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Baby Mama Machine - 100 baby Challenge - ENDED Uncomplete :(

Hello, I'm ready, ready to take on the 100 baby challenge, Ive been thinking about it for 2 days now so its just got to be done!

My Mama Sim is called Amelia Bloom.
she has dark hair green eyes and a slim figure.
she has found a generous lot in windenburg, used her money to make the house single story
more modern and spacious


Amelia - or Mama Bloom, wishes to be an author and loves writing, shes creative, Romantic and of course family orientated!
her 1st neighbours to visit included two potential mates, so with a lot of effort she set about seducing them!

Paolo Rococa succumbed 1st, and Mama had a little boy, Oliver, hes a child now and his random traits are Whizz kid & Good
Marcus Flex, then fathered another little boy, Edward, he is also a child now, his random traits are Rambunctious Scamp & Glutton

At this point Mama Bloom has got a few male friendships going, including some small pink lines
but so far no luck romancing the other men in the neighbourhood!
Mama has spent some time in oasis park, collecting items to sell as money is Very tight.

I hope you like the start of this challenge, I am excited and nervous to complete such an epic challenge, but I figure it will be a blast to play a longer challenge and a different style.

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