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♥♥ Illusie's D.N.A. ♥♥ 9-aprl WIP picture of Victorian House (pg 3)

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Welcome! This is my communication thread for D.N.A.

If I have claimed your request please check the 3rd post on this page. This is where I post any questions I have If you lose the link you can always find it on the DNA thread. Thanks

At the moment I will only build for TS4.

My Links:
Illusie's Sims 4 Showcase
Illusie´s Website
Illusie's Sims 4 Gallery
Illusie's Sims 3 Studio

D.N.A. Links:
D.N.A. Blog: dnarequestteam.blogspot.nl/
D.N.A. Master Thread: forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/607188.page
For the current DNA thread click my siggy
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