so he can have a gold gravestone later. Between that & their future dates....


    Just as Herb's doing that, Coral greets the welcome wagon. That's Darren Dreamer, Mortimer Goth, & Nina Caliente, the usual group.


    I changed Coral's turn ons & turn offs so that they would mostly only be attracted to each other. They both got gray hair & glasses for turn ons, & I don't remember their turn offs.

    There is a bigger reason of moving them in here. I switch over to the Pleasants just long enough to play that disaster out...



    Lilith is talking to her grandmother while the parents both dote over Angela. I am merely making their Wants happen at this point. Lilith wants a friend, both parents want to talk / hug Angela.


    I usually can't stand romance sims, as pointed out with Herb. Daniel, I'm at odds with. I hate playing out the cheating husband trope, it's overused & boring to me. But neither of them deserve each other, IMO, so I let it happen once in my game. Then Daniel focuses on being a devoted father. He claims chicks love that sorta stuff, but I think he really does enjoy having most of the custody rights.



    The women of the house leave for the day, as Daniel begins working on his body skill. I will keep him in the Athletic career, but I'm not sure I'll let him make it to level 10.


    Kaylynn the maid arrives promptly at 10am sharp, as per the usual. This is the first bit of gameplay, so she has nothing to clean, & immediately asks to stay on after work. I have Daniel agree as per the prompts, & well, we all know where this goes........


    Daniel says he liked her old outfit better. Kaylynn replies sadly that it was the people in charge of the maid company. They kept getting phone calls from angry wives & girlfriends about mistresses from the company.


    I don't bother putting them in the right outfit because I don't care for this sort of action.


    Because I chose "Grammer Check" on Mary-Sue's pre-programmed chance card, she was fired. This therapist is the result.


    The betrayal is enough to cause her to go through round two.


    Kaylynn leaves, embarrassed of the situation despite egging it on. You might think Daniel will get the boot, but quite the contrary.....


    It's Mary-Sue who leaves! She wants a fresh start, & plans to move in with her parents. It will be awkward having to look at this house every morning as she leaves for work.

    End of part 2!
  • NekoGirl52NekoGirl52 Posts: 55 Member
    Now we'll be visiting the Brokes. I do lots of little tricks with their house to keep them from having repo man problems in the near future.


    First thing to do, is I have Dustin talk to Daniel Pleasant, so they can develop a better relationship.


    Second, I have Dustin quit his job as Brandi works on teaching Beau his toddler skills. This might seem contradictory to my goal, but it will actually help.


    Next, I get rid of the swimming pool. It's unfinished, & they don't have the money to finish it for awhile.




    Finally, some interior remodeling & deleting of the expensive items Brandi has tried to keep from her doomed marriage. She also gets an easel because it brings in money, & her one true hobby is Arts & Crafts. She needs some stress relief.

    By the time I'm done, they have $1,638, as evidenced by the picture, & a house more suitable for 3 - 4 sims.


    After Brandi spends her day helping Beau along, Dustin brings Angela home from school. He wants her to meet his mother & Beau. Angela does so, then........


    Brandi: "I want grandkids Dustin, please make this last."

    Dustin: "Moooomm!"




    They have their first kiss & fall in love before Angela leaves. :smiley:


    After Brandi takes a nap upon finding out she's pregnant, Dustin gets her to help him with his homework.



    Day number 2 is here. With it, a couple big life changes for Beau.





    Beau finishes his toddler training, & grows up!

    This is it for part 3. Don't know who I'll do next, thinking about the Goths.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 34,991 Member
    Hi :)

    Nice progress. I enjoy reading about Pleasantview and how others play it different. :)
  • NekoGirl52NekoGirl52 Posts: 55 Member
    edited October 2016
    Thank you! I enjoy doing the same. Pleasantview is by far my favorite premade town. <3

    Before my stop in the Goth family, I move the Burbs into this lot.





    Don turns out to be the coward he usually is......

    Also, remember how Mortimer was furious at Dina for making out with Don?




    He's mad at him too, lol. Don is no longer welcome at the mansion, ever!


    I know Michael's grave should probably stay with Dina, but I can't help it. He's Bella's brother..... therefore, I keep the grave in the Goth family graveyard....


    Aw! I've never seen the family aspiration failure action before. Cute, & sad at the same time.


    With no longer an immediate need for the wedding setup, I delete it & place a swingset for Alexander.


    I have Cassandra fix her red social bar by talking with Darren, as per her wants...


    ..................... End of Part 4.
  • GoulsquashGoulsquash Posts: 612 Member
    Awesome! I love seeing how others play out all the drama.
  • cianeciane Posts: 14,916 Member
    Aw! Makes me want to play sims 2 again!
  • simgirl18simgirl18 Posts: 17 New Member
    please make more this is so cool :) :)
  • lizeid87lizeid87 Posts: 446 Member
    How can I post pics here from my game?
  • lizeid87lizeid87 Posts: 446 Member
    edited July 2017

    Beau and Dustin grew up, went to college and after graduating with high honors, they returned home, found jobs and saved up enough money to get their mom and younger brother out of the dumps and into a brand new house in a beautiful neighborhood.
  • LONESTAR2330LONESTAR2330 Posts: 280 Member
    Nice, makes me nostalgic for Sims 2 again, I did a very in depth series back then called Time marches on. It was alot of fun, I am attempting a new Sims 4 saga with all original characters, however it is a bit tough since I don't have the free time I once had.
  • CocandyCocandy Posts: 5 New Member
    Love it and love playing the sims. I always like to destory the original households with my own sims and twists. You've inspired me to post my own Sims stories.. I've played for years and recently have gotten a new laptop so we are waiting for it to download. :smiley:
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