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TS4 Price Permanently Reduced to $39.99!



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    Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 3,671 Member
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    Inna MinnitInna Minnit Posts: 2,008 Member
    @Colton147147 You know haters gonna hate. I wonder what they will complain about when / if toddlers,are added?
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    OMGiLoveIceCreamOMGiLoveIceCream Posts: 603 Member
    Augh. I bought it at 60 bucks, I feel we who spent 60 bucks on the game should be refunded in maybe a free stuff pack of our choice since we wasted 10 bucks... :/
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    DegrassiGenDegrassiGen Posts: 2,168 Member
    @Colton147147 You know haters gonna hate. I wonder what they will complain about when / if toddlers,are added?

    They are going to complain that toddlers are crying to much when their hunger and bladder are low and that they look too realistic and artistic to be toddlers but instead should be something that came straight out of a build-a-bear workshop...#JustSaying
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    CapraCorn104CapraCorn104 Posts: 1,184 Member
    edited September 2016
    People disagreeing wouldn't be toxic if people could just accept that some people don't like the Sims 4 and some people do. Instead, what the people on this forum do is call those who do like it sheep for buying into a game that objectively has fewer features than the previous versions (though whether or not those features are important is entirely subjective). And then the people who do like the game tell the others to leave the forums if they don't like the game, have nothing positive to say, or to go back to TS3.

    So yes, I think it is very fair to call this forum a toxic place, which is initially why I stopped coming here because of the negativity from both sides.
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    BluegayleBluegayle Posts: 4,254 Member
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    Lol, sure didn't happen with TS3 at two years.

    You're right!

    It happened at 13 months! :open_mouth:

    Source? Keep in mind, a sale =/= lowering the retail value of the product.

    I personally don't recall TS3's retail value lowering after two years. SimsVIP states, although they, too, do not have a source on their recent post, the retail value dropped within February 2014, a whopping 6 years after release. Probably because it sold so well, EA had kept the same retail price for a long time to come.

    The Sims 4, on the other hand, just recently had a huge sale where people could buy it for 20 dollars. That, and the fact it is riding on TS3's, and the rest of the franchise's tail, is why it has continued to sell.

    And do you have sources for this?

    The source is Origin. Not exactly 20 but 23-24 (EUR at least). It was on sale for much of June / July, then again recently. Now it's back up to 60 though. However, it's true that it's on sale most of the time, or at the very least half of the time. I always go in hoping they'll reduce some TS3 EPs as well, but no no :D

    Not sure about recent but there was a huge sale where Sims3 & expansions were 50- 70% off on Origin. Keep checking as i am sure they will again. :) Actually the eps are only 19.99 right now on Origin so I think they have dropped in price. Can't remember original prices. May be able to find when i get a chance.
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