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Life of Lisa

This is the story about Lisa Bramble. It starts when she is a child and will probably end when she reaches the elder stage and dies.
She lives with her mother Armeleia, who struggles with an undefined mental disorder.

Lisa Bramble
Armeleia Bramble, her mother
Alma Falkner, her best friend
Zoe Patel, Armeleia's on/off girlfriend
Hanna, a school friend
and others as they are added to the story


  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    Here's Lisa.

    She lives with her mother Armeleia.

    They're not exactly the best of friends.

    Lisa's mother had an accident and ever since she's not quite the same anymore.
    "And then I ran naked through their garden."

    "That Landgraaf guy couldn't stop staring."
    "I don't want to know, mum."

    So, Lisa is mostly left to fend for herself.
    She was home alone when the monster under the bed appeared, so she made friends with it.

    Sometimes they do experiments together.

    But Lisa also has a best friend, whose name is Alma.

    Sometimes they skip school, just to go play chess in the old ruins.

    Oh, did I mention that Lisa's mum has decided to live in a tent in their garden?
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    One day Lisa's school friend Hanna came over to play.
    "This is Hanna, mum", Lisa smiled and hoped everything would be ok.

    "What's with the ugly boots? Did your nana dress you?" Armeleia teased.
    "You! You're the crazy park lady!" Hanna exclaimed.

    "Your mum is crazy! Everyone at school knows your mum is crazy!" Hanna laughed.
    "No, she's not! She's been in an accident", Lisa tried.

    "I am not crazy! The aliens took me and they did experiments on me!" Armeleia shouted.
    "Mum, please!"

    "I knew it", huffed Hanna.
    Lisa wanted to sink through the earth. She ran off to her room and hid under the covers.

    "They poked and prodded me, and they had long spindly arms, and they were green", Armeleia said.
    "Hehe, wait till I tell everyone at school about this", Hanna giggled.
  • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
    I love thessem picture playthroughs
    I am undead! :smiley:
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    Lisa's following day at school was miserable.
    She and Alma decided to skip it and go to their secret club hideout. At the grown-ups club downtown.
    The place was mostly empty, so they spent some time dancing.

    Then they went downstairs to the clubroom.
    Lisa silently read the text she got from her mum: Alien sighting in Magnolia Promenade. Have to go. Fish tacos in the fridge.
    "Everything ok?" asked Alma.
    "Yeah, yeah. It's nothing", Lisa replied.

    But because they're actually quite good children, they studiously did their homework...

    ...before playing some Voidcritters!

    Then the teens turned up to watch some silly film.

    And Alma had to leave, because her mum and dad actually missed her when she was gone for too long.
    Lisa hadn't eaten anything since the stale left-over fruitcake that morning, so she used some of her pocket money in the vending machine.

    The teens didn't seem to mind Lisa's loud chewing.

    "Did you know that if you train your Volpes you can beat Dicoatl with one blow?" Lisa said.
    "Uh, what?" the teen boy said.
    "We're going to leave now, strange girl", said the teen girl.

    So Lisa stayed on and played some more Voidcritters.
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    Meanwhile, Armeleia's relationship with Zoe was going really well.

    Although, Zoe sometimes wondered if everything was alright with her date.
    "Armie, what are you going?"
    "Don't worry. Just checking the latest UFO sightings."

    "The what-sightings?"
    "Ah, sweet! Another one in Magnolia Promenade!"

    A little later, outside.
    "A beautiful rose for a beautiful person!"
    "Aw, you shouldn't have!"

    "Ssssh, they're here! We must all take off our clothes now!"

    "What? No...I don't want to do that", Zoe said.

    "They are here!" Armeleia continued.
    Oh...wow! Zoe thought to herself.

    And then she ran.

    But who is this, lurking in the background?

    "You must take off your clothes! They have come to get us!" Armeleia exclaimed.
    "No! No! Back away!" Clowngirl cried out.

    "I will call the cops, if you don't leave me alone!" Clowngirl continued.

    Townies be judging hard.
  • Marley VMarley V Posts: 934 Member
    oh poor Lisa :'(
    In ways, so far, this story reminds me of Roald Dahl's Matilda.

    ps. is the bat wallpaper CC or from spooky stuff?
    My Twitch Channel
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  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    Marley V wrote: »
    oh poor Lisa :'(
    In ways, so far, this story reminds me of Roald Dahl's Matilda.

    ps. is the bat wallpaper CC or from spooky stuff?

    It's from the Spooky Stuff pack, yes. I don't have any CC in my game at the moment, although I have tried some other hairdos.

    Yes, life for Lisa isn't easy right now. But it will get better. Eventually. Thanks for the bookmark! :)<3
  • NShippudenFanNShippudenFan Posts: 3,825 Member
    Bookmarked as well ;)
    LOVER of all things cosplay, anime, cats, Shadowhunters, and Sims 4!

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  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    Back home again, Armeleia logged onto the Alien Abduction page to chat with her fellow abductees.
    "Where was that thread about Magnolia again...?"

    "Huh? Now they're saying it was all a hoax?"

    Just as she was about to make dinner, Armeleia noticed Lisa sitting at the computer.
    "Wait a minute... Did she post something on the forum?"

    She brought Lisa outside to give her a good talking-to.
    "Listen here, young lady, you have no business posting fake sightings on the forum!"
    "But mum..."

    "...I didn't do it."

    "You did it on purpose to make me look bad. And you made Zoe break up with me!" Armeleia accused Lisa.
    "It's not true, mum. I would never do that", Lisa cried.

    "I should turn you out into the street, I should!" Armeleia shouted.

    Later that evening, the Landgraab Co cut the electricity to the house...and the pipes in the bathroom burst.

    Lisa ate the remains of the fruitcake from the week before, while watching her mother mend the taps.
    Maybe it's better if I just leave, she thought to herself.

    When Armeleia had fallen asleep, Lisa quietly slipped out of the house.
    "Goodbye, mum", she said as she closed the gates.


  • NShippudenFanNShippudenFan Posts: 3,825 Member
    Aww it's so sad! ;( but great story!
    LOVER of all things cosplay, anime, cats, Shadowhunters, and Sims 4!

    Origin ID: Sims4Girl202

  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    edited August 2016
    And so begun Lisa's life in the street, asking strangers for money for food.
    "I'm sorry, little girl. I'm only a townie with bad fashion sense on my way home from the gym. I can only give you sympathy."

    One day Lisa stumbled upon a wonderful, magical place - the local library.

    "Hello, I'm Lisa! Do you live here?"
    "Why hello, Lisa. No, I'm the librarian. I only work here."

    Then Lisa told the librarian, whose name was Christian, the story about her mother.
    "...and then they took my mum away to their own planet. She was never the same after that."

    The librarian nodded in sympathy and said: "Stay here as long as you like. I'll fetch you a sandwich."
    But secretly he thought: I wonder how early on insanity can manifest. I'd better just play along.

    Lisa couldn't believe her luck! She had finally found the home she always wanted: surrounded by kind people and lots of books.

    She even got to sit at the librarian's desk.
    "Hello, I am your new librarian", she greeted one man approaching the desk.
    "Hi there, I'm Wolfgang and I'm going to clog some drai...I mean, I'm just going to pour out this glass of water in the bathroom."

    She read All The Books.

    And researched All The Art.

    Until suddenly she realised that the library was terribly quiet.
    Did they all go home?

    Meanwhile, at Armeleia's house.
  • charcougcharcoug Posts: 265 Member
    Awww Im glad Lisa has a 'home' but Armeleia better watch out!
    Where are my toddlers?!

  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    edited August 2016
    "Good morning, Ms Bramble. I'm Fatima Leilee and I work with Social Wellfare here in Oasis Springs. How are you today?"
    "I'm good."

    "We've had some reports about your daughter, Lisa, and I would just like to confirm..."
    "Sssh, did you hear that?" Armeleia said, as she looked up at the TV screen.
    "Did I hear what?" Fatima asked.

    "You are disturbing me in my important work!" Armeleia shouted.
    "Ma'am, I'm only concerned about the welfare of your child."

    Fatima checked the contents of the fridge.
    There's just some eggs and milk in here. Nothing that helps sustain a child. But maybe the garden patch can provide enough nutritious ingredients for a growing child?

    Outside in the garden.
    "I'm just going to analyse your personality", said Fatima.

    "I knew you were an alien the minute I saw you. You're just like the ones I met, who poked and prodded me with the long green fingers."

    "Ms Bramble, thank you for your time", Fatima said curtly. "We will be getting in touch with you soon about a possible psychological evaluation."

    They can't fool me, Armeleia thought to herself as she went inside again.

    But then, as Armeleia settled down on the couch.
    Don't worry, I'm just going to erase your memory a little.

    "What was that?"
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  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    Lisa woke up early after having fallen asleep in the library.

    A loud growl could be heard from her stomach.

    After eating some of the left-over sandwich from the day before, Lisa sat down at the chess table.
    Soon enough, a new librarian turned up.

    "Kiddo, you're good at this!" exclaimed Barbara, the librarian.
    "Thank you. I was wondering...can I stay here tomorrow night also?" Lisa asked.

    "What?! You stayed at the library overnight? That is NOT allowed! What did you steal?"
    "I didn't steal anything!"

    When the librarian said she was going to call the police and went inside, Lisa ran off.

    She found herself at the public pool, cleaning herself up and making funny faces in the mirror.

    But then night fell again and the staff at the pool was not as lenient.
    Lisa had to find another place to sleep.

    The next morning she woke up on another bench.

    Where am I going to go now?
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    edited August 2016
    Lisa's days weren't all bad.
    One day her friend Alma invited her to a birthday party.
    "Um, Alma, your mum is fighting someone in the street."

    "I know. And she kicked his behind."

    In fact, she proceeded to kick another man's bottom shortly afterwards.

    "Don't you boys mess with me!"
    Townie: "You've got the moves, lady!"

    "Mum, you're the best!" Alma exclaimed as she hugged her mother.
    "I love you too, sweetie. Now let's get this party started."

    Alma's father was staaaaarving!

    "Happy birthday to youuuuuu!" everyone sang as Alma blew out the candles.

    Lisa listened in awe as Alma's mother told her about all the trolls on the internet that she had shut down.
    Never once did Alma's mother mention aliens or poking.

    Alma looked different. Lisa kept looking and looking at her. Maybe soon it would be her turn to have a birthday party with a cake and lots of happy guests.

    Afterwards Lisa and Alma went to the park.
    "Look at how many times I can make it across the monkeybars!" Lisa shouted.

    But Alma soon tired of watching and started taking selfies with her phone.
    Lisa was alone again.

    Meanwhile, at Armeleia's house.

    "Who is that?"
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    edited August 2016
    "Ms Bramble, this is Ms Leilee of Wellfare Services. I have booked an appointment for you to see one of our specialists for an evaluation. Please ask for Dr Black at the reception in the new wing of the hospital."

    It looks a bit glum, this place, Armeleia thought.

    Is it still under construction?

    What is this?

    Some boxes. Odd to keep them behind a locked fence.

    A: "Security cameras indicate an intruder."

    B: "Should I go check it out?"

    A: "She appears to have entered the building. Let's wait and see. "

    What is this strange place? Looks like a science gym!

    "Hello, how are you, old man!" Armeleia laughed at the skeleton.
    The mannequins did not seem pleased.

    Wow, that's creepy!

    A locked door.
    Just then a low, grumbling howl could be heard from the other side.
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  • Marley VMarley V Posts: 934 Member
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  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    edited August 2016
    Something is going on inside that "hospital".

    Unbeknownst to Armeleia, a certain Ms Leilee of Wellfare Services is doing a secret handshake with someone at the main hospital across the street.

    Armeleia decides it's probably better to go back home for the time being.

    Later that evening, someone starts to build a space ship in the backyard behind the fence.

    And someone else is airlifted away from their home.

    In the park by the harbour, Lisa asks a boy to play space invader, but the other child giggles nervously.
    "My mum says I can't play with you, because your mum is crazy."

    So Lisa ends up alone on a bench again, when suddenly...

    For her birthday breakfast, Lisa cooks some beans on the public grill in the playground.

    A crazy town lady tries to cheer her up.
    "Remember that the Mighty Plumbob in the sky loves us all and will always save you."

    But Lisa is remembering the old times and the crazy, funny things she would do with her mother.

    And so, she picks up her phone and makes a call.
    "Hey, mum. It's Lisa. Can I...can I come over?"

    "Sweetie!" Armeleia exclaims and throws her arms around Lisa. "Welcome home."
    "I missed you, mum."
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  • charcougcharcoug Posts: 265 Member
    So glad she's back!
    Where are my toddlers?!

  • Marley VMarley V Posts: 934 Member
    oh her sad face breaks my heart!
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  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    "Do you remember that Ms Bramble I was telling you about? I got her an appointment at the Evaluation Centre, but she never turned up. And then we got a call later, saying that she heard a bear growling in the basement," Ms Leilee, Fatima, told her husband Albert later that evening.

    "It does sound as if she has some serious issues with reality", Albert replied.

    There was a knock on the door.

    Young Miss Leilee, Ida, opened the door.
    "Hi Robin, come inside", she says and invited her schoolmate inside. "We were just going to eat some grilled cheese."

    "Mum, Dad, please don't blow our cover again, like you did last time."

    "Don't worry", Fatima replied assuringly. "We've got this covered."

    We need to talk about your concept of "covered", Ida thought to herself as her father sat down at the table.

    Across town, Armeleia was retelling the story about her hospital visit.
    "...then I heard the most bone-chilling scream and I ran! Ran for my life!"

    But Lisa doesn't believe her anymore.
    I can't stay here, she thinks to herself again. It's just never going to get any better.

    "You need help. Professional help. Please, mum!"
    "Do you really think that?" Armeleia asked. "Don't you think we should call the police about the bear?"

    "Mum, I'm not joking!"
    "Ok, if you say so. I'll go back there. Maybe I just misheard."

    "Mum, seriously! Why would anybody keep a bear in the basement of a hospital?" Lisa shouted.
    "Yes, I suppose that doesn't make any sense", Armeleia conceded.

    "And mum, I've thought about this for a while. Me and Alma talked about moving in together."
    "Oh. Ok."

    "Look, we've found this place on Sim's List. Some old lady converted a barn house and is letting it."
    "It looks really nice", Armeleia said, holding back the tears.
    "The rent isn't even that bad. It's in the middle of Windenburg! You can take the tram there in 20 minutes, when you want to visit."

    "I love you, mum. But you know this is for the best", Lisa exclaimed.
    "Yes, darling, I know. I know."
  • charcougcharcoug Posts: 265 Member
    :'( she's leaving!
    Where are my toddlers?!

  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    charcoug wrote: »
    :'( she's leaving!

    I'm a terrible person... >:)

    But actually, don't worry. It will all be good. But first it must be bad. ;)
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,419 Member
    One phone call later, Lisa and Alma could sign a contract with Mrs Miller for letting of her converted barn.

    Lisa loved experimenting in the kitchen.
    "Did you like the basil I added to the scrambled eggs?"

    Alma took up painting as a hobby.

    Mrs. Miller seemed to mostly mind her own business, eating alone in her cottage behind the barn.

    Or pottering about with her plants.

    In fact, Mrs Miller was a bit of a recluse and didn't much enjoy socialising, something that became evident when Alma and Lisa's friend Nora decided to pop by.

    "Hello, Mrs Miller, I'm Nora and I'm a friend of...um, hello?"
    But Mrs Miller just walked through the open door and passed her.

    "Mrs Miller is a bit...strange, don't you think?" Nora whispered to Lisa.
    "Yeah, she likes to keep to herself. It's ok, we mostly get the whole house to ourselves", Lisa replied in a hush tone, so that Mrs Miller didn't hear them, as she sat reading in the kitchen.

    On the other side of town, Armeleia was busy telling the plants all about the bear at the hospital and Lisa's move and well, everything.

    Later, she decided to grill some tofu sausages.

    Ow! Ow! Maybe it would be a good idea to go to the hospital after all.
  • Marley VMarley V Posts: 934 Member
    cute place they moved into
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