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Why are we all having launcher problems?

All of a sudden my launcher crashes about 20 seconds after it starts up. I can't upload anything, nor download. Everything was working just fine two days ago!


  • napoleonwrassenapoleonwrasse Posts: 310 Member
    You may or may not have tried these, but here are a few things that are know to help launcher issues.

    Try deleting the missingdeps file your DCCache folder (Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/DCCache). Sometimes that file gets corrupted and can cause issues with the launcher. It's safe to delete as it will regenerate itself.

    You can also try clearing Internet Explorers cookies and cache even if it is not your default browser and you don't use it because the Launcher uses its resources.

    If that doesn't work you can try a clean Sims 3 folder. Do this by moving your current Sims 3 folder (Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3) to your desktop. Then try opening your game to see if the launcher works. If it does it could mean that something in your original Sims 3 folder is corrupted and causing problems.
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  • Bily_jednorozecBily_jednorozec Posts: 1,574 Member
    edited August 2016
    Hi, I don't know, if someone has the same issue, what I have fighted in past days: Blank Welcome Screen on the launcher and invalid password in launcher (I was able to see Downloads tab, Uploads Tab and launch my game from this tool too - being on 1.67 Patch).
    I have found solution for it on Google:
    from Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options > Programs tab > "Manage add-ons" I've seen, that my Java was disabled.
    I have enabled it, updated Java ... and when done, I've read on Oracle pages (Java developer), that Google Chrome (my default browser) don't supports something from last Java update (I'm unable to find this page again).
    So, I've rebooted my PC, cleaned PC with CCleaner and I've seen everything on Launcher and I was able to login there. But I have had to login here (I do not understand, why EA is sending me at each login Safety code in my e-mail box with "remember this PC" ticked on EA site (?) and on another sites.
    I've surfed a little bit on internet (with Google Chrome) and when opened launcher again, there was again empty "Welcome screen" and I've got again "Invalid password" message. So I've cleaned i-net cache again, got another safety code from EA (for to be able log-in here) and I've beginned to use Mozilla Firefox for browsing and logging on EA pages.
    For now - "toc-toc-toc" :smiley: - I haven't more problems with blank Welcome Screen on the launcher and invalid password (12 hours cca).
    I hope, that this my message can help someone similar issue (as at me has helped Google Search). :blush:
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