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Building Inspiration Infographic | Most Popular and Iconic Home Design Styles

BeanfootBeanfoot Posts: 602 Member
edited August 2016 in The Sims 4 Lots
I found this infographic reblogged on KiwiSims's TS4 Tumblr from this source at Blogarama. I think it's a nice bit of inspirational prompting for beginners and pros alike!
You have probably heard of a Tudor or Georgian style home, but maybe never knew how to identify one on sight. Our guide to iconic home styles shows how dwellings in England, Italy, and France influenced the way we build our houses today in North America. This guide is a must-read for any real estate buff who prides themselves on their knowledge of architecture.
By reading our guide, you will learn how to identify homes based on their facade, style and amount of windows, roof, and siding. Not only is this helpful on a practical level, as it will increase your real estate knowledge, but it also serves as an interesting history lesson. Home styles have always been influenced by socioeconomic factors of the times they are conceived; watch how the period of Victorian opulence morphs into the Craftsman style during leaner times.

Tudor House Design Style

Cape Code House Design Style and Georgian Design Style

Greek Revival Style & Colonial House Building Style

Gothic Style (Victorian) & Italianate House Style

Stick Eastlake Style & Second Empire Style

Queen Anne House Design & Shingle Style Design

Dutch Colonial Style & Neo Classical Design

Craftsman Design & Cottage Style

French Colonial Design Style & Mediterranean Style

Mid Century Modern Design & Traditional Ranch Style

Contemporary Design Style


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