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New sims medieval game ideas

sikizasikiza Posts: 2 New Member
This is not about the fact that they are making a game this is about the fact that they should and I don't know where to put my idea for it so I figured this was the best place for this. I don't know if anyone will see this and I know the chances of them making another sims medieval game are no high. But here is my idea and I hope whoever finds this tells me what they think and add on there own ideas for a new sims medieval. Sorry this is so long.

I love the sims 4. But when I get bored I often play challenges, I like to try different challenges but I always seem to end up back at the medieval challenge but with variations like nights and religion and witches. But despite my best efforts I just cant make it as medieval as I want it to be. Sometimes I will play sims medieval but its just not the same. You cant play the whole household being my biggest problem.
So here is my idea, set it up similar to the sims 4, same graphics, being able to control the whole household.


When you are in create a sim you select your class. (It could be the same classes as the challenge or not but for the purposes of this I am going to use Peasant, Merchant, Nobel, Royal.) your class will determine what you can wear, what jobs you can have, how much taxes you pay, where you will live, and who you can marry, how people treat you. So basically your whole life. If you want your sim to be the monarch you select it here. If you sim has a title it is automatically put in from of their name and does not affect the characters. For instance Queen Persephone the great. Would only count the letters in Persephone to the name. (So basically like sims medieval now.) You can create the whole house hold AND PLAY THE WHOLE HOUSEHOLD. But if you choose to play the royal family there can only be one monarch. (Their spouse will also get the title of king/queen but wont have any real power.) You can also select if a sim can use magic or not in create a sim. I would also like toddlers and/or tween's. But that would be a long shot.


For instance a peasant would live the farthest from the castle, only be able to work as a farmer, mill worker, barmaid, bard, servant. Things like that. But what ever career they choose they are not able to get past lets say level three. Due to there status. They could also not own their own business. They could however become a master criminal, they would also only be able to marry merchants or peasants. A merchant could live the third farthest away from the castle or the farthest away that is their choice, they could work as a blacksmith, bard, healer, farmer, mill worker, athlete, artist, or merchant with a stall. If they choose to be a mill worker, farmer, servant they would start at level three and be able to go till level 7. If they choose to be an athlete (sword fighting, jousting, I think the sport from sims medieval is kingball. Stuff like that.) or an artist they can only go up to level 4. If they choose to be a bard they start at level four and can go up to ten. But if they choose to be a blacksmith, healer, merchant with a stall, they start at level 1 and go to level ten. They would be able to own their own business but only if it is merchant stall. Nobels could live where they want other then the castle. Women could not work, but the men could own a farm or a mill (mill or farmer worker career level 8 is where they start.) an artist, athlete, royal guard, royal adviser, diplomat. All of those would be able to go from 1 to 10. (A diplomat would have to move to another country as a representative for the kingdom but I will get into that more later.) Royals live in the castle and their woman can not work, but men can be an artist, athlete, royal adviser, diplomat. Then their is the most important career of course. Monarch. This is the royal job that both men and woman and children can do. You can be any age to be the monarch even a infant. The monarch starts at level one and can go all the way to ten. (Your monarch gains new ability's the higher the level. like they could wage war at seven and change taxes at three.) Monarch is the only career your sim could not choose willingly. (except in create a sim.) When the monarch dies it will say in their will who the next monarch will be (I will explain wills in a little bit.) If the simmer dose not control the royal family it go to the spouse,if they are unmarried then the oldest child, if they have no children their closest relative, if they have no family then the closest friend. The monarch can select anyone they want. Even a peasant child as the next monarch. The new monarch will start at level one. The new monarchs household is moved into the castle and that household is now the royal family. The last royal family would have to move out.
I think most if not all the careers should be playable.
Now I bet you are wondering why I have not mentioned knights or priests yet. Well that is because they are not in any of the before mentioned groups.


If your sim does not wont to be in the class they are in anymore then they have some options. The easiest of which is to become a knight, priest or witch. Lets start with knights. You can send you child off to different schools (which I will bring up next) one of which is knights school. There they will learn the skills to become a knight. When they are a teen they can choose to be in one of two groups knight or spy. If you choose to be a spy when you leave school then you can choose to stay a spy or join some other career based on your class. If you choose to be a knight then when you leave school you have some work to do. You need to complete some sort of other task to become a knight. (Not sure what, could be an aspiration or something like that.) Then you need to get the monarchs approval (which is easier to get the higher your class) . Then you are a knight, if you did well in school you can start your career out at level 3. You can also be a knight if you did not go to school. But it is a lot more work. If you are a peasant then you must complete four of the tasks. (Again not sure what they are.) merchant must complete three and a nobel or royal must two. Then you still need to get the monarchs approval and you are in.
I really liked the idea of the two churches from sims medieval. If you don't like the class you are in go join the church at any age. (Anyone can join the religion without changing their status I am talking about working and living at the church.) But you can never leave this job. You can get kicked out if you break the rules of the church. (having woohoo before marriage and stuff like that.) You would live at the church and get assigned chores to do. This is the only career children can join besides monarch. Living at the church would be similar to a roommates situation in sims 3. Other people live there and you can interact with them but they are not part of your household.
Like churches there are two groups of magic users you can join. Your sim can only join one of these groups if your sim is a magic user. (This can be selected in create a sim, or inherited. If both parents are magic users then 100% chance of the child also being able to use magic. Only one parent uses magic then its a 50% chance. If neither of the parents use magic but an ancestor used magic the child has a 15% chance. If magic does not run in the family then the child still has a 2% chance.) One group is the kingdom sanctioned magic users. They can use the magic that the monarch allows. (This can differ depending on the view of magic.) The other group is the unsanctioned magic users. This is the coven. They can use any magic they want but are seen as criminals and if they are caught they will be punished. (again this can differ depending on the kingdoms views. anywhere from a night in the stocks to death.) Sims can go to witches/wizards of ether group with with help on different problems. Want to know which school your kid should join? Ask a sanctioned magic user. Want a hex placed on somebody? Ask a member of the coven.
The thing all three of these groups have in common is that they don't belong to a class and sims who are in these groups can marry whoever they want.


Want your child to get a head start on there future career? Then send them to a school where they learn about it. You send kids to school like you do in sims 4. But you get to choose the type of school. There is a school for every career except magic, priest or monarch. Your child's class restrictions apply to the school you choose. Peasants can only join the knights school while merchants can go to any school that leads to a merchant career. You don't have to send your child to school. You can choose to keep them and have them help around the house if you want. (The only school nobel and royal girls can join in the knights school.)


There should be multiple kingdoms for your sims to choose from. I like the selection of kingdoms now there should not be any less then that but there could be more. Each kingdom has two or more towns in it. The bigger the kingdom the more towns. The castle is in one town, and the farther you get away from the castle the more likely you are for your sims to succeed in criminal acts like mugging someone or being a member or the coven. After create a sim you should be able to select the kingdom your sim wants to live in. It could be the new kingdom or it could be an already established kingdom. Each kingdom has different views on things different holidays and traditions different amounts of money, the sims that your player didn't select should all look the same. Like they do now, different to each kingdom. For example one kingdom has a lot of pale people, one kingdom has a lot of brown haired people. If you don't like the kingdom you are living in you can move your sims household to another kingdom, but each border has different requirements for crossing it. One could require a certain skill level while another could require an item in your sims inventory. You can also merge kingdoms through marriage or war. If by marriage then you have the option of merging the two kingdoms or just making them allies. The same with war. if you merge two kingdoms then you can decide to keep the name of one of the two kingdoms or a new name for a new kingdom.


If the monarch is at a certain level they can declare war on other countries. Or other counties could declare war on you. This can be useful for a number of reasons. For one if you win you have the option of taking over the kingdom/s and expanding your kingdom or just making them allies. If you take over the kingdoms you are given the option of killing the royal family of that kingdom or letting them live.
If you are not playing the monarch, war can still happen. If it does you have the option of sending your sim off to war. (If you play the monarch you decide which citizens go off to war, the more you send the higher your chances of winning.) Your sims could be gone for days or even years. So you are not allowed to send of everyone in the household. There are several options for sims returning from war. If you leave the war early you are a criminal and if you are caught then you will be killed. Your sim could return from the war and your household would move up one class. (Except nobels, nobel is the highest you can go.) Your sims could return a war hero and move up two classes and receive a large amount of money. (Again nobel is the highest you can go.) Your sim could return and your household gets nothing. Or your sim could die. If they die a hero the household moves up to ranks and gets a large amount of money. your sim could die a traitor turning your entire household into criminals. Or your sim could just die and your house hold gets nothing.


I really like the idea of the simmer is the watcher. But I wish that meant a little more. I like the idea of the watcher being the main god, but there are others as well. The other gods can all work for the watcher, so the watcher is still the all powerful. But the watcher could send down gods to the world at any point they like. The gods would not stay long and I don't know if you would be able to play them (I am thinking no.) but they could affect the moods and actions of sims. Like the watcher could send down the god of war for a day and everyone would fight and the whole kingdom would want to go to war. Or the god of love could come down and everyone would be romantic with one another. Gods could also find sims they like and woohoo with them to create a magical little demigod. The watcher should also be able to have children but they are to powerful to walk on the earth. So instead you should be able to select a sim and they would be blessed with the watchers child. The chosen one. Or ones. Demigods should inherent powers from their parents but I have not put a lot of thought into it yet. There should also be an anti-watcher that can also select sims to have their child.


The quests are great. There should be an OPTION to play them but you don't have to. So keep the quests as an option.


pets might also be nice but not necessary, You should be able to build your own house, again play the whole household, skills like in sims 4 with stuff like sword fighting, cooking, painting, lute playing, kingball, charisma. I think the careers should be set up like sims 4 careers. Most of them playable. Horses. Sims you don't control should still be getting married and having kids during the game.

As you can see I put a lot of thought and effort into this idea. I have been thinking about it for a long time and just needed somewhere to put it. Sorry it is so long. The gist is I want a sims medieval like sims 4 but with some restrictions. If anyone has any ideas to add or change please say them Was this to confusing? If so I can clarify.


  • sikizasikiza Posts: 2 New Member
    Just remembered something I was forgetting!! There should also be the option for arranged marriages.
  • LinsandLinsand Posts: 4 New Member
    Some great ideas!! Love everything medieval, especially with some magic/fantasy included and would certanly play this!
  • Tootsyim1Tootsyim1 Posts: 486 Member
    I love the Sim Medieval, and I would definitely love some added ideas like these.
    I played the Sims 2 with different classes (and a whole lot of custom content) and it was so much fun. (It would have been more amazing if cars weren't constantly driving down the street though! :p )
    This being the Sims though I don't think we would see Gods or Demi Gods and definitely no arranged marriages!! lol
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