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SimFluence - Blood that Binds - Updated 04/22/2017

cshanercshaner Posts: 2,620 Member
This is my overall storytelling site. SimFluence - Where Sims Influence the Story
This will be a thread used to promote my new site specifically related to any stories written for challenges or the monthly short stories.

Short Story Challenge:
September 2016 - Dinner Party

Current Story:
Blood that Binds: A Vampire Coven Challenge
Meet the Coven
Chapter 1 - Ingratiate Yourself
Chapter 2 - Weaving
Chapter 3 - Taste
Chapter 4 - Within the Rules
Chapter 5 - Agreements
Chapter 6 - Accusations
Chapter 7 - Not much Longer
Chapter 8 - Soon
Chapter 9 - Introductions
Chapter 10 - Complication

Completed Challenges:
Orphan Challenge - Harkins Family - 20 Chapters: Completed on November 12, 2016

Life Under Construction: A Drifter Challenge. House 001 - Graham Whittaker
Completed on January 29, 2017
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SimFluence - Where Sims Influence the Story
Blood that Binds: A Vampire Coven Challenge Updated 04/22/2017
Life Under Construction: A Drifter Challenge House 001 Completed 1/29/17 | Orphan Challenge: Harkins Family Completed 11/12/16
Origin ID: cshaner07


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