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The Last Goodbye | Chapter 1 - 10/8

MoonGirlMoonGirl Posts: 55 Member
Hello new friends!

I just started writing a new story and have a few chapters down, though so far only released the Prologue. It's been such a long time since I did anything in the Sim world and I feel really out of touch with everything, but since people, photography and literature are all passions of mine.. here I am.

About The Last Goodbye;
Madeline met Adam when she was eighteen and the two started a whirlwind romance. Sweeping her off her feet in more ways than one, he was exactly what she needed to help getting her life organized and find happiness. However, life is never perfect, is it? Adam had since before he met Madeline wanted to become a soldier and fight for his people's freedom and safety, but at what cost?

I am starting to become really fond of the characters in this story and hope you will enjoy them too <3

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  • MoonGirlMoonGirl Posts: 55 Member
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    Chapter one - Memories from the past.
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  • EowynEowyn Posts: 151 Member
    Hello dear! I just wanted to say that your story is such a good read. It is very bittersweet and heartfelt. Your pictures are also breathtakingly beautiful.
    I accidentally read Chapter 1 before the Prologue so I was so so sad when I got to the Prologue after reading such a sweet story in Chapter 1.
  • MoonGirlMoonGirl Posts: 55 Member
    Aw thank you! I am happy that you liked it. I'll have another update out soon. I'm caught up on your story as well.
  • JellysimwichJellysimwich Posts: 778 Member
    @MoonGirl what an emotional start. You really feel for these families that get torn apart when a loved one gets deployed. Also love the first chapter where we get to see the 'beginning' of Madeline and Adam. They are adorable together. Love at first sight! Will await to read more :)
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